Monthly hortiscope for November

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Gardeners born under the sign of the cornucopia are generous with information, and can steer you to the cheapest source of anything from compost to petunias. They also hold strong opinions, so gardening friends and neighbors soon learn to avoid contentious issues such as peat moss and pesticides.

Plants for this sign include pinks, lime, mulberry, ash, oak, and birch, especially the silver birch, Betula jacquemontii, which shimmers in the frosty, pale winter sunlight.

Many famous influences on botany and horticulture were born this month, including Georg Eberhard Rumphius, German botanist, Charles Antoine Lemaire, French horticulturist, Stephen Elliott, American naturalist, Claude Oscar Monet, painter and gardener, Georgia O'Keefe painter, Asa Gray, American botanist, Anders Celsius, Swedish scientist, Gertrude Jekyll, British landscape architect, James Vick, seedsman, Frances Hodgson Burnett, English-born author, Penelope Hobhouse, English garden writer, designer and television host and Henry Mitchell, American author.

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