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How was your day? #364

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Adina there was up to 10 calls in one day. All most all of the where recordings. The few that where real people where not to bad as I could ask them to take us off their call list and they did. All but a few where from the party that I would not vote for every again-specially after being hounds by all the calls.

The weather is nice and I found a web site where I can get a picture from space of the cloud cover-now I can better figure out when to go try to get sunset pictures.

waving at everyone

sandy and andre

Lyndonville, NY

Adina, the East coast (from Virginia up) is supposed to get another bad storm...this time a cold one, with wind and snow. It is scary.

That is one of my favorite Izzy pictures that you are telling about, she looks so innocent in that (haha). The doctor tells me that at age
almost 7....she is a senior citizen...because of her breed. AND both of her knees are bad, one from taking the extra weight from her torn ACL
when she was hurt playing frisbee. I have her on lots of vitamins and such to help.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

It's snowing lightly. I checked my work emails from home - over 2500. I'm guessing many emails have already been deleted because of space limits. The program is awful - it doesn't show you which emails you have replied to. UGH

I had a lovely bowl of soup after shopping. Sausage tortolini that I put in chicken broth - yummy. I wouldn't have thought it was possible but it was too hot in the grocery store. I guess I over dressed. I have one funky hairdo from wearing my hoodie all day and night.

Verona, ON

Elsie I am so glad to read you have power back but not so happy about the pending storm. You are a trooper! I had been thinking about how many emails you would go back to work and have to read. Maybe the automatic delete is a good idea!!! So glad you and Chloe are safe.

Worked outside most of the day yesterday in hopes it would help pass the day and help me sleep. Yesterday was 6 mon since my guy passed and I gotta say each day is not getting any better.

See the doctor tomorrow in hopes she has some answers about the dizziness. I think I have had every blood test known to man. I am beginning to think Vicki was right and it is vertigo. The dizzies come out of tomorrow and other than my lips burning no other signs. Weird, eh?

I think of you all daily and try to get here to at least catch up.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Dianne, I hope you get some good news tomorrow.

I'm running the dishwasher and it will be so nice to have clean dishes. Do not eat anything with gooey cheese if you don't have heat and hot water. It was like cement on my spoons.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Some one please shot me!!!!

The Yard guys ran the lawn mower over a old cable that was on top of the ground---Problem is was the phone cable. The repair person was able to jerry rig mine back on but until the cable repair people get here other house in the area are with out cable. We are blaming the city-the phone guy says it is not our falt

Dianne I had bad vertigo for a few days back a few months and it turned out to be my sinus and ears. PLease have them checked.

I have been on my feet way to much so going to go get me some Honey Mead and chill out.
(Give the older yard guy some on my chocolate wine and we have another convert(?))

Sandy and Andre

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Grocery/errand day for me today. Was raining when I left, but it cleared up before I got back home. The medical supply company came this afternoon and picked up the oxygen equipment, so hope that I don't have to have it again.

A neighbor and I shared making dinner tonight, she did the main course, a pork chop/rice casserole, and I furnished 2 sides, and we opted for no dessert. The next time, I will do the entree and she will do the sides. It was fun, and good.

Dianne, good to hear from you, and hope that your Dr appointment goes well tomorrow, and that you get some answers to your problems. ((hugs)) Mr. B, Casper and I can come if you need us!

somewhere, PA


What a long day! I sat in a conference room squinting at the screen trying to read waaaay small print. Gave me a headache so I bowed out of dinner with the gang. They won't miss me.

I can't believe the big storm heading to the battered NJ/NY area! I hope you get supplies tomorrow morning Loretta! Best not to wait.

Dianne - could you have an absess near your inner ear?

I did read all your posts but need to close this up. Have a good night!

Lyndonville, NY

Tam, My girls talked to their sister in CT, they have 8 inches of snow at about 7:00 tonight and it is still falling! Said it took her 2 hours to drive about 10 miles home and is a mess. The twigs and sticks are freezing on the roadway mess from the storm and causing it to make worse.

BonnieB, that sounds like a good idea. I don't have neighbors that would do something like that...not neighborly at all.

Everyone stay safe. Loretta I hope you don't loose power again in this cold!! Bundle up!


