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How was your day? #364

Lyndonville, NY

Started a new thread.....

We came from here:


Come on in and have a chat, tells us about your day. All are welcome, bring your furbabies too!!

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Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Huck doesn't look to pleased to be moved!

Lyndonville, NY

He was upset because I wanted my blanket back. He didn't want to move at all. This is his "I am ignoring you insignificant human" look

I should have posted one of these two.....he looks almost sociable. Ok, no he doesn't. He has been miserable lately.

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somewhere, PA

I'm back on line! We still are on generator but its been so painful w/o phones (I could get out an occasional text msg on my cell phone but even that was barely working. Cell service is still poor.

I took a quick drive around the neighborhood. A barn down the road was skinned - the siding and roof on one side are ripped off (it was metal). A house just down the road from that barn has a huge tree right in the middle of it. Its a gorgeous only stone home. There's a car with a tree on top of it and lots and lots of huge trees laying on the ground, roots ripped right up. We were really lucky!

Last night Gary shut up the barn (earlier than normal). I went out to collect eggs and a rooster got out. So I went back later to put him in a stall and found a hen sitting outside. Good thing I went back to collect eggs & that the rooster flew out!

I spent the morning potting up the bulbs I got for the Phila Flower Show. I will be forcing them to bloom and they had to get planted. So the phones & internet being out gave me some much needed time for that job.

BonnieB - so glad ot hear the good news about your DBIL! Not such good news about the oven though.

Adina - happy birthday to Cici!

Debbie & Bonnie - thanks for relaying the messages!

Sandy - thanks for the new thread and I think you are going to need to change your name. (just kidding!)

And thank you to all who were concerned about us.


Lyndonville, NY

Tam, so glad you are back and basically all is well. Glad no one was hurt, and in time all can be fixed. They say tonight and tomorrow we are supposed to get the tail end of the storm....so probably the rain and such you had.

Dreary here. I have two bags of candy for tonight and don't know how many we will get. We have gone out the last couple years as it had been so slow....and last year I was till in a wheelchair and not dealing well.

Stay safe! Elsie told Bonnie she probably wouldn't have power back til at least Friday....I would say Monday from what my BIL has told SIL. He said never seen anything like it and so much needs replaced from "step 1" than just fixing a wire here and there.

somewhere, PA

I sure hope you don't get the rain we did Debbie! It was almost 4" on Mon alone. Today its grey and overcast but misty at most. They say we may see the sun tomorrow.


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Tam Not going to change name and I did not start the new thread. LOL

s and a

somewhere, PA

Oops. Sorry Debbie. Thanks for starting the new thread! I am wondering if we have exhaust from the generator getting into the house. I have a headache & feel tired. Going to check if we have a working carbon monoxide detector!


Lyndonville, NY

Tam, that is scary! Definitely check that out.

somewhere, PA

We don't have one. Gary is fine. But I'm gonna buy one ASAP. (We had one but I think it broke or something. I don't remember why we don't have it anymore).


Lyndonville, NY

Is it possible to open a window to get a cross flow of air, and put a fan on?

somewhere, PA

I doubt its the generator. It is outside. And all our windows are closed. And Gary is fine. But will get the detector to be sure. Tonight.


Lyndonville, NY

Tam, we have had 3 incidents of that Carbon poisoning over 22 years....don't take a chance.

somewhere, PA

OK. We got a carbon monoxide detector and its says 0. I'll take it up to my office next. But looks like it was just the stress of this situation. It did feel good to get something done today.


Lyndonville, NY

You know, peace of mind having that in the house will help.

Trick or treating almost done. We have had almost 50 kids. When we first moved here, we would get between 300 & 350. Non stop form 6 to 8:00.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

had less than 10 kids

S and A

Lyndonville, NY

We finished off with 67 kids. BIG change. Thankfully I only bought two bags of candy and there is not much left. Each kid got a tootsie pop and a sweet tart/laffy taffy/rot your teeth candy.

somewhere, PA

they cancelled halloween in NJ. None came by here. Glad we didn't get candy! I've just been craving chocolate. I think its the stress of this situation, which is just nothing compared to what so many of you go through!


