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ORVG #196 Getting ready for winter

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

Hi, Annie and welcome back. You, too, Marcy! Kim, I'm sending you a d-mail. I don't want to go into detailed medical stuff here, but I think you'll feel lots better in a short period of time.
I'm finally getting over the whatever I had. So now I'm rushing to try and get things ready for Christmas. We have the tree up in the living room, but only abt 75% of the ornaments are on it. The kitchen is finally cleared enough for baking and candy making. My first batch of carmels were icky: it was really too humid to be trying to make them, so "tomorrow is another day" applies to caramels as well as Rhett Butler. I'll have to make 2 double batches to get enough for everyone. I'll try and pay attention to how many the recipe makes. I'll probably have to run to the cake and candy store at some point to get some more boxes and petit four cups. I got some boxes at Bed Bath & Beyond, but it's beyond me (heh heh) how they lock together. They just fall apart on me. I did make a batch of butter cookie dough which is resting in the fridge at the moment. I also found a recipe for Mouse Cookies. These are a pecan cookie shaped like an oval. You put 2 slivered almonds on as ears and mini chocolate chips for eyes, and finally, a chow mein noodle for a tail. They're the only kind of mouse I like to eat! Fortunately, the cats don't try and catch the pecan mice. My DS is in charge of the chocolate chip and chocolate cookies, and we fight over who ends up making the peanut butter cookies or snickerdoodles. It's a good thing I was too sick to eat last week, because I know I'm going to put some Xmas pounds on.

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Hiiii Pat!
I'm glad to hear you are feeling better. I had heard there was a lot of that stuff going around!
I haven't done any baking yet...and not sure I'm going to do very much this year. No one around here needs it!!! Oh...I'll do a few things..but not like I used to do.
Wow it was COLD here this morning...20 degrees...brrrrrrrr!!
Well I best get busy and get something done.
Ohhh and Kimberley...hope you feel better real soon...hugggs!!

Seymour, IN(Zone 5b)

Hi to all!~

It's the lurker here again. I hope all of you with Medical issues are feeling better soon. Kimberly, I know you will be very glad in the future that you got the surgery over with and won't have to worry about it anymore.

Marcy, I missed you. I'm glad you are back. Don't do that again. LOL

Bonnie, I'm glad your DH is wrapping up the work at his brothers farm. It has been a bad year for you two and I'm praying that 2013 will be much better for us all.

My leg finally got better and I can now walk without pain, if I don't overdo it. I went to Ferninand Indiana's Kriskringle craft festival with my daughter and the whole town is full of craft booths. They supply buses to take people from one venue to another. Each venue has about 100 booths and they had 7 different venues and after 5 of them, I told her I was over it. I couldn't walk anymore and ,boy, was my leg hurting. The booths are great and different from a lot of our local craft fairs. 5 wineries had wine tasting( thank goodness), several men had very nice handmade furniture , and the handmade art and jewerly were fantastic. I really did enjoy it, but I paid for that enjoyment.LOL

My youngest DD can drive me nuts sometimes all the way from Texas. Her husband brought the kids up in June, but she didn't have vacation days, so she didn't come with them. She is very busy with work and the kids, and I understand that. However, I don't think she is so busy that she doesn't have time to call me or answer my e-mails. When we call, they don't often answer the phone . This alone drives me crazy! Her hubby is very good about sending pictures of the kids , and for this I am grateful. There is never any text with them, but I love the pictures anyway. In late Oct., we got a picture of their oldest, Ike ( age 8) and he was wearing a t-shirt with a circle on the front with "number 1 Thing" written on it. I didn't understand , but said nothing. The first week in November, we got a picture of Aggie,(age 6) with same type t-shirt and it said "Thing # 2 "on it. Not wanting to seem too dumb and out of touch, I said nothing. On Thanksgiving Morning, we got anE-mail with a picture attached ,and the heading on the e-mail said" One more thing for you to be thankful for!" Attached, was a picture of a onesie with "thing # 3" on it. We started calling them and tried all day to talk to them and in the evening Ike called us . We asked him about the picture and found out they had been keeping a big secret. They are expecting another baby boy any time now. Her due date is Sunday, but she thinks it might come earlier. I could wring her neck! Anticipation is one of the best parts of being a Grandparent, and we were deprived of 8 months worth!!!

We are going down to see them after Christmas and I can't wait to walller the baby.So, I will have a great Christmas ! I'm so excited, but I don't understand why they wouldn't tell us about the baby.

May you all have a good Christmas season and a better 2013. Lou

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Oh, Lou, that is strange to say the least. I agree anticipation is just so much a part of a pregnancy. Well at least you will get to see the new one before he is too old. Glad you are feeling better, but that craft affair sounded good, but too much.

Marcy, I am not making near the amount of candy or cookies this year that I normally do. I give peanut brittle to 2 neighbors, so I can't cut that out. I will ask the DH and DS to name their favorite cookie and candy, and that will be all I make. They eat enthusiastically while it is fresh, but then get tired of it and it is very tempting if it is sitting around.

