TEA ROOM # 114

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.. time for a move as we were getting a long way away from the road.
I hope you like the pretty butterflies that are all around the Tea Room gardens now.

We came from here...http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/1282534/

I have to pop over to Hamilton today so will be looking for an orphan or two. Never see any these days. I have bought some new azaleas and fuchsias from eBay.
I am looking for any cuttings of fuchsias and pelargoniums now if anyone has them.
I used to have lots of pelargoniums but sadly most went toes up in the bad frost a few years ago. Those that are still here are looking good now. Usually they survive any mild frost but that year was bad.

I did have some lovely fuchsias too but they went the same way. I now have a more sheltered place for the fuchsias so can enjoy the again.
My original ones were from a neighbor who grew heaps of beautiful plants but when she sold out the new people pulled them all out.

Have to go over and put up the sign post then I had better move as I need to do a few things here before we leave.
I hope you are all enjoying the cool weather and that those in the US are keeping safe and dry.
Happy day.

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Merino, Australia

Darn link didnt twork, I'll try it again.
We came from here...



Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

I found you. Charley was out in the pasture waiting for me to feed him I thought I had another mule. He had rolled so much he almost looked Brown. My red fur was covered in dirt.
They get their feet trimmed tomorrow. They don't like that....
Anthony, we ain't getting any younger, you know. Be careful....

Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

We do celebrate Halloween here, this is the "Good Witch Olivia" at her school parade walkaround. It's sort of a school dressup holiday with class parties, snacks and such. We did walk a bit on begger's night in the city, but the weather was quite cold and windy to be out. We only lasted a block or so before going inside, still lots of candy and treats. It's quite safe here with police patrols and most parents (and grandparents) attending to the small children. It's fun if the kids enjoy it and the hooligans stay away from trouble.


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Bendigo, Australia

Jean I have 2 lovely pelagoniums that I rescued and they are in bloom at the moment . they are potted and I was going to prune them down a bit for cuttings. I'll send you a pic so you can see if they are what you'd like then we can get them into the post for you..no fuschias though Although I'd love some if anyone has cuttings esp. named ones.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Charleen, we are getting , older, less pliable, slower,, more sentimental and sillier, as each day passes,.,but if we cant remember what happened yesterday, who cares,[no doubt it was enjoyable].Hows that little beauty 'T bone' going, he is a real character,.I know you love all your animals, as much as I love mine .Cocky still rides around passenger in the car,. Ive still got my 2 galahs,.., and 'Old sooty' the cat[with diabetes].,. but we make a big fuss at needle times x 2 and he is very good with it...Anthony

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Good Morning to you all.

Our little cold snap has ended...temps are back up around 28C....what a seesaw...

Al, what a cutie Olivia is. She looked quite happy parading around. Glad all is well for you and yours....I know so many in the Northeast are having a frightful time now.

Jean, have a nice trip to Hamilton....maybe an orphan will catch your eye.

Oh to be able to sleep like a smiling cat....GRIN

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Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Went into cyber space, got to write another note.
Longears all got their feet trimmed. They were good and all got their cookies, also a haircut.
AT, isn't he pretty???
coarse I had to include our Charley.....
Was a good morning.
Anthony, I will get you another picture of T Bo, he is still growing.
Al, G'daughter is so cute...
Moon, Love the kitty...

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Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone..
A nippy morning here but should be a lovely day later when the lazy sun gets through the clouds.
It was quite nice in Hamilton yesterday too. I never saw any orphans but bought a large bag of orchid mix to pot some new bromeliads.
We enjoyed lunch at the local Subways. I do like them . Lots of things to add to your choice of filling. Yum....
I potted a few seedlings from my winter brug box and also went mad with the hedge clippers.
Maybe a little too mad as my arm is a bit sore this morning.

Charleen, the furry ones are just so cute. I love them all. Charley of course, had to get in the pics too.
How is your garden looking now with Fall all around ?