Lyndonville, NY

I had a tootsie pop...bit the darn thing to get the chocolate in the middle! lol Tam, you are and have dealt with quite a bit of stress. I am glad you were home during all this, and not in California! You really would have been upset then not knowing.

Do you have some hot chocolate??? I think I might go for a mug!

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

I hear some more kids out there but just could not sit out side any longer

Tam I think you should get some chocolate. We went 10 days with out power and it is no fun.

Going to get me some hot chocolate. Debbie twisted my arm

sandy and andre

Lyndonville, NY

I was so upset, Usually for Halloween I get apple cider and donuts. Well, the apples were a bad crop this year because of a frost during blooming.

Apple cider was almost $8.00 for a gallon!!! Normally we might pay $3.50 ...never over $4.00 We got nothing!

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

On the way back from my appointment, Dh had us stop at Sam's .... $150 later, plus 3 huge bags of candy....
I felt Trick or Treaters were light this year... have about half left over.
We found our Sam's had finished their remodeling ... guess i had not been there in a while.... they also added a gas station, where it was 3.22 a gallon, our corner Mobile is 3.65 ... so huge savings. I'll leave my sams card for the kids so they can get their gas there too.

Also bought two roasted chickens... i love their chickens... I de-boned it all, that's in the frig... crock potted a huge beef roast, that is also in the frig... will make gravy tomorrow.

So -- the Doc appointment.... tomorrow I will set my surgery date .... In talking with the surgeon, she said that basically when a 'nodule' - goiter is larger than 4mm, they suggest to remove it. she was saying that it is not currently urgent, but assumes it will continue to grow. The way I see it... my deductible is paid for this year, so why not get it done before the end of the year, as we leave about the 7-9th of Jan 2013. She was saying I could get in within 2 weeks.

We also decided to take the whole thing, not just half - as she feels the gland is only functioning at about 10-15% and I'll be on thyroid meds regardless.... and if i only removed half, the other half could still get nodules, which also means continued ultrasounds, biopsies and possibly another surgery down the road. Dh also thought it was a good idea to do it all now too.

BTW - all the furkids were very well behaved... thanks for being there.

Tam -- holy cow, seems your area got hit pretty hard... thankfully your place was safe.
I know when i feel stressed and want chocolate... I also know i can't have it, as once i start eating some -- i can't stop. Stay strong.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good evening. Debbie, you just stirred up my anger at looking at the cider in the store today, and not finding any that was not pasturized. What they sell here is apple juice not cider. And dang it I wanted cider.

Tammy so glad that you checked out that Carbon Monoxide. That stuff scares me. I have one and when the time changes, I always check it, and put new batteries in it. When our house was built they put in an electric smoke detector/alarm. Well, duh, if it is a serious fire, the electric is gonna be off and the smoke detector will not work. We have them in the hallway by all the bedrooms. Hope you get your power back on soon.

Terese, what did the surgeon say today? Did I get there in time?

Bonnie, sure hope that you are home and rested up and can get here to tell us a bit about your road trip.

Sandy, you sat outside for the trick or treaters? You wouldn't have done that here!

We had two trick or treaters. We are pretty rural here, and the two that came were great nieces of DH. It was funny before they left, I took their picture and showed it to them while it was still on the camera. The youngest one said, that isn't me. That is scary. I had to take her to the bathroom to look in the mirror, as her DGM had painted her face, instead of having a mask, and she didn't recognize herself in the picture. I didn't buy candy, as I usually keep the fun size bars here for DH, and he had 4 candy bars, and I added a dollar bill to each of their pumpkins. They were pleased. And that was our Halloween night activity. We lead such an exciting life here.

It took me several hours today to finish chores and go to the grocery. I had to get really firm with a CVS pharmacy in order for them to contact another of their stores and transfer some prescriptions that DH's doctor's office had sent to the wrong place. It took a good while, but I finally came home with his prescriptions.

Hope Elsie isn't too uncomfortable without power. I don't know what the temps are but hope that she is keeping warm in her house. Days of chilly conditions like that can certainly make you sick.

