Dallas, TX

Any suggestions for edging the 'parkway' area (between street and sidewalk)? Should I use the green metal stuff, the black vinyl (?) stuff, or any other ideas? I don't want soil spilling onto the sidewalk or into the street. Please help. Thanks.

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

For an area that borders "public property" you would be best off using the most durable material available to you. In this case, I would suggest either metal edging or the prefab concrete/masonry borders...




Opp, AL(Zone 8b)

Is excavating excess soil a possibility?

When I lived in a house that had this strip of grass, I wanted to garden it also but then I realized the city could come along any time and need to dig the whole thing up for maintenance/repairs. There may be HOA or city regulations against part or all of this plan, especially in regard to blocking the view for drivers. I would also be worried about being sued for altering the edging near the sidewalk or street if it could cause someone to trip. Then there's thoughtless people who might park there and step right onto your garden.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

I use old Telephone poles that are about 10-20 feet in length, here in UK they are wooden, been treated in there early life when telephone company first puts them into the ground but the treatment has been long gone by the time I have got hold of them. they are strong, round, and layed on the ground with wooden pegs hammered in either side they have been in place over 20 years and retain wood chips, so they have been the best we could find.
Other hard waring long lasting is railway sleepers but again, dont use any that have been treated as it will seep into the soil and may kill off plants or worce, stick to your shoes IF you stand on them. you may have to pay a delivery and per telephone / rail sleeper but believe me, where I live and the weather conditions we have, these are cheep at the price as we have waisted much money or so called hard wearing bought from garden store, these are never hardy enough for permanent situations like I have or you are talking about. so do a research first, look on like at reclaim yards where these companies go into industrial companies and do a clearance then sell off the goods they have decided are worth something to people like us. Lastly, do you know any place felling storm trees as they would be as good as tall telephone poles and the actual job is the same,
Hope this gives you some ideas to look at or find.

Dallas, TX

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

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