Tuberose Begonia - When to plant in ground

Lady's Island, SC(Zone 8b)

I grew a Tuberose Begonia in a pot this year. It is hardy for my zone (8b), so I was wondering if it is ok to plant the bulb in the ground now or I should I wait and do it in the spring?

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I would probably wait until spring just to be safe--plants that have just been planted and haven't gotten established yet often tend to be a little more susceptible to cold damage. I do the vast majority of my planting in the fall, but when I'm planting things that are going to be borderline on hardiness I'll usually save those until spring just to be safe.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

I would wait till spring, say maybe end March onwards, this way you will protect the tuber from cold night temps and also less chance of rot setting into the tuber IF there is a lot of rainfall compared to summer time. good luck, WeeNel.

Lady's Island, SC(Zone 8b)

Thank you Ecrane and WeeNell. I will wait until March, or after last freeze, to plant my Begonia.

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