CLOSED: what kind of caterpillar is this?

Tanglewilde-Thompson, WA

Sorry I couldn't get the face of it straight on, but I found 3 of them eating some plants outside...can anyone ID?

Thumbnail by jasminz
Minot, ND

There are several species in the family Noctuidae with a roughly similar appearance; best guess is the American brindle (Lithomoia germana), but I cannot find a good image online for comparison.

Cedar Park, TX

Found this caterpillar in my Alamo Vine. It's about 6 in. in length. Appears to be preparing to turn into something else as it was hardly moving when I cut the section of vine it occuppied to take this picture. Any idea what it is or what it will be?

Thumbnail by CPBob Thumbnail by CPBob
Minot, ND

CPBob's cat appears to be Agrius cingulata (sweet potato or pink-spotted hawk moth) - and
BTW, you would be better served by starting a new thread rather than hitching a ride on an existing one, especially when it is marked 'Closed' or 'Solved'.

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