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Phoenix, AZ

My MG hasn't bloomed all year. Guess it just needed a break from the heat. This is Jaz's garden. She's enjoying the blooms. Plumbago in the back and faux pear tree, it is finally perking up too.

Next pic is Canna Australia in the pond. Loved the way the late afternoon light was hitting the bloom

Thumbnail by Fish_knees Thumbnail by Fish_knees
Sun Lakes, AZ(Zone 9a)

Lovely setting for Jaz. Hope she realizes that! Love the canna color in the mellow light!

Scottsdale, AZ(Zone 9b)

what a beautiful garden Jaz has. More blooms than mine.

Gilbert, AZ

Your MG is gorgeous!!

Cave Creek, AZ

Your MG id beautiful. What is the secret. I have one a friend gave me from LA and I think it doesn't live the heat here. My regular one didn't flower very much either.
Cave Creek.

Phoenix, AZ

When I had the plant swap @ my house back in 2003 I think? Someone gave it to me in a gallon pot. It sat in the pot lingering for about a year because I had no idea what it was? I planted it in the ground and it has been a happy nightmare ever since :)

Thumbnail by Fish_knees
Phoenix, AZ(Zone 9a)

I love that phrase "happy nightmare". It so fits this plant. I pulled mine out a few years ago. It resented my efforts and grew twice as fast with the part that hid from me and didn't get removed. It's on the other side of the arbor now anyway so I've let it stay. Where it had been previously was on the latch-side of the gate and it busily sewed the gate closed every time I turned my back. Now it just serves as an automatic closer. :-)

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