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Araucaria araucana . Monkey puzzle tree .

Hi there, I've recently moved house and now have a 50' monkey puzzle tree in my garden . I've found some seeds under the tree , and would like to try and germinate them . Could anyone please give me any advice as to how to do this . I am a gardener , so do know how to sow seeds etc, but think I may need more specialist advice for Araucaria araucana seeds,

many thanks in advance, Sue .

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi Mansands, I dont think there are ant special rules for the seed sewing of the Monkey Puzzle tree, just a good quality compost and each seed would be placed in a SMALL pot maybe 3-4 inch, sew seeds in March, pop each seed singularly into each pot and place the pots in a saucer of water to soak the compost, when wet, remove the pot from the saucer, I would place several small pots with the seeds onto a seed tray and perhaps lay a sheet of glass or clear plastic on top to act like a mini greenhouse and after about the seeds show little green shoots then remove the glass, they would probably germinate better IF kept at a temp of about 50-55 F and when germinated the removal of the glass is all you need to do till the seedlings ar large enough to handle, then pot them on to about 2 size larger pot and use the same compost.
Once the pots have got good root system, that's when you know to go for larger pot. I must remind you, these trees take about ten years to grow about a foot BUT, after that, you will see more faster growth but they are very slow growing which is why they are expensive to buy at any size after 2 feet.
Good Luck. WeeNel.

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