How was your day? #364

Lyndonville, NY

If I let mine outside, they would be dead within an hour. VERY busy street out front not 25 feet from front door. Side street one house over....and then an apple orchard behind us that has constant activity with tractors and everything. That doesn't count for the coyotes back there.

somewhere, PA

I remember Debbie. I think the only option if you want to solve the problem is to reduce the number of cats. And that is simply heartbreaking (and very difficult, especially if you are truthful abou the issue). I did not know that prozac was an option.

Lyndonville, NY

Well, what I am thinking..Dex and Frank are elderly. Franky is about 13, Dex 12. Technically Lexi and the kittens are Shannons. She has been told several times....they go with her, or SHE rehomes/shelters them. Lexi will probably stay as she has become DH's cat and just stays upstairs. Honestly the problems are Daisy....and Huck. They fight with everyone and are downright mean. Daisy is a witch (Sorry Melva). I am the only one that can pet her or she runs to the basement.
Huck, Daisy & Lexi are all about 7 years old. Axl...he just loves everyone and the dog, bathes "his kittens" and keeps peace.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

1:30pm hair appointment.... wonder if they'd mind if i napped in the chair...

I've been so tired these past few weeks....

Lyndonville, NY

Well, now you know the thyroid is tied into that! Enjoy your appoitment.

somewhere, PA

(((( Terese )))) You might ask about starting on Cytemel (synthetic T3) after surgery. I didn't get on it 'til recently and its really helped with my fatigue. Its fast acting too.

Debbie - we think about how old our cats are too. Rosie and Annie both lived past 20yrs. Fred is 15 this spring. He's one of our problem kitties. We're trying to work things out for him as he gets older & maybe not able to handle the cold in the winter. Gary built him a little room in the basement so he & Pixel have their own space at night.

I just checked the menu at the place we're having dinner - no chocolate only dessert. Something w/peanut butter & chocolate. Just not the same. (Such serious issues. LOL)


Lyndonville, NY

Oh my gosh, that just doesn't fly! Maybe they will have a special when you get there. I don't mind reeces peanut butter cups....but that is as far as that combo goes.

What do you think the main meal with be???

somewhere, PA

I'm thinking about this item:

"Pan Seared Chicken Chesapeake" Grilled corn mashed potatoes, jumbo lump crab, asparagus, Old bay pan jus

Or maybe something lighter ( a salad) so I have plenty of room for dessert. The dessert I'm thinking of is "Warm Chocolate & Peanut Butter Indulgence" with Belgium chocolate ganache. I'm not sure what that is! The second option would be a NY cheesecake or carrot cake.

I clearly don't get out for dinner very often huh?

Lyndonville, NY

OOOOO I couldn't turn down the NY cheesecake! That is my favorite.

Do any of you have a travel site for cheap tickets/flights they use? I have been using cheapOair...but not giving me the flight others are showing (I don't want to leave at 5:00 a.m)

Balotesti, Romania(Zone 5a)

Hi guys!Thanks for the good wishes for Cici's BD. He was so thrilled that Nicholas called and wished him Happy Birthday..he actually speaks pretty well now! Many of our friends called too and his colleagues from work celebrated him and gave him a chocolate cake which one of them made...yummy!
I've also felt tired lately, maybe it's something in the air!LOL I worked today, just me, first shift. Everyone else in the office had a day off due to our Radio station's anniversary...if I remember well the 54th! I will have tomorrow off and Saturday, then working on Sunday.

(((((((((((((Terese)))))))))) do you have a surgery date yet? I'll be keeping you in my prayers.

(((((((((Tam)))))))))), I can't imagine how you had the energy to plant the bulbs after what you have been going through! A chocolate cake is what you needed! Please take care with the headaches! Please keep us posted if you get Elsie on the cellphone. Hugs to you, Gary and the kitties.... and chickens too!

((((((((((Dianne)))))))))), I hope the teeth don't hurt anymore! Good to hear you are well treated at the dentist and all the caverns are found...I know how that feels,, I had my share! Unfortunately I don't have many of my own teeth anymore....or is it luckily?LOL

Elsie, I hope you are warm and have power where you are. I know how bad it is to stay without . Keeping you in my prayers, sweetie!

BonnieB, I'm glad to hear you are so active and feeling so well...I hope you don't overdo!

Bonnie, are you there? Miss you! Sending hugs!

Debbie, you poor thing, having to clean so much after the kitties! Could it be a revenge? I hope you are all safe and warm!

Sandy, good boy Andre, keeping an eye on you!