Moon, sounds like you are getting some of our YoYo weather. You never know what to put on in the mornings.
Yes cats can sleep anywhere, any time...

Al, Olivia looks so happy in her outfit.
Its lovely to see the little ones enjoying their fun.

Lois, thank you for the offer of the cuttings. Dmail me and we'll work out a trade.
Nice to see you popping in again.

Anthony, keep warm down there. Nice to hear all the furry and feathered ones are well.

Hello to all our other friends. Looks like they are busy and havent found the signpost yet.

I am going to do a bit more easy work around the garden today. Have to rest the arm .

Heres a yummy treat for morning tea..... Apple Cake

keep well and safe
Happy day

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Christchurch, New Zealand

our weather is doing the yo yo thing too!
yesterday was very windy, hot nor'west, today is wet & windy, cold southerly.
I got the bus down to the shopping centre & posted off another entry for the weasel to strut her stuff in the show ring.
Bought myself a pendant as well - when I left the RSA they gave me gift vouchers & I saw a pendant I liked but didn't buy it, saw the same one last week for 30% off so decided if it was still there today that it was meant to be.
Hubby has been at work & now going off to the hangar to work on the planes.
I did plan on gardening today but with the wind & rain out there I think it is a good day for being a couch potato.
I have done the housework already so can feel guilt free about doing nothing now :)

Clifton Springs, Australia

Ok, I thought that I'd lost everybody....

Great Longears pics, Charleen...they look very dapper.
Ditto to all the adjectives you used describing us all, Anthony especially the last one in mine and Ray's case.

The morning after Halloween, we went and bought a witches hat for me, a scary mask for Ray( I told you that he was warming) a big spider web that covers the front door and a giant spider to sit on Tilly's back...
All the parents were either following the kids or with them in my neighbourhood....
Your little Olivia looks cute, Al.........one thing I did notice was when the parent was there too, I was only able to give the kids a few lollies, so they are teaching their children good habits from an early age.

Well, I want to show you all the best Rhododendron I have ever seen in an average sized garden..
At the moment in Daylesford, yes I went back again...just about every garden in the old area near to the main street has gorgeous Rhodos, Azaleas and the deciduous Azaleas, (that I particularly like)
growing in their garden, big bold colour everywhere...love it, love it, love it..
But the best of the best was this one......Just look at this beauty...I wonder how old it was..

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Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Glad you had a lovely day for shopping, Jean. Sorry about your arm....just one of the body's reminders to be kind to it....grin

What a gorgeous Rhodie that is, Dianne. .Azaleas do really well here, but Rhodies not so well. I think it is the combo of heat and humidity in the summer and not enough cold in the winter. Sounds like Ray is recapturing the Hallowe'en spirit....grin. Tillie will be so funny with her spider.

Did you happen to see where that idiot in England put cocaine in children's treat bags? The kids remembered where they got it, and the police arrested him.

Glad you got your pendant Teresa...and saved a bit by waiting. Hope you enjoyed your "guilt free" arvo.

Hope you all have a pleasant Sunday.

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Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Older than dirt. Rhododendron, I love it! Beautiful color too...
The babies did very good for the Farrier. I believe he got married but didn't have nerve enough to ask. He had a beautiful band on. It was a pretty day. I got their mane cropped and brushed them down. My gosh, it looked like a dust storm when I patted them They are so cute.
glad you all like pictures.
Here is one for Anthony...actually three.....

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Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. Cloudy here at the moment but the temp is supposed to get to around 30C.
I will be out early this morning to get a few things done before the heat gets too much.
Hopefully some warmth will make all my seeds grow quickly and encourage the brugs to flower.
We will be having our first feed from the broad beans tomorrow and the climbing beans are taking off.
Lots of flowers coming on the snow peas too.
I am putting a few pumpkins in to run along the edge of the garden.
I will have to keep an eye on them in case they decide to creep off where I dont want them to go.

Moon , thats a lovely orchid.
what an awful person to do such a thing to kids Halloween treats. Drugs are turning up all over the place . Lucky the kids remembered the person.

