Walmart clearance

Tahlequah, OK

So I was at walmart yesterday looking at a barbie bike for my daughter. I noticed they were throwing away large quantities of annuals. I looked to see what else was out there and saw that just about everything was 50% off. So my question is: If I planted some ornamental grasses and other perrenials right now as we are headed towards winter, would they survive? We are potentially only in this location for a year but for the price of a few bucks and labor it may be worth it. We live in Broken Arrow OK (Tulsa). We just leased a house for the first time and we have been dying to do some gardening. If this were my home I would invest much more into it (both time and $).

I would also be interested in any ideas on how to do some cost effective winter vegetable gardening. Considering we will be moving at the end next summer we would like to do as much gardening as we can.

Also, one last question, I am wondering if anyone puts window boxes on full length windows.

Thanks a ton.

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