Can i prune a Peace Lily?

mississauga, Canada

Hello there.

I am glad to say that i find my Peace Lily being a lot healthier looking, stronger and shiny leaves. But when it was wasn't doing so well it got really bushy. I wonder how I can give it a better shape.

How do I make the plant look less bushy and taller? Is cutting its leaves good?

I hope you can keep helping me.


North Decatur, GA

yes! you can prune it quite a bit! i just pruned mine about an hour ago actually...try to cut off the older leaves or damaged leaves. my boss used to just keep cutting his back quite drastically and it survived in the same pot for a long time by doing this.
i would cut close down at the bottom of the stem. the stems will brown after cut, and so will not look so great if you just leave them there.

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