Buy herb plants online in November?

West Newton, MA

Does anyone know of a mail-order herb farm on the East Coast that will ship plants out in November? I have a nice indoor grow light system in my kitchen pantry here in Massachusetts and and would like to try to keep a few herb plants growing through the winter for cooking. I'm most interested in getting a few French tarragon plants, as oregano and thyme I'm growing myself from seed or rooting from stem cutting.

I found an excellent mail-order herb nursery in California that will ship to me here but because of the distance involved they have to ship by Second-Day Air and charge a very high rate for it, much more than the cost of the plants. Thanks for any suggestions.

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Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

Try Cindy at The Tasteful Garden in Alabama. Just received their newsletter this week that it is getting late in the season for shipping plants but you could certainly inquire. With such a good set up of grow lights, have you considered starting your herbs from seeds? That might be an alternative if she's not able to ship plants to you now or particular ones you're interested in are out of stock. They're also a Top 5 Garden Watchdog here on DG with mainly favorable feedback.

Someone who lives closer to you may be able to provide sources in your area. Best of luck with your Winter endeavors.

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