Dianne, that is one huge rhodo. I love them and if you like the deciduous azaleas ( mollis ) , you should go up to Bright. A lady there had a tall hedge of them. The colors were like a fire in the sun.
I hope Tilly doesnt mind a spider on her back...lol

Teresa, your pendant sounds lovely. Its nice to get something you want at a bargain price.
My gran always said everything comes to those who wait.

Hello Colleen, Anthony, Chrissy, Karen and Al.

Charleen, pat the furry ones and I hope your garden is looking colorful with pretty trees changing.
That T Bo is so cuddly.

Better get myself out and start on things as the sun is creeping out from behind the clouds now.

Enjoy your morning tea with this ......Walnut Cinnamon Loaf with delicious Coffee Icing.

Happy gardening

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Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

The leaves are beautiful but the gardens are dry. So no gardens now. Hope it does rain soon. I'm praying....

Clifton Springs, Australia

Jean, that's exactly what I found in some of the gardens....a hedge of Mollis Azaleas...your description was perfect....fire in the sun...if I ever breed an orange one, I will pinch that name...lol
I have the orange and the pink and I need to get a yellow one....I had a beauty at my last house called Zanzibar and the perfume was wonderful...I can't find that one though...

Hope that you get your rain, Charleen...
That is a lovely orchid Moon.

Here is Tilly's spider, it will attach to her walking harness....isn't it a beauty, it's about a foot wide...

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Christchurch, New Zealand

that Rhodie is amazing, years ago Mum & I went to the UK to visit her family & one of her Aunts took us for a tiki tour of the Bournemouth area.
I commented on the stunning Rhodies growing wild , many of them as big as the one pictured & she sighed & said they were a noxious weed there!

T-Bo is so cute, he has lovely dark eyes.
I love the pic of him on his back - my brother has a Bull Terrier that does that all the time.
I bet Sugar would love to romp with T-Bo, she is such a flirt at dog club & had everyone chasing her today.

I didn't get my vegie garden sorted today, Baz took a mate out to the hangar to admire the planes & when he came home had to go into work for an alarmed out machine.
Technology is so great - the machines text him when they have a problem.
Still the call out fee makes it worth while.

I mowed the lawn & pruned back some foliage that was blocking the pathway.
Looked nice but trying to get to the back gate or recycle bin was getting to be like hacking your way through a jungle & after rain it really wasn't fun.

Take care everyone

Merino, Australia

Hello all. Been wandering around in the sun outside and took some pics of the jungle.
It is a total contrast to what it is in summer and winter. Mostly dead looking sticks interspersed with the autimn / winter bulbs etc.
Not worth a whole thread so I am posting some pics here and you can take you cuppa with you while you wander. Watch out for the children ( magpies) they will take a cake right out of your hand if you are not careful.
Also you may come across a snake or two and plenty of lizards sunning themselves. Dont worry, they all get out of your way.
If you get tired or lost, there are plenty of seats. I will find you eventually.

Dianne, I am not coming near your place with that spider... eeekkkkkk.


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Merino, Australia


The way out...
Another way out.....
Bantry Bay rose...

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Merino, Australia

Some of the older brugs and some of the seedling clivias.


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Clifton Springs, Australia

Jean, I took the tour and sat on the seat near your Brugs and checked all the labels.
You have some beauties there..just wait 'til they flower..
Love Bantry Bay, a beautiful rose...the Alyogyne and the white BB are gorgeous..
I saw the maggie babies, but they wanted my cake so I moved....
Thanks for the tour, considering I can't be bothered getting out of the chair at the moment, it was very pleasant.

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Beautiful flowers and lovely gardens Dianne and Jean. Although Dianne, I must say that is quite the huge spidermite on your roses....grin

I am with you Charleen....we haven't had rain here in 3+ weeks.....the hoses just don't give that same lush look that rain brings to the garden.

Hope you all have a bright sunny Monday.

