CLOSED: Please identify this home pest

Sankt-Peterburg, Russia

These insects were crawling in a pile of bed linen (made of cotton).

Their tales bifurcate in the end.

They crawl quite fast, but stop from time to time.

Younger individuals are darker in color.

They do not have legs under the belly.

Their length is around 5-7 millimeters.

I live in North-West Russia, but these pests look to be universal.

On photograph is a dead individual (bottom) and a shed skin (top).

Please identify these insects.

Thank you very much.

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Thumbnail by DVS75
Minot, ND

These look like larvae of a dermestid beetle in the genus Attagenus, such as the black carpet beetle.

Sankt-Peterburg, Russia

These proved to be larvae of brown carpet beetle (Attagenus smirnovi).

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