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Dead hen

Saluda, SC(Zone 8a)

One of my hens got out of the enclosure last night. This morning I found her dead. Something had eaten her crop (nothing else seemed even touched.)

My enclosure is inside a chain linked fence.

What animal kills in this manner?

Richmond, TX

Raccoons and sometimes skunks often eat only the head/neck area... Do you think the hen got out or was she taken out by the predator? Does your chain link fence have a floor and a top?

Saluda, SC(Zone 8a)

The chain link fence encloses the back area of my property. The chickens are kept in an enclosure within this area.

She got out and I did not put her back into her pen.

My pens are, in no sense, predator proof but this is the first incident I have had in about 3 years.

There is a possum on the property.

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Richmond, TX

My bet would be on a raccoon; they live almost everywhere and do that sort of damage.

Bessemer, AL(Zone 8b)

i say racoon, one took my pair of silkies and ripped them open, then left them there

Richmond, TX

Batten down the hatches; if it is a raccoon, it will be back.

Toronto, ON(Zone 6b)

I remember my father telling me that a weasel will go for the throat and consume the blood... I know that this sounds like something from Grimms Fairy tales but there is often something to "wive's tales" or in this case "father's tales's"

Alba, TX(Zone 8a)

I think I would advise setting traps and remove as you see fit. Whatever it is has had success and will be back. I'm sorry for your loss. I try not to get attached to my hens, but can't seem to help myself.

Bessemer, AL(Zone 8b)

sorry it took so long, but anyway here are my cochins

Thumbnail by jordankittyjo Thumbnail by jordankittyjo Thumbnail by jordankittyjo
Richmond, TX

The hens look sweet and that's a gorgeous rooster - from the rear, at least!

Bessemer, AL(Zone 8b)

thanks, he is pretty, but shy

(Zone 6b)

I like the light colored one best. What pretty colors and markings.

Pelzer, SC(Zone 7b)

Are the roosters and the hens the center picture pairs? What is the color, and how did you get it? I have some mixes that I'm trying to figure out, and one is a similar color to the buffish hens with the blue skirts.

Bessemer, AL(Zone 8b)

cat, a lady gave these to me, so i don't know how she did it. sorry

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