Growing wheatgrass in Wash basin

Hyderabad, India(Zone 12b)

Hi friends please see this pic where I decided to grow Wheatgrass in old Cement/Mosaic Sink.

I have filled the bottom of sink(about 2 inches) with Red soil and then I added abit of Superphosphate+Neem cake+Vermicompost. Then again added 1 inch layer of Red soil mixed in 1:1 with Coco-peat.

Finally I added a handful of Wheat seeds and nicely covered them with 1:1 mix of Coco-peat+Vermicompost.

Now just waiting for the Wheat to sprout.

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Iowa Park, TX(Zone 7b)

Hi Burraganesh, have the the wheat seeds sprouted yet? That is a nice big sink to use for growing plants in!

Could you tell us more about the Neem cake? I don't think I've ever heard of that before. Thanks!

Hyderabad, India(Zone 12b)

Yes Ladypearl they have already sprouted and tomorrow I am going to post a pic of it here. By the way Neem cake is the residue left after the Neem seeds are pressed and oil is extracted, here they sell crushed pieces of it.

As you are aware Neem (Azadarichta Indica) is a native plant of India which is often prayed to as Divine mother, even research has show Neem to have many Anti-Bacterial/Anti-fungal properties. Thus Neem seed cake can be used to control harmful Nematodes in the soil.

Hyderabad, India(Zone 12b)

Hey see these pics of my Wheatgrass which has grown.As you have seen from Top-view it's dense but not too dense so that some air can flow and prevent any harmful fungus from sticking to this plant.
Third pic is just a closeup of the same so you can't see that sink.

Sorry for any poor quality of pic because I don't have Digital cam(these pics were taken from my mobile)

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Iowa Park, TX(Zone 7b)

Your wheatgrass is beautiful (very healthy looking). The pictures are good so don't worry about that - phones take good pictures really.

Thank you for the information about the neem cakes. I never thought about what happened to the residue after the oil is extracted but I see it can be put to good use in the garden.

When you juice the wheat grass do you mix it with other kinds of juice to drink?

Hyderabad, India(Zone 12b)

Yes Lady, last sunday I juiced Wheatgrass in Orange and added about 4-5 Basil leaves and it was much better than the raw taste.

This wheatgrass that's grown in Sink though, I am going to feed it to a cow (sentiment), it's like offering our first harvest to god.

Next time (after sowing seeds again) I am planning to add a bit of Honey to the juice and see how it tastes.

Actually the first yield is highly nutritious and the next yield can be used as feed to animals.It's always preferable to add a bit of coco-peat every time and add fresh seeds, rather than consuming juice made of second / third yields.

Iowa Park, TX(Zone 7b)

I will try adding some orange (juice) to wheat grass juice too. It is sure to be better than just plain wheat. Honey sounds like a good idea too.
By coco-peat do you mean shredded coconut hulls?

Hyderabad, India(Zone 12b)

yeah coco-peat is readily sold here at 10 Rs/kg , means 1 USD for 5 kgs.

you can google for its dealers in your area.

Iowa Park, TX(Zone 7b)

Okay, thank you burraganesh.

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