Vicki, what fun to hear what costumes came to the store!LOL

You guys stay safe and warm. Thinking of you and sending hugs!


Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Debbie -- I just got tickets for Alaska off of -- i'm not sure yet, but they may have charged me a 'surcharge' as there is a 19.99 on my credit card that i was not aware of.... or try ... cheapair was a tad cheaper, like 20bucks ... maybe they took care of that with the 'fee'.

Dh was 'browsing' using

Yes -- I did get the surgery date set... December 4th, not as soon as i'd have liked... but it's set.

did get my hair 'low-lighted' -- like the color... very subtle, and a bang trim for $34. I tipped her $15, and it was still cheaper than going to a salon.

I'm beat... having some soup. May go lay down for a bit.

Lyndonville, NY

Adina, so happy Cici had a wonderful birthday! Sounds like you both had a nice celebration together and with Nicholas calling. I know how much he is

Terese, thats the sights I have been on and searching....thank you.

Thinking of teleporting to Tammys for dinner and dessert. LOL We had cheeseburgs on the grill.

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

Sorry that Daisy is bad....she probably misses her man....
The new dryer is nice...had the plumber out yesterday and he fixed the drain for the washer so it works and doesn't spit the water on the floor...he also fixed the drain for the kitchen sink...he was real expensive...Phil was not happy.
I decided to have my sale next Saturday..I just could not get everthing ready...

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good evening. I did a lot today, and yes got in a nap this afternoon, and then cooked supper. I am doing well, and the surgery sites are almost healed. Still doing 2 sitz baths a day. It was sunny but chilly here today, so didn't get anything done outside.

Adina, so glad that Cici had such a nice birthday. So good of the fellow employee to bake a cake for him.

Tammy, gosh I think you are on a depravation diet due to no chocolate. Better buy you a few chocolate bars to tide you over till that craving goes away. Your dinner choices sounded really good. Hope that you ate what sounded good to you.

Terese, your hair cut and lowlights sounded like it would perk you up. I just had mine done last week. I had thought with winter coming on, that I would let mine grow but I just can't get past that growing out stage.

Debbie, your hamburger on the grill sounded good too.

We had a pork roast, roasted potatoes with dill, fresh sliced tomatoes, broccoli casserole, and DH had his cooked turnips. I made a blackberry cobbler for dessert. DS is staying here helping his DD strip tobacco, so I am cooking a bit more for him.

Need to check another thread, and then I am heading to bed.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Had a glass, or two of wine... did not hit the spot... heading to bed.

somewhere, PA

I've had the best evening in a long time. At 5pm the lights came on! And I got a call from Loretta. Dinner out was fabulous.

It does not sound good for Loretta - no power and they are rationing gas so even folks with a generator can't run it much. I just hope they get her back on line soon!

I followed through on my plan for dinner. Was really good. Had a couple of cocktails and that made it even better. There were 6 of us. We let the boys sit on one side of the table and us girls took the other side. :-)

Terese So its Dec4. We'll be there. The crew has agreed to keep any squabbles they may have at home and will be there for you 100%.

Debbie - burgers on the grill sound really good too!

BonnieB - wow! Your dinner sounds fabulous too. My dessert was so rich I should be good to go for quite a while.

Keep Elsie in your thoughts and prayers. It sounds like she is in not in a good situation there.


Lyndonville, NY

Tam, that sounds like such a nice evening! Oh my gosh, big hugs to Loretta!!! My BIL said they are struggling to get it all untangled!

I had made a roast and mashed potatoes last night with mushroooms and carrots, so we slacked off tonight. lol

Balotesti, Romania(Zone 5a)

Good morning! It's a foogy morning, but the sun comes through. I have a lot to do but first I wanted to check in here. I was worried about Loretta and now i'm worried sick!
Tam, thanks for the update. I can't remember if she has a generator. Can you tell us?

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Morning everyone


Sandy and Andre

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good morning, sure hope elsie's situation improves today.

somewhere, PA

Good Morning!

Adina - Loretta does not have a generator. She does have a gas stove & water. She's using her solar lamps for some light (though its been so dark out she said they don't help alot). She has a battery operated light that goes around your neck and is sitting wrapped up in blankets to stay warm and knitting to pass the time. Chloe is doing ok too. She visited her brother's in-laws to warm up a bit but hasn't had a shower in a while.


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

I so know what she is going through. Praying that she gets power back soon


Lyndonville, NY

Good morning.....

I got the dragon-disease this morning.....My get up and go has got up and went. I think the fact I was under a cozy blanket and warm didn't help!!

