Brugmansia springtime #2.......Great Expectations......

Clifton Springs, Australia

Where did October go? It's almost November and the seeds are sprouting all over the country, there's fresh green growth on our winter ravaged plants and hope springs eternal as we look at all the seedlings from crosses we have made or imported...
We are so fortunate that we haven't had to wait many years to be able to produce the beautiful flowers that we are seeing each year, as our hybridising efforts come to fruition...the hard work has been done by others.
From now on, our beauties will be showing their best, some better than last year....I wonder what this season will bring, it's all so exciting and it doesn't seem to be waning at all...
So thanks for the previous posts and pics and don't forget to post all the interesting things that happen in your corner of this Brugmansia world......
I am expecting flowers for the first time from many of the 2 yr olds shown in this pic.....
We came from here.

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Jean, could you post your Ivoire pics over here, so I can look at them..(proud mother syn)
All of my seedlings are in their little plastic house and most are growing well.
The ones in the bucket at the bottom of the pic had to move out due to lack of space....

My aerator is bubbling away and the Autumn Sunset cuttings have nubbies all over the first 6 ins of their length....DP&G have their first tiny nubbies, they went into the water on Friday....the only one that hasn't produced yet is a large cutting that I had planted a month ago and it just sat there, no rot, but no growth either.
So that went in on Friday too....we'll see if it helps in the bubbler..

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Merino, Australia

okey dokey , Dianne.
Heres your Ivoire fix for the

Now you know how potty I am over GHA...

These are just taken ... A very aurea look to her.
She is dainty but I am sure, as you say, she will grow much larger flowers when the plant matures.
The last pic is a closeup to show the pretty lemon & white stripes on her at the moment.
Do you see this too , on yours ?


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Clifton Springs, Australia

Lovely pics Jean,
Colleen was asking about the lemon in Ivoire, mine seem to get their cream colour very quickly, so I don't see the lemon stripes....mind you I have no hope of a close up now...I'll have to wait for my cutting to flower to see them up close...
The buds are just starting here and I can't wait to see those long spidery,corolla tips waving around...

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Dianne your garden looks like a Monet painting you must be quite proud of it YES

Jean & Dianne love the Ivoire i have not had it bloom for me as yet but i have it oout with the aurea's

Im thinking about getting rid of the Knightii's as i have 5 of them from all over the state 1 looks like it's frost tolerant come back really quick after the July 9th frosts in Melbourne another also didnt get attacked as much as the others by mites last season and there is one that is about to bloom earlier then all the others so the other 2 are still small and i have not found any thing that would want me to keep them!!!!

I have just received 12 seed of Welwitschia mirabilis which is a conifera from Africa very rare and even more unusual, Im just reading up on the propigation notes while im typing so i hope to have some pics of the soon i will also send some pics to the Tea room to see what all would have to say about this plant

Cairns, Australia

It's good to have things bloom. the one in bud in picture 1 is Shaun White Ruff and 2 & 3 behind the big black pot is Dianne Pink Panther x noid

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Shaun, what a weird looking thing.....if you can get those seeds growing it will be amazing to follow it's progress....good luck.
Ivoire won't be long in flowering for you....

Gena, everything in your garden is very lush and thriving by the look of things...nice to see the PP seedling growing so well for you....well done.


Cairns, Australia

The 2 picture I put in BGI of Golden Lion.

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Cairns, Australia

Thank you.

Merino, Australia

Shaun, I am a bit like you. I now have about 5 double whites, all Knightii.
I find some do get mites rather badly and I just dont like the flowers going brown so quickly.
Mine are not looking so good after winter. and are just taking up room I could use for prettier ones.
I may keep one and toss the rest.
The arboreas are now starting to look nice & lush after winter too.
I like them much more than the Knightii.


Sydney, Australia

Good morning everyone went well at the Specialists yesterday, paid 250.00 just to be told to keep doing the same thing as we are now. Not bad considering they wanted to take hubby's finger off just a couple of weeks ago.

Gena I forgot to tell you that I think your Frilly Pink is probably Crinoline or at least it looks just like my Crinoline. Your garden looks lovely.

Shaun I see your pics in the Gallery today, I hope that means the folks across the pond are still ok, it sure looks frightening over there.

I found a lovely sight when I went out this morning (midst the rampant weeds)
Melissa Amy is starting up many lovely colours in her, I know from experienve she will become a lovely solid colour but for now, I am so knocked out by her multi colours ! so pretty (to me anyways).
I hope you all have a lovely arvo ...overcast day here. Approx 23C at the moment. Hotter later.