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Jean that spider looks so soft and fuzzy...I think I may have some Bottle brush seedlings coming up. So happy. You all have some beautiful pictures. Would love to visit.
T Bo would love to play with Sugar. He loves to play with his big brother Kaluha, who is really a small chihuahua, They run and run....

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
Its cloudy here, but not cold.
A bit of thunder & lightning during the night but no rain.
I spent yesterday potting a few bromeliads and moving some pots around. I found a few flower seed packs that I will toss around the garden just to see if anything pops up.
I have a few opium poppies growing again this year. They have been very scarce over the last few years.
In the beginning the plants were everywhere. I have no idea where they ever came from, they just appeared .
With all the seed they produce, you would think the whole garden would be full of them but usually only two or three now.
I have tried collecting and throwing the seed around but it doesnt work.
I have even bought seed of different colors which never grows.
Same with the Californian Poppies. Al I get is the orange. No others seem to want to grow here.
Very different story with the two geranium species, maderense and the mauve cranesbill. They are quite happy to set up home wherever they can find a space. Same with the honesty. They find the oddest places to start growing and are very pretty.
I end up with a jungle of ferny geranium leaves if I let them all grow.
A bit of roundup in places where I dont want them always works.

Nice to see all the friendly faces popping in to the tea room. I hope you are all enjoying your gardens even if it is nearing Winter in some areas.
There is a lot of beauty in winter gardens, I do like to see the bare trees against the sky.
Not so keen on the snow some of you get though. I wouldnt like it at all to live in.

I am going outside to do one last lot of retic hose around the salvias. I have lots of spare hose so thought I may as well use it to make watering them easier.

Have to pick the first feed of broad beans too, then get the tomato planters up onto the old clothes hoist down the back, Hubby thinks it wont work, hanging them there. It is in full sun but also gets all the wind. I have nowhere else to hang them and I think the plants will be okay even in the wind.
Wont hurt to try and if it doesnt work, I can always use the grow bags for some other plants .

Heres something tasty for morning tea......Cranberry Swirl Cheesecake
Enjoy your day. Its nearly Christmas..

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Same here with the Opium Poppies, Jean.....I only have a few here now....

Those tomatoes that we put in the other day have doubled in size so I have to thin them out now...
Everything smells wonderful, doesn't it...

Charleen, I've never known anyone to grow Bottlebrush from seed, so keep us posted on their progress..
Very clever Moon.....I think that it would take more than a squirt from a hose to scare that beauty.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

the police came and took my nan's opium poppies in the early 80's,.., a DS [forensic] walked past for 3 yrs on his way to work, and finally realised thats what they were!!

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Funny!!!! Anthony!!! Crazy man! It took him 3 years!!! Did they come and rip them out of her yard...
I stuck the stems of the plant into a pot of sandy soil and it looks like seedlings coming up. I'll get you all a picture of the babies and you can tell me if you think that is what it is. I sure do hope so....

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Good Morning All

Yes Dianne...it would take a very large hose, but here I would have have Hubby and grandson trying to catch it....grin
Charleen, that would be so neat. I have 5 bottlebrushes here, they all set seed, but none of them have re-seeded.

I found this on opium poppies.