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

morning everyone

s and a

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

I still have power--yippee! I saw on the news last night that some people on LI got their power back yesterday and 4 hours later it went out again. I'm going to get gas for the first time since Sandy. Then I'm going to work. What I will be doing - I don't know.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good morning, it is really frosty here this morning, with the ground looking like a light covering of snow. The sun is out so hopefully it will warm up and again be a very nice day.

Nothing on my agenda today, so maybe I can make another attempt at cleaning/straightening the attic. We will see.

Elsie, I read in the paper where the north/northeast has snow. I surely know that you all are tired of the wicked weather.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

another gray cold morning, no rain nor snow.
forecast calls for sunny and 50, time will tell.

no real plans either - yesterday I began cleaning out drawers.
I actually have 1 empty one in the bathroom and 1 in my bedroom.
I began looking for something that I used on my 2010 cruise, and have not seen since....
hence the cleaning.... I think I need to become a minimalist...
gonna post a bunch of stuff on freecycle when i go thru it all.
and clothing to donate.

Have to say.... DH deals with the attic... it's all his crap up there ... well, really - I have no idea what's up there.

elsie - so glad to hear you have power -- how awful would it be to be without for 8+ days, then lose it again due to another storm.
Wonder what happened to have pissed off Mother Nature so much.

Lyndonville, NY

Temp is 29....feels like 24. Brrrr!!! Cold one!

Elsie, so glad your power is still one. Safe travels for gas and work!!! I am sure there is a weeks worth of mail for you to go through.

I was going to Rochester to have lunch with DH but back spasms are too much need to take meds and relax it.

Shannon had to work til 11:00 last night and back in at 8:00 this morning, so she stayed at big sisters house last night. Shane is still sleeping, came
home about midnight. At least he has been coming home during the that gives me some comfort and peace.

Going to get my back in a bit


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

I am going to be off line for some time, as the phone company is fixing the cable the yard guys killed yesterday.

Back later I hope

Sandy and Andre who is supervising the work

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

hot diggity... I found what i was looking for... it was shoved in a bag of bags/purses.... just glad I did not lose it.
It's one of those water proof waist bag/pouch things you put your wallet/money/cc in while snorkeling. Need it for this next vacation.

Ugggg - can't believe it's almost 9:30 and i really have not done squat today .... been looking at houses in FLA and got some useful info from Sandy on plants in FLA.
Think i'm mentally getting ready to move....

somewhere, PA

Good morning!

Sandy - sorry about the troubles with your phone & neighbors cable!

Debbie - hope that back calms down for you

BonnieB - I do potluck dinners with 2-3 other couples *theoretically* once a month. We've gotten so its more like once every 2-3mo but its always fun. I like it 'cause I can try out new recipes for things like appetizers or desserts that I don't want to have around long. I've also tried some fun main dish recipes but try not to experiment too much there 'cause I don't want a hungry group of friends (if it doesn't work).

Terese - you did a lot from the sounds of it! I have such a hard time getting rid of stuff. I need to be in the right mood or I just can't get myself to put it in a give-away or throw-away box! We so need to clean out the attic, the spring house and the closets. BTW - you are way too young to be preparing for a move when you are 55!

Elsie - so glad your power stayed on line! Bring some knitting and hope the phones are still routed over to the doctors office. :-)

Dianne - my DSIL had vertigo too. It was some sort of crystals in her ears or something. She said they put her on a big table that could rotate all sorts of ways. Whatever they did addressed the problem. She's had horrendous issues with back (3 surgeries), shoulders (2 surgeries), knees (no surgeries but lots of pain), blood clots etc but said the vertigo was the worst thing of all. She said you simply can do nothing when you get an attack. Sure hope they solve this for you!!!

Vicki - are all the decorations at work getting you in the mood for Christmas? It still blows my mind that you decorated before Halloween!

Melva - I hope those itchies are damping down for you! Do you have any squash yet?

Gary said we just had a light dusting of snow. Its supposed to be in teh high 50's here and then get in that range at home this weekend. I feel like I'm blessed with the good weather following me!

Have a great day everyone!

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)


my youngest will graduate 12/2014 - hopefully he will be able to find a decent paying job...
then we plan to put the house on the market -- by that time, our real estate tax bill will be 10-11k
THAT is why we are 'retiring'. With DH"s forced retirement due to disability [though he still gets a paycheck from SWA, it's not what it used to be] so we just can't afford this area anymore.

we will do the snow bird thing.... We have pretty much chosen FLA for a few reasons... being near cruise ports, no income tax and certainly warmer winters.
We both have been in Itasca since the 60's so it will be hard to leave that behind... but Jimbo should be married, [May of 2014] and Alex off on his own ....
so -- time to move on... Oh and I will be 49 then.... close enough ;-)

Well -- I'm still riding the bike daily, trying to keep in the fitness frame of mind... it's just not easy.