Here is Melissa Amy's kind of crowded in this area ...(cottage garden area)

chrissy ^_^

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Cairns, Australia

Hi to all, My heart goes out to them in the east US with Sandy, I not how it feels, The wind sound, the water, its goes on. Thank you Chrissy for that, it is hard with a picture, picture 1 is Shaun White Ruff 2 Golden Lion ( darking with colour and as big as Mango Cornet ) 3 Golden Lion 4 noid pink 5 noid Pink

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Cairns, Australia

1 Grand Marner ( not from eBay is getting dark) 2 same and Damain x Buck Fizz beside ( White ) 3 Buck Fizz 4 Mango Cornet ( I will put blooms together Mango Cornet & Golden Lion )

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Sydney, Australia

What a feast for the eyes !!!!

Gena is that Grand Marnier or Grand Mariner ?
If it is Grand Marnier then that Brug is not correct because it should be gold to orange, not pink.

As far as I know Grand Mariner does not exist in Australia.I have heard it mentioned on some sites though it may have been a misspelling of Grand Marnier..
There is a Grand Marnier Pink in the USA (not here)

I have to say that the Golden Lion looks very much like Mango cornet, though it may be just the pictures.
Domain and Bucks Fizz look lovely too.
Beautiful pictures no matter what they are ^_^

West of Brisbane, Australia

When I first got those multicolours on one bloom, I didn't really like them and hoped that the brug would settle down and mature into one colour. (Which it did: pink.) But now I really like that multicoloured effect!
Gena, your brugs look spectacular; you seem to have gone from a few brugs to a gardenful of blooming brugs very quickly :-) I wonder if your 'Grand Marnier' will stay pink? Esp. beautiful photos of your Golden Lion; those toothed leaves are particularly attractive.

Cairns, Australia

Golden Lion has more colour now, then Mango Cornet and the leafs are more tooth then Mango Cornet.

Cairns, Australia

Golden Lion stated pale, at first, next day more colour, ( some do ) My Mango Cornet do not change much from first day till next.

Sydney, Australia

Gena I have asked for a place in the Gallery for Red Hot Pink, I will let you know when it pops up, as you can understand it may be a day or three as there are many problems due to 'Sandy'. :)
Thankyou for the description of the differences between your two look alikes.

cestrum ...I love the different faces of the Brugs, I think the singles are so Elegant as they unfurl, while the doubles can look like Aliens until they fill out. Some of the doubles even look like they have the measles sometimes as the specks of colours creep in. Fascinating ...I think these funny multi colours show up when the temps are madly bouncing around from hot to cold/overcast to full on hot Sun. Just my experience here of course.


Cairns, Australia

Thank you so much.

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Gena love the array of blooms your garden has at the moment Stunning
Chrissy Melissa Amy even in this form is quite pretty but she will get her blush back with more constant weather

DID you see the Newest to to Brug Stables Brugmansia 'Fruit Salad' a hybrid of Georgia Peach x.Lizzy by Elizabeth Fichtl very stunning multi color brug that holds it color
and then there is the B.x.'Sam' x.'Birgit' with a yellow star with a pink skirt by Edna Murphree
looks like multi color corollas are here this year and we will be seeing many more im sure

Not much happening here at the moment but have buds all over the place

barmera, Australia

Chrissy, I thought that "Red Hot Pink" was Munchausen? Colleen

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Colleen its the other way around the correct name or valid name is Red Hot Pink and Munchausen Pink is a Synonym of it so it was put on it after wards by your garden 2006

Clifton Springs, Australia

Good memory Colleen......Munchausen Pink and Red Hot Pink are one and the same.......maybe.
Alistair said that Munchausen Pink was being traded as Red Hot Pink in that article he wrote for Your Garden.
but that was back in 2006.....and things change...

Now when I look at the known cultivars on BGI, it states that Red Hot Pink is used for 2 different cvs, easily distinguished by the calyx.....

This is what it says....
B. ‘Red Hot Pink’ is applied even by its introducer to two different but very easily distinguished clones in Australia, one with a slit calyx exceeding half the length of the corolla tube, the other with a relatively shorter slit or toothed calyx. The name was established in association with the former clone and the latter should be separately named.

So which one does Gena have?

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Sydney, Australia

Red Hot Pink is established and excepted.
Read Alistair's note on this re clone.

Buck's Fizz is established but not accepted.

A lot of names are established (known-therefore recognized) but not accepted for registration.

chrissy ^_^

Clifton Springs, Australia

Chrissy, I was reading about RHP and changing my post while you were

What I want to know now is how Red Hot Pink can be used as an official name, when Alistair said the a purely descriptive name was unacceptable...

So many questions and it's getting late.
I put off posting your cuttings until tomorrow so they won't have to travel in the heat.

Sydney, Australia

I am up late watching a funny movie ...well funny and sad ...check out the beginning of this scene everyone.
Just the beginning don't blink or you will miss it ...what do you see to the left of the hot tub ?????
great idea !