Have a virus thing myself. Feel better than I did last night and early this morning, but have been drinking fluids and not eating much at all.

Pat glad that you are feeling better and you got that over with before Christmas. I am hoping that we both stay free of any serious colds, flu or viruses, until after the holidays. We may go to Florida after Christmas for a week or two. No date set, but DTS and her DH are leaving Friday to stay till the end of March.

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Thanks, guys. I've spent two nights at the hospital, but should get to go home tonight. I've finally made the appropriate rude noises.

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

LOL Kimberley...I won't say what visual I got when I read that about the appropriate rude noises...LOL..still laffin..to myself of course!!!! And I AM glad you get to come home so soon!!!

Bonnie, my dear lil grandaughter...not so little anymore..almost 14 now...she used to help me with the baking n decorating. This year she is too busy. I understand..they grow up..but I really did miss her help. She is just too busy though. She plays basketball..is in band...is in chorus..church things..has lots of friends and they do overnights almost every weekend at someone's house!
Lou...big smiless @you!!!
Our kids can be something else sometimes...can't they?????? I know how you feel! But I'm glad you are going to go see the new little one after Christmas.
Well I did get a few things done today...but still have some to do..so best get at it!

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Well, I thing that I may live afterall. This virus must have been the short variety, but this morning, my stomach was still iffy, and so I went light on the food all day. Did eat a bit for supper and it is sitting okay, so I am thinking that it is over.

Kimberly, I am so glad that the surgery is over and that you expect to get to go home. Take it easy and let Howie wait on you. Hehe, we have to give them something to do right?

Marcy, can you believe my DGD is 16 and has her driving permit? We are giving her our old car this next weekend when she comes down. She is looking for a job and hopes that she will be able to find something before summer. She will need a pretty good one to pay the insurance and gas!! She is about to enter (partially) the adult world and I am sure she is in for some pretty big shocks. Can't believe your "little girl" is 14 already. Yes they do get quite involved in activities and tend to start drawing away from their family and grandparents. It is natural, but I think my DH is still in shock about that part of it.

Well, it looks like we are going to Louisville tomorrow to finish Christmas shopping. DH wanted to go about 3:00 this afternoon, and I just don't like to start out that late to go to Louisville, besides I didn't feel the best.

Janet, what all has been happening at your house? Have the workers come and got the floor all fixed? Do the markets keep going all winter long? Take a break for Christmas? I have no experience except our little market in the county which is outside and goes from May- October.

Pat. are you making any new goodies this year? I have one new recipe (cookie) that I am going to try. Looks good and sounds fairly easy.

I am having my immediate family get together on Friday the 21st. Then on Saturday the 22nd, DH's immediate family is getting together. DH and I are standing in the living nativity in Bethlehem on Christmas night, so we try to clear our calendars for that. It is one of my favorite things to do at Christmas. We will be having dinner with his cousin at noon. So looks like that is all taken care of.

My Christmas we have just finger foods. Country ham & biscuit, sausage balls, bbq weiners, stuffed mushrooms, plenty of cookies, candy and cakes and pies. So can make a little of that in advance.

Well, off to read a few other threads, and then heading to bed shortly.

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

We need your Christmas Trees, go here;

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

I am not putting up a tree this year, too much trouble and no help doing it!

Waddy, KY

No tree here either. Will put it up at the MIL's since that seems to be where most of us are all the time anyway.

Some days it just seem like you'd be better off just sitting on the couch reading a book. I can't get motivated to begin with and after I finally got the baking done I realized I have no milk to make the icing and I have just enough margarine to make two batches of icing. No more. Well, opened a can of evaporated milk and got started. Thought I'd clean off the mixer and cabinets while it boiled and don't you know it, it scorched. Went ahead and made it to put on something here at home and put it in one of those plastic bowls. Do you think I could find the lid that matched it? Of course not! What's next?

Markets have been slow. Unfortunately the last two weeks and this weekend too, there's been UK home games and since we're just across from Rupp Arena none of our regulars come to shop because of the parking and the horrible traffic. Last weekend it rained in Louisville and people stayed home and of course it's supposed to rain again Saturday. Hope it waits until after 3 o'clock.

Kim, hope your surgery went well. Have heard lots of folks feel lots better after it.

Marcy, kids just seem to have too much to do. Mine is working on college scholarships in her free time, which is darned little. I would like to do just a few cookies before Christmas. One DD is trying to loose the weight she gained back during her back problems and she hates for me to bake because it's too much temptation. I don't want to make it any harder on her than it already is cause like me, she likes to eat.

DH was watching rodeo on TV last night and was laughing that the thought popped in his mind that he needs a horse. Actually, it came to him also while he was chasing cows up and down the hills the other day by himself and they wouldn't go in the barn. I've wanted one for years and will probably stay wanting one cause I'm sure he'll talk himself out of it.

Better get hopping. Got to pick greens and turnips for tomorrow and get stuff for more icing!