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

We have had quite a bit of squash...Phil made squash burritoes using our squash and peppers and they were excellent They are predicting Monday night to be down to 27...may be the end of the squash. I am going to try to cover them and the tomatoes and peppers too..but sometimes that doesn't help much...May be just time to say good bye I have small plants of broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts to go in their spots (the squash)
Elsie, I am so glad you have power...can't imagine doing without for very long.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Melva -- hope you are able to save your garden .... I do enjoy a good squash, but no one else in the family does, so I don't get it often enough.

Lyndonville, NY

What kind of squash is it you grew? I have a great recipe for yellow squash/summer casserole. The kids just love it and it is simple.

I am wrapped in a blanket and fighting a nap as I took a percocet for my back.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

hope you feel better soon Debbie.... not much worse than back troubles.

~~ I should run to the store, pick up a few items for soup I want to make... Or tackle the closet....
decisions decisions....

still gray and cold....

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

I am going to close down here, might be back later or might not be back for a day or two.
They are out there working on the phone cable again. The ding bats this morning fixed up some of us but did not fix up everyone

Besides I hurt and am sleepy.

By everyone

Sandy and Andre

Lyndonville, NY

Take care Sandy! Hope its not too long.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Gee - one day of work and I'm just whipped. It was freezing there. The big cheese had a work light on his hat and a battery powered heated vest. They brought a lunch for everyone this week except for today. hmmm So even though we have been told the office was closed - they were expecting us to come in anyway. I had 50 voice mails and no internet to check on subscriptions. Very difficult to feel productive. I brought home some advertising work to do. Chloe will be helping me - it's tearing pages out of the magazine to send to the advertiser. hehe I won't be back to work until Monday - it's too cold. they had two kerosene heaters in one department but none in our area.

There are a rather large group of co-workers in different areas who won't have power until after Thanksgiving.

I got gas for the first time this morning - I was the only one there.

I'm very glad to be home. Chloe has her belly full so all is well.

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

The squash is Italian heirloom and the other is what is commonly referred to as Mexican squash...not sure where it came was supposed to all be the heirloom squash...

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good evening.

Elsie, sounds like the office experience was miserable. Why go in to work when you can bring work home, and stay warm and also EAT! Now what were they thinking, that you would volunteer your time and they wouldn't even have to feed you? Sheeesh. Glad that Chloe is all comfy with you there. She is going to get used to you being there every day, and won't want you to leave her.

Debbie,sorry about your back. Hope that it feels better tomorrow. I would have just given in to the nap and maybe someone would have been interested enough in making dinner tonight.

Terese, you are surely making plans for the retirement move. Don't blame you for wanting a different place to be warm, close to cruise ports, and no income tax. Sounds good to me. I can't believe you still have years to go before you will be old enough to retire. Sheesh, makes me feel like an old woman.

Melva, squash sounds good. We are having our winter squashes now. I made a dish of baked cushaw last night, the night before I had acorn squash, have sweet potatoes a couple times a week, and having baked pears a lot too. DH just loves them. After typing that, it is all winter food. Well, feels like winter here.

Vicki, hope that you are keeping warm and trying to work outside. Those morning temps sure sound chilly. It was in the low 30's here this morning, and the ground looked like a light snow the frost was so heavy.

Sandy, sure hope that this time the workers get it right and everybody in the neighborhood has telephone/internet service. Bet Andre really doesn't care about the internet!

Bonnie, sure hope things are going well for you.

Dianne, so tell us what happened at the Dr's office. Did you get some meds to try for the vertigo, or whatever it is? I am hoping that your Dr will aggressively look to see what this is and to try to get it under control

I cleaned cabinets, drawers and cleaned the refrigerator today. Evidently a lot to do, as it took me several hours. I know it is done, but no one else will know or care. That is what is so discouraging about house work. I did a load of laundry too. See, I was busy most all day, but to look at things nothing looks different.

On that depressing note, I am heading to bed to read some.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

I did manage to get rid of a few things on Free Cycle today... YAY... just stuff that has been collecting dust and hopefully a bedspread tomorrow.