Did they tell Elsie it was OK to drink the water? That would concern me as the filtering stations and all that were down. I am sure she has bottled water to drink.
We cant even send her stuff as I doubt the mail is working!!!

I was sorting papers on the kitchen table last night.....the cats "nailed" them. They have to be filed....don't know how I can clean them!!! Of course one pile was
rabies certificates from the vet!

It is only 39 out....Izzy didn't even want to stay outside.

Going for coffee......stay safe everyone.

OH...and there is this really strange thing outside....its kind of yellow in the sky.

For your morning entertainment.....I give you, the grand cats.
Cassie....Stewart.....Cody/Stew/Marvin.......Cody & Cassie and Marv. Marv & Stewart are two of the biggest cats (wide) I have ever seen!!!


Thumbnail by DebbiesDaisy Thumbnail by DebbiesDaisy Thumbnail by DebbiesDaisy Thumbnail by DebbiesDaisy Thumbnail by DebbiesDaisy
Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Elsie sending hope that things are back to normal soon or closer to normal.

Downloading some pictures to print out for my mom. Think it might make a good Xmas gift for her.

TGIF for those that need it. For me it is hump day so my week feels like it is going fast.

The other day at work I cleaned off some shelves to put other things on it. With the help of my co-worker. I didn't get it all on and the one that is not so good filled it up! I was so mad that she does not make room on her own or fill shelves properly. I had to put away a lot of stuff she put on them so I could finish my job last night.

Better go and feed Ty.

Hoping all are feeling better or things are just going better.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good morning. It was quite frosty and chilly here this morning. I have managed to clean my oven, and then went to church and worked on the storage area. Hauled out 3 bags of trash, so you know what kind of shape it was in.

Back home and I am going to the attic to put out some dcon. Saw evidence of mice there a couple of days ago. I have a small pumpkin in the oven cooking. When it is done, I will let it cool, and put the useable pumpkin in a freezer bag and freeze.

I have some bills to pay and our bank statement came the other day, so will get to them.

somewhere, PA

I've got stuff thawing to make a chili for dinner. I'm going to add in the leftover cabbage, use the beans from my garden (and tomato sauce). I'd bake a chocolate cake but I'm leaving in two days so that would be silly.

Debbie - we need to wash down walls and rugs. Our crew has definitely "nailed" a number of spots in the house. I took up a small rug where it smelled pretty bad - yep. Was soaked. I cleaned a few obvious spots but the house still smells. Its just so frustrating and depressing!

BonnieB - I've got a few mousers you could borrow! ;-)


Lyndonville, NY

Spent some time talking to our Kelly. Miss her posting here. She promised to stop in. Kelly is REALLY doing amazing things
with the M.A.I.N animal rescue. Breaks my heart seeing some of those animals so ill and what they go through.

Tam, I have to throw out all throw rugs...anything with a rubber backing is attracting to them. AND the dogs bed with cedar in it.
Any box gets pee'd in by Daisy....but the boys just play in them and with them. I can't leave the toilet seat up because afraid someone would fall in....but swear if I did....Axl would use that instead of the litter box. He sits in the middle of the seat and pees!! What the heck!! Has been better since he finished his
meds for crystals/irritation.

BonnieB, can't keep up with you!! How is DBIL doing?

Balotesti, Romania(Zone 5a)

Tam, thanks for letting us know about how Loretta is doing. I pray for her and all the people suffering like that to have the power back soon. Please send her my love and support !

I managed to make a ketchup and a sauce for roast. Tomorrow I'm making a winter salad with the green tomatoes and peppers I have left from my garden. I'm beat so off to bed. Talk to you tomorrow.


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Just get home, went down to St Augustine, get some Angle mints, pralines and some Chocolate wine.
Let's Party!!!!

Get our tax bill for the house-not quite as bad as the house insurance but close.

sandy and Andre

somewhere, PA

I found the kitties had pee'd on the "welcome" rug at the door to the porch. So that's two rugs they hit in the last 24hrs. I've sprayed them and will wash them for short term & will buy new when I'm back.

I have a big pot of "leftovers" chili. I used roasted tomato sauce, red peppers, beans & garlic from the garden & ground beef from last years beef split. I also threw in left over cabbage. Its about ready & I'm starvin' so I'll be back later. :-)


Lyndonville, NY

DH wanted to go out to dinner but I had taken my lasix late, so he went over to next town and got us a take out. I had a chicken stinger sub, grilled with lettuce, tomato and mayo. Some kind of seasoning on it thats good...I think Italian dressing it is marinated in?

