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**Closed Thread**
A friend and woman I worked with runs a dog rescue out of the TN/MS area called The Drifting Dog Rescue. Her name is Tonia and she has rescued hundreds and hundreds of dogs since I have known her - which is only a few years. She has many dogs in her own care as well - mostly pits, which are harder to place.
Recently, she accepted a new job and moved her family to NY - a week before hurricane Sandy. She was not in the direct path, but still sustained some damage. And a week into her new job (both her and her daughter worked here) they were told they were not a "good fit" and were released. So now, she is in New York with her family, recovering from the hurricane with no employment. She is struggling to be able to feed the 12 dogs she has left in her rescue. They are in foster care, but they need to be fed.
Please, consider donating - even $5.00 - so she can get these dogs fed.
Tonia is a wonderful woman with a HUGE passion for animals. Which is why she started the rescue organization.

Example of her big heart - I met her at a vet clinic - she hired me literally off the street, in my pajamas. I was bringing my dog in for shots - had lost my job the day before. When I got there, they were so busy, I asked if they needed help. She hired me on the spot. Well, I went home, took a shower and then came back, but you get the idea.
We went to a local kill shelter to rescue 2 puppies that were on death row. We came home with 15 puppies - one of which we picked up in the parking lot on our way out. That was Maggie, the chocolate lab. She is under my feet as I type. That was 4 years ago. I fostered these puppies - yes, all of them - with a promise from her she would find them homes. She did. Including these 15, over the next 4 months, we had a total of 22 puppies through our door - and she found them all forever homes. She changed my world and I will be forever grateful. I have donated what I can afford right now to help her out. I wish I could do more, but unfortunately I can't right now.
Please find it in your heart to help out. If not here with her, another way, with another dog or cat or shelter or rescue.
Thank you and God bless.

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Redwood City, CA

Just made a donation. Thanks for helping!

brainerd, MN(Zone 4a)

Thank you so much!!!

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I just chipped in.

brainerd, MN(Zone 4a)

Thank you!!

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Bumping this important thread :)

brainerd, MN(Zone 4a)

Thank you for bumping this. Tonia was able to get these dogs placed and the chip-in is closed.
If I could mark it closed I would.
Thank you all again. It was a huge help!!

West Babylon, NY(Zone 7a)

That's great news! :)

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