Historic iris ID please

(Carol) Euless, TX(Zone 8a)

Any ideas as to what cultivar this might be? I am sure it is a historic iris. My husband and I built our home 25 years ago on the site of an old farmhouse that was torn down in the 60's. Our neighbor (who has since passed away) had grown up in the farmhouse from the early 1900's. The irises were planted around the house by his mother or grandmother. There were only a few when we moved in. They had been mowed down for years. Now I have a large patch and have transplanted them throughout the yard. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Lyndon, IL(Zone 5a)

Taking a real wild stab at it, I'd say ,Maybe!, Pluie d'Or. There are scads of yellows to pick from(grading from creams thru golds). Sun exposure and general culture seem to me to affect the coloration of "yellows", more than any other color. It "looks "to be about 34"-36" tall, and the style arms seem to cover the beards. Can't see any PBF, but not the best picture angle to see that. More info would help. How tall? Are the leaves tinged purple at the base?...Arlyn

Coushatta, LA

could be sultana

Kingston, NY(Zone 5b)

Most likely Alta California by Mohr-Mitchell 1931. Grows very tall and often falls over.

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(Carol) Euless, TX(Zone 8a)

I paid close attention through the blooming season, and I'm convinced they must be Alta California. They do have purple at the base, get very tall (nearly 4') and often fall over, and have the brown veins/speckle pattern on the butter-yellow blooms. Thank you all for your helpful input!

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South Hamilton, MA

Check the HIPS (historic iris preservation society) website. You can get there through AIS irises.org & click where it says iris links.

(Carol) Euless, TX(Zone 8a)

I'll check that out. Thanks!

Albany, NY(Zone 5a)

these are lovely! do they smell good?

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