We had some snow flurries mixed in with rain. I had to take Izzy out and she wanted me OUT with her. DIdn't think it was bad til I hit the back yard with no coat.

DH is working the weekend, so other than taking Izzy for grooming tomorrow....I am not sure what to do.


somewhere, PA

The kitchen-sink chili was very good but VERY hot. I'd thrown in a handful of hot peppers from a plant a friend gave me when I made the sauce. DH put his over rice to help him eat it. (He said it was very good. And VERY hot.)

I don't have a master plan for tomorrow either. I need to pack. Maybe I'll try cleaning the house a bit. I'm sure there's a lot of need to do but I've blocked it out. :-)

I keep thinking about Loretta & all the others in NJ & NY. It just sounds so awful there. One of my friends is from NJ. Her mother said there was a growing concern about violence with the situation there.


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Had a good day. Did some things around here this morning, cleaning the oven and tending my indoor plants, did a load of laundry. Then off to church where I tackled the storage area, trying to move the Christmas decorations closer to the front as they will be needed soon. Took out 3 large bags of garbage, so you can imagine what kind of shape the room was in.

Came home and roasted a small pumpkin, but when I cut it open, it is NOT a pie pumpkin, so probably will toss the whole thing.

Went to pick DGD up in a nearby city. We ate Chinese, then a trip to Penney's and then home. I don't know what we will do tomorrow, but if my DS calls, may help her take personal items from their houseboat which she sold in the last week. This is the DS whos DH is in the hospital. It is not a good time, but the new owners want possession, so may help her get that all taken care of.

DBIL is about the same. Still in a coma and the ventilator breathing at 80% for him. Opens his eyes, but is not responsive. So don't know, just pray and wait.

Off to read another thread, then it won't be long before bedtime.

Tammy, if you talk to else, tell her I am keeping her in my thoughts and prayers.

Lyndonville, NY

Good morning,

I was up til 1:30 a.m. playing a crazy game but couldn't sleep worth anything. Was still awake when DH left for work at 4:30!
I see a nap in my future but have to stay up as Izzy goes to the groomer at 12:30.

I have coffee on, I hope everyone had a restful night.

What are we all doing today?


Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

today we are celebrating MIL"s 79th Birthday.

cloudy, probably cold.... think it should be close to 50.
So unlike me... lately i've been sleeping til about 7:30-8am
my norm is about 6am. Thankfully, I sleep soundly. [unless the cats are rumblin' in my room]

can't think of much else.... same crap, different day....

Wondering how Bonnie is doing too, haven't heard from her in a while.
Any update on Elsie? very worried about the folks in NY & NJ.

I was reading a news article about Staten Island yesterday.... they feel like they are not getting any assistance.
Very heart breaking.

somewhere, PA

Good Morning!

If the power is on at the hair salon today, I'm getting my hair cut this afternoon. I plan to do some clean up outside. Lots of debris on the ground. I also found I have another 100bulbs to plant. I just need to get a little gumption to get myself in gear now. :-)

BonnieB - do you roast the pumpkin whole? You can make pie out of almost any squash (though pie pumpkins are obviously bred to have more flesh - sweeter & less stringy. But a whiz in the blender & a pinch more sugar takes care of those issues.

Debbie - maybe Lizzy & I will both get our grooming in today. :-) I hope you find something fun to do. A nap sounds good too

Sandy - can't believe I missed your post that you have angle mints & chocolate wine! I'll be right over. :-)


somewhere, PA

Cross posted w/you Terese. I plan to give Loretta a call this morning. I'm going to help her find a hotel room is she's still out of power. Without the internet, even that is quite difficult!


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Good morning everyone

Tam come on down.

I am hoping to find some Empire Honey Mead today-if not I will have to ordered it and have it delivered.

Going to go do some shopping, back later

Sandy and Andre

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Brr, chilly here, and it is sprinkling rain. So a nasty day ahead.

No plans, but will probably keep busy nontheless. DGD is here and wants to go out, what for and where? Kids.

somewhere, PA

I just talked to Loretta. No power. Her company's phone line got crossed with others and now the calls are going to a doctors' office. I got a chuckle out of the idea of an unsuspecting receptionist there dealing with the calls Loretta deals with! She sounds like she's in good spirits. I told her about a hotel with a room maybe available tomorrow night. NOthing open tonight. Chloe is enjoying Loretta's seat warming skills. Apparently unwilling to move off her chair after Loretta got up to put breakfast on the table. She said thank you for the thoughts & prayers.


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