Off to check some other threads.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

BonnieB -- the surgeon recommended removing the whole gland. I'll set up the date tomorrow.
Yes, you all got their in time. Thanks....

Lyndonville, NY

Terese, Glad to hear you are home safe and "only" a two week wait to get that over with. I think you made the right decision on taking it all if it isn't producing anyway. That IS a big saving on gas. We are around $3.99 here still. I don't go anywhere unless I really have too.

BonnieB, we use CVS and they are usually really good about all that stuff. We actually have THREE different CVS we go between because of DD living in Lockport, the one closer to us at home....and one for night time next to doctors office. They are pretty good helping. When DD had to go to Urgent care last week....the Lockport CVS actually faxed the script to Brockport for us so she could come home and not wait an hour for them to fill it.....and DH picked up on way home.

I am worried about Elsie too. Temps are dropping and they are rationing gas there. SO if she does have a generator....lines are HUGE for filling tanks and cans. Limit is only $20 worth of gas they said on the news.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

morning everyone

bonnieb no danger sitting out side. we have a fenced in yard, on a busy street and andre is out with me.
we have never had any problem with the older kids but was not able to stay out side long enough this time.
did hear more "kids" out there

waving at everyone

sandy and andre

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Happy November!!

I've been trying to get over to the local beauty school to get my hair done... today may be the day...
Just need my low-lights touched up, and a bang trim.

Hope to hear from elsie soon. Should read up on NJ to see how it's going over there.

Have a great day....

Lyndonville, NY

Good morning,

Woke up with a headache, I think it is the high pressure system. Raining again and supposed to be a nasty day with the tail end of this Sandy coming through.

From what I hear, NJ is being rebuilt and it could take quite some time before power is restored.....and once power is up, cable is another issue altogether.

Morning entertainment provided by four little birds in the lilac tree outside the window. Dex and Axl look look like they are watching a tennis match.

Going to make coffee and see if that helps the headache issues.

Terese, you need a day for yourself....get to the salon!!!


Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)


Terese glad you are getting it taken care of. My hair needs cut so maybe I will join you?

WE had a few Tor T at the store. One was a mummy and her mom did a great job. To handle the cold she had white thermals on underneath. A few fairies or princess'. A policeman. Several adults dressed up getting something quick. A really good witch. I didn't say a word as I didn't want any spells thrown at me. We didn't even got through 1 bag of candy.

Still keeping Elsie and Chloe in my thoughts.

Somebody is looking for his breakfast. What a beast.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good morning, it is really cold here, had a good freeze overnight, and the ground is still frosty looking.

Don't know what I will get into today, probably some more laundry, and maybe cleaning out my kitchen cabinets. I have the whole winter to get things organized, but I have lots of energy that doesn't need to go to waste.

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

BonnieB you can send me some of that energy! Please! Plus MrB and he can go rodent hunting.

Lyndonville, NY

I know, send some here too. I am so tired and not talking to any of the animals in this house. There is a conspiracy and I am loosing.

I have coffee.....

Izzy and felines had breakfast, as did the rabbit and birds. I have to change changes today too. Ugh.

somewhere, PA

Good Morning!

I hope Loretta is staying with her folks or brother. We got cell service back up a few notches so I could make a call this morning. I may try her today.

Terese - I think you are making the right decision. As you know, I wish I'd done the same when I had my surgery. But I hadn't had issues with its function before so was hoping half would do the job. Its pretty clear cut if you only have 10% with a full gland! The crew is holding off making any plans 'til they hear your date for surgery so they can watch over you on your day.

Vicki - funny you should mention rodent hunting. Pixel had field mouse yesterday just outside the door to the greenhouse. And this morning I saw her walking with something in her mouth so got out the binoculars. Yep - another field mouse. I sure hope she's clearing them out for us!

BonnieB - channel that energy for all you can! I wish I had a spurt of energy to coincide with time to go through my kitchen for a really thorough reorganization & cleaning! I gather you are feeling pretty good? All healed up for the most part?