Opium poppy cultivation in the United Kingdom does not require a license, but extracting opium for medicinal products does.[6]
In Italy, it is forbidden to grow P. somniferum to extract the alkaloids, but small numbers of specimens can be grown without special permits for purely ornamental purposes.[citation needed]
In the United Arab Emirates, where the drug law is especially stern, at least one man was reported to have been imprisoned for possessing poppy seeds obtained from a bread roll.[7]
In New Zealand, section 9(4) of the Misuse of Drugs Act states, "It shall be a defence to a charge under subsection (1) [Cultivation of prohibited plants] if the person charged proves that the prohibited plant to which the charge relates was of the species Papaver somniferum, and that it was not intended to be a source of any controlled drug or that it was not being developed as a strain from which a controlled drug could be produced."[8]
In northern Burma, opium bans have ended a century-old tradition of growing poppy. Between 20,000 and 30,000 ex-poppyfarmers left the Kokang region as a result of the ban in 2002.[9] People from the Wa region, where the ban was implemented in 2005, fled to areas where growing opium is still possible.
In the United States, opium is listed as a Schedule II controlled substance by the Drug Enforcement Administration. In addition, "Opium poppy and poppy straw" are also prohibited.[10] However, this is not typically enforced for poppies grown or sold for ornamental or food purposes.[2] Though the opium poppy is legal for culinary or æsthetic reasons, poppies were once grown as a cash crop by farmers in California; the law of poppy cultivation in the United States is somewhat ambiguous.[11] The reason for the ambiguity is because, now repealed,[12][13][14] The Opium Poppy Control Act Of 1942 stated that any opium poppy should be declared illegal, even if the farmers were issued a state permit.[15] § 3 of The Opium Poppy Control Act stated:

It shall be unlawful for any person who is not the holder of a license authorizing him to produce the opium poppy, duly issued to him by the Secretary of the Treasury in accordance with the provisions of this Act, to produce the opium poppy, or to permit the production of the opium poppy in or upon any place owned, occupied, used, or controlled by him.

This led to the Poppy Rebellion, and to the Narcotics Bureau arresting anyone planting opium poppies and forcing the destruction of poppy fields of anyone who defied the prohibition of poppy cultivation.[16][17] Though the press of these days showed favour towards the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, the state of California supported the farmers who grew opium poppies for their seeds. Today, this area of law has remained vague and remains a controversy in the United States.[18] The Opium Poppy Control Act of 1942 was repealed on 27 October of the year 1970.[19][20]
The seeds themselves contain very small amounts of opiates,[2] and have no measurable narcotic effect. However, the television show MythBusters demonstrated that one could test positive for narcotics after consuming four poppy seed bagels. On the show Brainiac: Science Abuse, subjects tested positive after eating only two poppy seed bagels.

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Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

Geez.. Who'da thunk it? Probably explains my erratic behavior at times. Does that mean I have to give up my Wegman's poppyseed bagel, or just pick the ugly seeds out of my teeth. Please don't let them police the place or I'll likely be nabbed red-handed. Not to mention that they also sell donuts and pastries there. I think the sour creme and chive spread could be the real killer here, but I'm not sure if the narcs can test for that like my doctor does.


Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

I blame my erratic behaviour on Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins....grin I bet your doctor would be scarier than the narcs, Al.

I am ecstatic to report that we got 19mm of rain yesterday. It made for a happy garden and a happier gardener. Grin

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. We had none of the bad thunder & lightning that was showing on the weather map. It was one time when I was glad that the weather passed by us .
We did have a nice little drop of rain overnight.
Yesterday was warm with spots of rain all day. Nothing to wet you , so I was able to do a bit around the garden.
I really must get out and fix poor Michael too. He is looking very tatty , but I just seem to forget him all the time.
I will make an effort to find him a new jacket on Thursday, while shopping. Should be plenty in the Op shops.

Isnt it funny how all the rules & regulations relating to things like the opium poppies are so different around the world ?
Maybe I have lots of ants or some other insects running off with the seeds for their cooking....lol

I love poppy seed rolls and bread. I had better watch out for the people police. They may arrest me for eating them.

I never thought of planting poppy seeds you buy for cooking. Must try some. But I wonder what sort of poppies they use ?

Charleen, congrats on getting bottle brush babies, but are they ? Usually most of our natives trees & shrubs need fire to make them grow. They have the hard casing which is burnt off in bushfires to let the seed out. It has been a way for the plants to cope with the extreme environment here over millennia. You can take the seed casings from the plants and layer a bit of sand over them then light a small fire on top. This will usually open the casing. It can be best seen when using big seeds like banksias.

Nice to see you got some rain , Moon. I hope more comes for you.

Al I love bagels too, but not with cream cheese.
I used to make them for the kids years ago. They all thought it was a funny way to cook by having them in water first then the oven. They tasted good and disappeared quickly.

