Crown Gall on Euonymous - treat or not?

Worcester, MA

Discovered the infection late this summer on my Emerald N' Gold. I've read quite a bit about gall now and treatment advice seems to be 50/50 - yes, they can be treated with heavy pruning - no, they can't be saved, remove them. Anyone out there with experience? Success? These shrubs are about 5 years old and I'd like to keep them if possible.

Thanks for any info and advice.

Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

If it is in the top 1/2 of the plant would prune and hope. They grow fast enough that well established shrubs may regrow and hide the pruned areas. Cut well into the good growth. Sterilize the tools between cuts.
If it is lower down, give up. Remove the plants and examine the root zone. If there is any hint of crown gall at the base of the plant or in the roots then do not plant susceptible species or varieties. You might need to sterilize the soil if you want to plant susceptible plants. This is not a job for DIY gardeners.

Worcester, MA

There is gall close to the soil line - I didn't get a chance to dig in to inspect below. I did a lot of reading and also talked to a couple of professional landscapers. The advice ranged from fumigants and deep pruning to treatment doesn't work - ever - and the only thing to do is get rid of the shrubs.

My immediate thought at the time was to remove them, but had hoped to find someone out there who'd treated with any kind of success... I don't think these shrubs are established enough to overcome the gall and survive without some kind of help. If I remove them I won't be replacing them with anything. Thanks for your thoughts - and confirming what I thought I knew (poo!).

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