Debbie - My mom was complaining about $6/gal. I will have to tell her about your $8/gal pricetag. Might make her feel a little better. I'm with BonnieB too - I like to let it get a little fizzy, which only happens when its not pasteurized.

I think we may just have to go out for dinner tonight and I will order something dripping in chocolate! I need to have an electrician in to wire the circuit run by generator to tweak a few things and plan to include the oven. I could have baked a lovely decadent chocolate cake if I had the oven! lol

I fly to Ca on Sun. I sure hope they have the flights back on track by then.

Lyndonville, NY

Tam, we have a gas stove, and when power is out still works if you use a match or lighter. We have the grill on the back porch also, DH grills all year round.

I tease about the chocolate, but I am still not eating it. I have no taste for it at all....and I think it is a true crime! One of my favorite things when stressed was Lindt Truffles. I had one the other day and spit it out!!! It was just plain nasty. I should be 50 lbs lighter giving up chocolate like that...but nothing!!!

I am so upset with the cats. Using Izzys bed as a litter box (both pee & poo) and it is brand new!! Then they nailed my "cuddle blanket" that I have on the couch,
a big rag quilt I just love. Folded clothes to carry upstairs.....they pulled a pair of jeans off and got that. I am almost 100% sure it is Daisy....we have caught her
several times....but am wondering if just one or more now with all this.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Debbie, Yuk, I would be watching 24 hours a day to catch the culprit. Not acceptable at all. I have also cut out the chocolate. My DTS told me about a neighbor of hers who cut out sweet tea and lost 40 pounds in about 6 months, I have cut that out and gained, so where is the theory there?

I have deboned a pork roast and cut it into meal size portions, washed and dried a load of clothes, taken the garbage out (garbage day tomorrow) and have a blackberry cobbler in the oven for tonight's dessert. Gonna have it with whipped cream.

Vicki I did send you some energy, must have gotten lost in transit. Grin. Mr. B is sleeping in the recliner right now, so maybe when he finishes his nap he will go out and see if he can find something to chase or catch, or both.

Sure hope Elsie is okay. I am a worrywart, I know there are worse things than being cold and hungry, but right now I can't tell you what they are.

Verona, ON

Hey everyone! Just dropping in while we have hydro. It has been interminent since Tues. night. Haven't put the generator on as they said it would not be long before full power was restored. We have had 3 major fires in our area since Monday night, losing 3 businesses. No where near what everyone stateside is going through and I send positive thoughts to you all. Elsie I hope your ice cream and chocolate is still in strong supply.

Hydro on in Kingston so I was able to have my 2 hr dentist appointment. Trouble had creeped up since last week and I have another huge cavern of an abscess - meds were strengthened, another root canal started but Doc wanted to put antibiotic directly into the root for a bit to help calm this infection down. Could have driven myself in yesterday but let my neighbour do it just in case the dizzies appeared. I hate the uncertainty of when these sessions are going to happen.

Darn the lights are flickering and I haven't even spoken to all. Sorry. Thinking of you all. Terese your are a wise woman to get this nodule taken care of now. Take care everyone.


Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Dianne just happy you got to pop in and update us. There will be plenty of time to talk later. You just take care of those dental problems.

Thanks BonnieB am waiting for the energy.

Better go and walk Ty. Missed yesterday.

somewhere, PA

Oh Debbie! I'm sorry about those troubles. I bought my kitties a little bed and the first day one pee'd on it. I can't imagine dealing with it on my laundry! (Gary has had them get his pile of clean socks before). We have a gas stove top too. That's what we cook on when the power goes out. But I miss the oven - can't bake anything! We're going to go out for dinner with friends who also have no power.


Lyndonville, NY

That will be a good break for you to get a nice warm meal.....with chocolate dessert of some sort!!!

I don't know what to do with them anymore. The vet has tested the "possible criminals" and there is no reason. Behavior. I don't want them all on prozac
but that may be the only answer. This was happening before the kittens came to "visit" but....I am sure that is not helping.

somewhere, PA

YEah - we had ours checked too. The vet said the best solution was to let them outside, since we can do that. I'm not sure what we'd do if we did not have that option.

We have dinner reservations. Dessert menu looks excellent. :-)

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