Frontline Not working

Nashville, TN(Zone 6b)

Warning to all Dog owners who are using Frontline Plus for Flea Protection on their Dogs. It isn't working!!!!! Check your dog for Fleas. Maggie has been on Frontline most of her life. The last I bought was from a Local Vet. I discovered on Monday that she has Fleas. I called the Vet and was told "Yes, they know there is a problem with Frontline not working, but it has not been taken off the Market." I have since talked to two other Vets and received the same information. They suggested that I change to another product. You might want to check with your Vet and see if your dog has the protection we are paying for.

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Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

I discovered the same thing, month before last, on my dogs. I'd been getting Frontline applied at the groomer's, but found indications on both my Chi and my Border Collie. The BC gets a horrible skin infection from fleas - his Vet said Frontline wasn't working, so he put them on Trifexis, which seems to be working very well at this time. Although Trifexis is expensive, it's a medication (pill) that they can't rub off and it works for my dogs, so that's all I want.

Lyndonville, NY

We switched to Comfortis......and Comfortis is in Trifexis just adds heartworm med in it. Works much better. AND has now been approved for cats

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Only catch with Comfortis is it doesn't take care of ticks, so if you have them in your area you'll need to use something else too. Not sure if Frontline's having problems with them too or just with fleas (although I have to say Frontline still seems to be working for flea prevention on my dogs...knock on wood!)

Nashville, TN(Zone 6b)

This has been like a bad movie. I took the Frontline doses that I had not used to the Vet where I bought them and they said they were aware there was a problem and said I should put her on Advantage so I swapped the remaining packets of Frontline for Advantage. They said I should put it on her as soon as I got home even though it had only been a week since I used the Frontline. I didn't think this sounded right so I ask them to verify that with the Doctor. She came back and said it would be fine.
When I got home I called the Vet office where we usually take Maggie and told them what was going on. I explained about the problem with Frontline, and told them what I was told at the first office. They said NO, don't apply the Frontline for at least two weeks. They said that there was a pill that they could give her that would kill the fleas that were on her but would not prevent more from getting on her. It was closing time and I couldn't get that until Monday. They said they were also aware of the problem with Frontline.
I decided to go to the local Pet Shop and see if they had a flea shampoo that would help.
I was fortunate that it was the day that they have a Vet in the shop. The Doctor said that she had the same thing happen to her dogs LAST YEAR!! She said it led to major expense having to treat all her dogs, fumigate her house and spray her yard to get rid of the fleas. She recommended using a Comfortis pill which would take care of all fleas for a month. I bought one pill for $20.00. Then I told her that I had treated Maggie with HeartGuard two weeks earlier. Now she says I can't use the Comfortis for two weeks. She also said that the Advantage won't help with Ticks. She said Trifexis prevents ticks, fleas and Heartworm. But she didn't have that, she also said that it was a lot more expensive but that it works out about the same cost as Frontline and HeartGuard. But I can't use that for two weeks either.

Now I have $50.00 worth of Frontline that I can't use for two weeks,
$20.00 worth of Comfortis that I can't use for two weeks.
I have sprayed the house for fleas and am going to use a Flea Bomb tomorrow. Another $60.00 Haven't started on the yard.
Maggie is getting a bath everyday.

From people that I have talked to this has been a problem for over a year. We just don't usually let Maggie get around other dogs.

All three Vets that I talked to knew that Frontline hasn't been working for at least a year, and the two clinics that have treated my dogs for over thirty years have continued to sell me this junk with NO warning that it isn't working. Sure makes me wonder about the quality of their medical care if they aren't on top of something as simple as Flea and Tick prevention.

Tomorrow I am making a trip to both clinics and try to get a real answer about what to use. I may be looking for another Vet too. Sorry for all the complaining, I just don't want someone else to have to go through this needless problem. I keep mentioning the cost. This is not about the money as much as the lack of help from the Vet Clinics. I would have gladly paid twice that much each month to keep Maggie Healthy.

This is Maggie ~ ~ ~ now also known as "FleaBag" LOL

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Questa, NM(Zone 5b)

I have had the same problem with Frontline!! I thought it was just me not doing something right. I have two cats and a dog and the fleas have been awful. After I read your posts, I went online and bought Comfortis for all pets before I even posted here. Ugh! No wonder the fleas won't leave! I have been vacuuming and vacuuming. That helps a lot. I hope this is the end of it. I had said to a friend that all I've been through all my life, nothing brought me as close to the brink of insanity as fleas have.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Quote from picabo :
She said Trifexis prevents ticks, fleas and Heartworm. But she didn't have that, she also said that it was a lot more expensive but that it works out about the same cost as Frontline and HeartGuard. But I can't use that for two weeks either.

No, Trifexis does not work on ticks. I had to put my dogs on it for heartworm when they stopped making Interceptor, but I still have to use Frontline for the ticks. Although now that I think of it, maybe that explains why Frontline still seems to be working against fleas because I'd forgotten Trifexis takes care of them too.

Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

Fleas have become resistant to Frontline in many areas of the country (but not all) I went through this in 2008 with my dog in west KY. The reason they are still offering it is that it still works in some areas and getting the map documented on the failed areas is taking some time. I'm doing the Trifexis now, but it has been a long and frustrating road trying to find something that worked.

Questa, NM(Zone 5b)

Wow, I didn't know the bugs could adapt nationwide that quickly. Thought it was a problem with the product. Yikes!

