Transplant Grape to container

Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

I planted 3 grapes in a raised bed last year but with the new house contruction, the beds are in my way and need to be moved to a different location.
I know grapes grow just fine in containers but I need to transplant now.
Do you think I can transplant these grape vines into pots and keep them in an unheated greenhouse and survive the winter? Hard winter won't hit until Late December into Jan. Right now we just have off and on low temps. No freezing temps yet.
I would hate to go through the trouble of potting them up if it is going to kill them this time of the year. If the chances of survival is slim, I'll just throw them away.

Circle, MT(Zone 3b)

I've a muscadine in a container, they're usually fine, just remember a lot of the vines go deciduous in the winter. I trim mine back (and the ones on my parents' property) to just a main win and two trained offshoots in winter. So, you could probably cut it back pretty hard, depending on how long it's been going, and give it a shot on a trellis in spring. Good luck!

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