I hope it works ^_^

Sydney, Australia

Sorry Dianne ...I see lots of descriptive names in the Brug thingy ...I am no expert, so I don't know the answer to that.
Off to bed, the movie is finishing.
Goodnight ^_^


Clifton Springs, Australia

Yes it did work...... just imagine the perfume while you soak....
I haven't seen that movie, but anything Jack is in is always interesting.

Sydney, Australia

Glad it worked for you ...catch up with the Movie if you can,it's very good.
Good morning everyone ...a hot one on the way today.

Gena here is your spot ^_^
thanks for your contribution to the Gallery, it helps so much.

Back later, enjoy your morning.


Clifton Springs, Australia

I contacted Alistair re RHP and he said that while using a purely descriptive name is not recommended it is not a reason for the cv to be rejected as far as the rules go.
Alistair said that it was very easy to see the difference, so we need to put the 2 cvs side by side.

So Colleen, scrub Munchausen Pink, use Red Hot Pink until we can tell which is which....

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Well I have both of what I believe are muchausen pink and Red Hot Pink
So I may be able to help out when they bloom MP has a bloom on it but RHP is still a bit away from blooming
Will be interesting to see the difference

Clifton Springs, Australia

Fantastic Shaun, now we won't have to rely on comparing pics with each other.
When either of them flowers again could you please post lots of pics.....

In the off chance your's are the same, my friend has the Garden Express one and Colleen has hers so with Gena's as well, hopefully one will be different as you say...considering they are all from different areas, one end of the country to the other. we should be lucky.....
Has anyone else got them?

The second pod of the first PP fasc cross twins, has whoever asked for that cross, it won't be long....still no sign of the second cross ripening.

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NW Sydney NSW, Australia

Hi all.
A bit late.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Thanks Wayne, it would be so pleasant just to open the book and have Alistair's voice read the contents to us.
Alistair, read page 210, paragraph 2 ....ooohhh that's a very lazy thought isn't it....but he has a very pleasant

Sydney, Australia

Yes I agree ...a talking book in that wonderful accent. It would teach us how to pronounce some of the tongue twisters too.

Wayne was lovely to hear Clair too, I know her from FB and what a delightful lady she is too.
I didn't know she was hooked on Brugs ...I knew she loved the pics but to find another Brug nut is great ^_^

Gena thankyou for posting your pics in the Gallery, as for which clone is which, well we will wait and see who pops up with the differing calyx. A clone, but a little difference ...I guess it's like our clones of Knightii (still Knightii ) it can be a little confusing to a mere gardener such as my self. I think I get it though, if the clone shows a real visible difference then it can be a different plant.

I went outside after the hot wind this arvo (just on dusk) ...the 28 spotted ladybirds @#$%^^&^% are in plague proportions and I can't reach many of them to squish. Any clues from anyone (I don't use poisons). It makes the leaves look like lace in some of the taller Brugs.

You can see them in this first shot ...the blooms are blowing about in the warm wind ...yuk.
One of Melissa Amy 's blooms is shredded ...I think because of the branch below it rubbing on the bloom while it was forming, but as stated before, I see this shredding when the temps are bouncing around. She has a lovely fragrance ^_^
I love Knightii (3 ...blowing in warm wind .
Last Pic shows the sun going down with it's golden rays hitting Melissa Amy ...I love the way the light changes our colour perceptions don't you ?

Have a great night everyone.

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Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Well it looks like a wet day here in Melbourne, many plants with buds and I can already see white fly on a few plants so this long weekend I will look after them and feed also
What an array of flowers Chrisy
I hope it's all ok I'm your neck of te woods with the weather

Clifton Springs, Australia

Edna has posted that she has found fasciation on one of her Brugmansias...she will post pics tomorrow.

Here are some Pink Panther pics.
The second one is interesting, I love the waxy shine on the young flowers.....
There were 2 flowers out yesterday, but today zero...all blown to kingdom come.

Gena is going to post some closeups of the calyx and corolla on her RHP when she can....
I looked at her previous pic, but it was hard to tell, the calyx may have been damaged...

You're right about the effect the light has on the flowers Chrissy....I loved "The Dancer" with the light behind it.

Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger
Sydney, Australia

I have Red Hot Pink too hasn't bloomed yet but hopefully this next season. It will be interesting.

I think PP is a very special Brug all her dresses. You can't help but be enchanted by her.

It's a been an uncomfortable day here, very hot and windy.

Dianne I heard this song (from long ago) in my mind when you mentioned The Dancer, I loved it years ago and still do.

No answers re 28 spotted ladybirds ? I guess it is back to squishing then. ^_^

Have a great evening everyone.


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Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

chrissy you need something to brake down there Exoskeleton a combination of such things like neem oil, Garlic spray, chilli oil soapy water will also help but thats if you have the time

weather this helps or not sorry

Clifton Springs, Australia

I remember that song Chrissy, I probably haven't heard it since the 60's..

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