Nashville, TN(Zone 6b)

I am more upset with the Vet clinics that sell us the product, when they NOW admit that they have known for quite a while that it isn't working.....Had they told me two months ago when I bought the last 6 doses, I would have switched to something different then. They have seen me as a client for the last time. Several other people attending different animal clinics were told as much as a year ago. No one I know who buys flea products at this Vet have been told about it being a problem. Really disapointed with the long time friends at this clinic.

Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

My vet told me about the problem when I walked in with a dog full of fleas back then and we switched over.(I went through a few different products to get one that we were happy with) I was one of his first reports, he switched folks over as they reported flea problems for years now, but currently does not offer Frontline and discourages locals from using it.

Nashville, TN(Zone 6b)

My favorite Vet is about 20 miles away. He is almost retired but has a good group taking over for him. I took Maggie to him the week before I discovered the fleas. There was a man in the clinic with a dog that they said was covered with fleas. I now have a feeling he had a Frontline problem. They were going to dip his dog and give it some shots. I have a feeling that is where we got the little monsters started up again.

The other Clinic is only about 5 minutes away. The Doctor who I have known there since the early 60s has retired I am not quite as impressed with them. I thought for flea treatment and simple care it was OK. I guess I have learned that it is worth the extrat 15 mile drive. A neighbor is going to one over 20 miles away. Guess mine is close. LOL

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

A couple of years ago, my vet told me that our area fleas had become resistant to Frontline. He suggested I use Advantix on my dogs. I'm still using Frontline with no problems. I haven't had a flea problem in years. One of my dogs was allergic to fleas but the Frontline kept the fleas at bay and still do for me. My vet no longer carries Frontline, so when I need a new stock, I'll have to get Advantix. But for now, I still have some frontline to use up. Fortunately it's still keeping my boys flea and tick free. So the problem isn't your vet; it's your hardy fleas. LOL

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

If you really like Frontline, you can get it mail order from places like Drs. Foster & Smith, 1-800 PetMeds, etc (often it's cheaper from those places than it is from the vet). You don't even need a prescription for it like you do for heartworm medicine, etc.

Nashville, TN(Zone 6b)

Butterfly, I agree. The more I have learned about the resistance problem the more upset I am with the Vet for NOT telling their customers there is a problem in our area. Other Vets in my area ARE telling their clients.
They didn't tell me about the problem until my dog had fleas. Then they sold me Advantage when they know we have a bad tick problem in our area. I wish they had recomended Advantix.

I guess I should Know these things and not depend on the Vet for advise. LOL

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

I guess what works for some may not work for others in the same area. It's the same with humans and medication; some meds that are effective on me aren't effective on others. And over time, the meds may no longer work for me and I'll have to switch to something else. Doctors and vets can't think of everything so it's up to us to ask when necessary. As long as Frontline seemed to work for you, your vet probably didn't think to tell you that it was losing its power with some folks in your area. But when you said, "HEY, my dogs have fleas even tho I'm using Frontline," then he remembers the issue and warns you.

Since my vet advised me to use Advantix, I'll switch when it's time. I think the cost is about the same. I did notice that Sam's Club was carrying Frontline last week. But I'll try Advantix anyway. I don't want to run into your problem, Picabo. I can't stand bloodsucking varments!

Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

The cost of Advantix is about the same, but in the for-what-it's-worth column, Advantix is no longer working for our Yorkie. It's all I've ever used on him and he will be 7 next week. The sporadic problem began last year and became horribly noticeable this year. His groomer and I were just discussing Monday that she's only used Frontline on her personal dogs and is experiencing the same situation. Our little fellow is groomed every 6 - 8 weeks depending on the time of year, and here I thought it was my fault bathing him several times between appointments, and that was what was nullifying the meds. Any advice about what products to try now would be greatly appreciated.

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

Ahhhh, now that may be why Frontline still works for me; I only bathe my dogs 3 or 4 times a year. Even though they're outside a lot, they don't get terribly dirty or stinky, so I only wash them when they roll in dead stuff or find a mudhole. I did read somewhere once that you shouldn't bathe them within 10 days before or after applying Frontline/Advantix. So when I've bathed them, I heeded that schedule. It only leaves about 10 days a month for bathing.

Nashville, TN(Zone 6b)

I have always heard not to wash 10 days before or 10 days after using the Frontline.

I hope they will come up with something that works as good as Frontline has all these years. It has always bothered me to put something on my "Baby" that will kill anything that bites her for a month or more. My last two dogs died at about 16 and 17. Don't guess it bothered them. Two of my cats are in their late teens. I don't remember them ever having a flea or tick problem, Good things to be said about these products.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

It's a couple of days, not 10. I think my vet had said a couple of days, Frontline's FAQ says 48 hours. So it is important not to give them a bath too close to when you apply it, but you definitely have a bigger window of opportunity each month for baths. Certainly no harm in having 10 days on either side, but it shouldn't be necessary to wait that long.

somewhere, PA

We' e been thru heck with fleas on our kitties, especially one who is extremely sensitive to fleas.
She was covered in sores when we finally realized something was wrong

The vet said they had no reports of problems with frontline

Spent over $500 for various visits and treatments. Based on posts here on
DG we tried advantage and then Revolution. The latter is a new product
for cats that handles fleas and ticks as well as other parasites. They are
now doing better but still have something bothering them. I just hope it's not
fleas still!


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