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superbum Anthurium plant

Kansas City, MO

i was given 2 of these but i was wondering if they bloom and in the summer can i put them out side or do they stay inside all year around

Thumbnail by marykwiley
North Decatur, GA

From what I've seen (this is kind of a rare plant--it's not in any of my plant books) this plant gets blooms, but they are not as pretty as the anthurium spathes you might normally see. Like a Chinese Evergreen, you might consider cutting off the blooms as they aren't pretty and take away from the growth of the rest of the foliage (which I think -is- very pretty).
The plant is tropical. I would probably keep it indoors where you can control the temperature (should be pretty warm 75 or so) and they need to be moist, but not wet. They don't like direct sun, but do love bright light--and this is the main reason I think they'd do poorly outdoors.
good luck!

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