Petra Croton/Codiaeum 'Petra'

Norwalk, OH(Zone 5a)

Can it be saved?
I just purchased this plant last weekend.
The soil was very dry so I gave it a little water, within 2 days it's leaves began to fall off.
I keep it under a grow light that is on 24/7

Thumbnail by Ladi_Burd
Bryan, TX(Zone 8b)

I would get it out of that plastic first so the plant can drain and get some oxygen. Make sure you have drain holes in your pot.
I keep mine in bright, indirect sunlight and water regularly. They don't like to dry out :)


Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

Agree with Cass. What kind of 'grow light' (bulb type & wattage)?


Norwalk, OH(Zone 5a)

17W Fluorscent
All the leaves have fallen off now....

Hopewell, NJ

these plants grow in the caribbean like weeds and don't have light 24/7. i moved mine out of stark, direct sunlight, and mist the leaves every day. also, i have it on a small platform to allow it to drain. i thoroughly water it once a week, a little more if it's dry - midweek. try again! these are beautiful plants and the visual display can be rewarding :-). you can do it :-)

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