Charleen, I had Charley at the door again along with T Bo. I think they love me or the cakes I hand out...lol

Anthony, that was one slow policeman , taking so long to recognise the poppies.
Hope noone comes to rip out mine..

Teresa, I can just see Sugar romping around with Charleen's T Bo. They would have such fun.
Hope all that thunder & lightning doesnt get across to you.

Dianne, you will be watching all the fashions today at the Cup. I like to watch the horses. They are much nicer looking than some of the fashions.
I hope you are lucky if you have a small bet.

Hello Colleen, Karen, Chrissy and everyone else popping in for a cuppa..

Something yummy to nibble while you sit back and watch the Cup later.....always a favorite...Chocolate Cake

Enjoy the day and stay safe

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Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Here is picture of What I hope is bottle brush babies. The seeds must have fallen out of the limbs I have stuck in the sand. I do so hope they are BottleBrush plants...I want one so much.

Thumbnail by ridesredmule
Merino, Australia

Charleen, they do look like bottle brush leaves . Have to wait and see.
Some Aussie natives have two different sorts of leaves.
Ferny ones when young and normal as they grow .

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

That would be so cool Charleen....I may try to start some of these here.

Either ants Jean, or maybe that is why the magpies are so pleasant....grin

Has anyone heard how Chrissy's DH is recovering? Seems I read he was being released from the hospital.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Charleen, could you post a pic of the parent too?
What sort is it, a tall one or shortie....as Jean said they do look like the taller type leaves...

The fashions haven't been bad Jean, they get my tick of approval...
It will be interesting to see what Camilla is wearing......

Moon, Chrissy's husband is ok, he won't lose his finger....

Enjoy the day everyone.

north coast nsw, Australia

Had to show these awsome Gumtree flowers. They didnt last very long picked in a glass of water though.

Thumbnail by breeindy
Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Thanks for that Dianne. Guess I missed that info somehow.

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Honey, I think Moon sent me cuttings, so I don't have picture of parent. I can't remember who sent me the cuttings but i keep them all.

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

No, sorry it wasn't me....I would have, had I known you wanted them as I do love the callistemons.

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. A dull morning here and a bit chilly.
We have had none of the rain or storms that have hit other parts of the country.

The ground dries out very quickly here so a bit more rain would be nice.
Being clay soil, the moisture stays there for the larger trees etc with long roots, but the surface does get dry a lot quicker than you would expect.
Of course , the pots always need watering as most are under trees .

Charleen, I have about a dozen different Callistemons here along with other natives. I have all shades of red along with a mauve, a lemon and a few pinks.
The Grevilleas do well here too and I have a few of them.
I love all the different types of foliage they have , from really prickly to huge and ferny.
I also like the smaller Correas ( native fuchsia) .Very pretty little bell flowers which the honey eaters love.

Moon , its nice to see so many of our native plants doing well over there.
What other plants are in your garden ?

Al, hope you are not too cold yet. Your garden must be settling down for the winter now. What do you have that likes the cold ?
There is always something pretty in winter , even if its just the colored branches of some shrubs.

Dianne, did you pick the Cup winner ?
I was lucky in keeping up my record of always getting a place each year. I had a small bet on the second horse.
That will buy a few little plants for me..
I had to laugh at what some ladies wear. Did you see that awful hat Camilla wore ?
She hasnt got half the dress sense that Kate has.
Lucky most of the ladies I saw had some lovely outfits.
I'm glad the rain held off a bit for the race.
I always miss going to see the Cup, as over the years I have been to about 16 Melbourne Cups.
All many years ago when going to the Cup was a real outing that one put on their best for. .
Now for Oaks day tomorrow. There will be some weird and wonderful outfits .

Hello to everyone else. I hope you are all enjoying your gardens and some lovely weather.

Here is something yummy for morning tea....Chocolate Coconut Slice

I am going out to see what new irises have opened .

Happy day

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