Lyndonville, NY

My backs been a mess since surgery last year, some days are easier than others and I do not want to be dependent on I try and ignore.
I think the last couple cold bitter days just froze up and caused the spasms. Doing better tonight...thank you!

Didn't get a nap but DH did say to order dinner because it is pay day.

Tomorrow is supposed to warm up....sure hope it does for you too and "the neighborhood" of NJ & NY Elsie! I wouldn't go into work in those conditions


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Morning everyone, 38 degrees this morning.

Debbie I know what you mean about the cold

Sandy and Andre

Thumbnail by wren107
Lyndonville, NY

Sandy your temp is the same as ours! Just not right!

Great picture!

I am up and on the run, going to Rochester for the first time in weeks. DD's (the childs) birthday is Tuesday and I am limited on when I can go out
so today is the day. Sigh.

Tam, safe travels home! I know the kitties are waiting patiently for you!

Elsie, enjoy your day at home...and stay warm! Share the love with Chloe.

Vicki, I am skipping breakfast. Meeting DH for lunch and not wanting to over do it, so will have half a bagel on way to Roch.

Waving to Bonnie, Melva, Bonnie B, Terese and everyone......

I have to move or I am going to fall asleep again!


Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Morning! Coffee almost gone. Half to find breakfast soon.

Debbie have a good trip.

Outside work is pretty much done. Just cleanup that can be done as long as it is dry.

Keep getting offers on line to order plants/bulbs and so far I am resisting them. Pat on back inserted!

I am going to go and judge some pictures.

Lyndonville, NY

Thanks, I am stalling as I have to put gas in the car....and it is still cold out there! LOL

OK, off and running....honest I am!

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Up and looking out the window, another frosty morning. Casper has already come to the door for his breakfast, but Mr. B is still in bed.

Don't know what my day will be, but am heading to get dressed and will decide then.

somewhere, PA

I'm about to leave the hotel for the airport.

Debbie- Gary said Zephyr is really missing my lap. I'm sure I'll have to sit down as soon as I get in the house to make her happy. :-)

Have a great day everyone!

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Safe trip Tam. My the week has gone fast for me. Hope it did for you also!

Balotesti, Romania(Zone 5a)

Hi everyone! Yesterday we had an issue with some of the doggies... the neighbor's female Romanian Shepherd dog, Fira, was acting weird, cuddling in holes which she was digging next to the fence in their yard, and she brought the toys in there. I went to check on her, to see if she is sick or something and she grabbed my finger...not a real bite, but she acted agressive, which wasn't like her. The neighbor took her to the vet and guess what? She thought she had babies and was looking for a nest...haha!! Poor girl! She will be OK now. Before that, the neighbor went out with Fira to walk her on the filed and fell in a ditch, hurting his left shoulder. He came daily at our place for an ice massage. Yesterday he had to get Ionut to help him get Fira in the car and all the way to the vet. But she was calm.
Trica acted weird too, cuddling outside and he wouldn't come to eat...not like him! So I checked on him and saw an injury and a bite on his foot...nothing serious, he must have been in a fight with the "other gang"..."their gang" "controlls" about 3/4 of the street, from the back and the "other gang" "controlls" the front!LOL When they come to walk us when we leave some fights may occur, but usually they stay each on their teritory.

Elsie, you are a trooper indeed! Better come and work at home if you don't have all the comfort there. Chloe is very happy, I'm sure! Stay well, sweetie, thinking of you and sending hugs.

(((((((((Dianne)))))))))), I'm sorry you are so sad for the 6 months anniversary. Is your sleeping pill making his duty? How is our boy? Is he grown as big as your bed yet?LOL

BonnieB, how nice to have such good neighbors! YUmmy, such good meals! You are so busy and do so much work all the time!

Have to go, I have work to the office!!!! Waving to all. Talk to you later.


Balotesti, Romania(Zone 5a)

Safe travels Tam!

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

that week did go fast.... Safe travels Tam.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Safe travels Tammy!

It's supposed to be pretty nice weather into next week. I am sure the sunshine will be welcome to so many people. A NY politician said

I got the remainder of my trash out. It seems like a ton - they didn't pick it up last week. Something reeks in the kitchen and I am hoping it was the trash. I think it might be a really stupid mouse that thought the inside of the house was warmer than outside. I haven't found anything yet.

I need to get back to work.

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