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

Well, my gosh, I think I have a tree of some sort in every room of the house except the bathroom--- and I may have one in there, too, by next week. I love the smell, the lights, the ornaments. Don't like putting the lights on, or taking the tree down, but I love just about everything else Christmasy. And it's SO much easier now that I don't have to worry about a sermon and a bulletin in addition to everything else. And then when I was assigned to church of the Nativity, that meant that I had the Bishop coming on Xmas Eve, including confirmation when there were people so inclined.
As far as cookies, we make chocolate chip, chocolate walnut, and either pecan or almond cookies dusted with powdered sugar. When I do make carmels, I make them for others as gifts. I'm kinda over it for eating them except to taste them to make sure I haven't screwed them up beyond salvaging. The little mouse cookies are something I make once every year or two.
I'm fretting for lots of folks on the list because it's a "first Christmas" for so many-- those who've lost a loved one in the past year, and it can be really hard to deal with. All I can say is, you're in my prayers, and I'm not just tossing that line out: I really pray, and I ask God to comfort all who mourn, and give them a glimpse of peace, too. (Amen.)

I went shopping for stocking gifts yesterday, since I was so fed up being at home waiting on someone. The plumber, a package, the guy that cuts our hair-- everybody is running late and then cancels. So I had my pre-Xmas mini temper tantrum and went to Kenwood. We now have a Microsoft store there in addition to the Apple store. I know this because I was scootering to a store in between Apple & Microsoft, and I saw a big bunch of guys wearing Microsoft shirts walking down the middle of the corridor, looking like some sort of Hell's Angels for nerds. They were probably just coming back from a dinner break, but they certainly took up a lot of room. I mentioned this to the clerk at the store I went to, and we had the same idea at the same moment: West Side Story at Kenwood Mall. We started snapping our fingers and humming the music, and then we had to try and decide which "gang" would be the better dancers. Sharks or Jets? Apple or Microsoft? It certainly helped my mood.

Lou: if you like the craft fairs, rent a scooter, or a wheelchair, or get one of those walkers that have a seat so you can sit down when you need to. Better than going and getting too tired. That's when you stiffen up to avoid hurting and end up falling. Of course, someone will say something stupid. WHen my mother had multiple myeloma, she shrunk about 3 inches, and had to walk with a cane. She took my friend Neil out for an ice cream at Elites, a now defunct Middletown store. My mother knew everyone im M'town, and they knew her. So she inches in to Elites and a another customer said, "Why, Lois! What happened to you? Why have you taken up a cane?" And my mother breezily replied, "I just thought I'd get cancer, that's all." Awkward silence. WHen they got back to the car, Neil said, "That lady was pretty weird-- I don't know if I would have said anyhting to her," to which Mom replied, "What else would you say to someone that stupid?"
So if you decide to do the scooter or wheelchair thing, just keep either a withering glance or snappy reply just in case someone is equally curious and inelegant about it!


Seymour, IN(Zone 5b)

Thanks Pat, I'll remember that line. Your mother sounds like my kind of gal.

I heard about the tragedy in Conn. and I can't get it out of my mind. Let's pray for comfort and peace for all those poor families. I can't even imagine their grief. It will be such a horrible time for the whole community.
I pray for all of you and your's that the Lord will deliver us from evil in this world.


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Lou, Amen. Such a horrible thing. Sometimes I just can't fathom the hatred in this world, the kind that makes somebody do something like this. It is just as if the whole world has gone crazy, and there is no sanity anymore.

Pat, glad that you are getting out and about. DH and I drove to Louisville today, walked the mall, and bought a gift certificate for his DC, and came home. I just am not able to walk that far without it really bothering my hips. So guess there may be a few "$$, and an I'm sorry" in some cards!

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

oh man...my whole msg just disappeared...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. You know..that only happens here too..wonder why???????

Prayers for the survivors in Conn. Such a senseless tragedy. I can't even fathom what they are going through right now. The children are in God's hands...He will take care of them.

Ok...not going to retype everything..it was a long one..lol.
Have a good day everyone!

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Ran some errands this morning, and back home trying to decide what to cook to take to a pot luck lunch tomorrow.

It is raining here, and DH is waiting to see if the tobacco is going to come in case so that he can get the rest of it down.

Waddy, KY

Other than the markets not much was done here today other than getting the stock fed.

Nothing good on TV and I'm not in the mood to address Christmas cards. These hands have been giving me fits at night for the last three months so I haven't been sleeping very good. I have a MD appt for the 9th to see about bilateral hand surgery. Hopefully that will take care of the problem.

Lou, the kids not tell me they had a baby coming? I suspect I'd be pretty ticked off but I'm sure I'd get over it fast enough.

Guess tomorrow after I get back from church I'll try addressing those cards and who knows, maybe make some cookies. I have to take youngest DD shopping but I think I'll wait until they're out of school and go later this week on a day when hopefully everyone else is at work. I don't need to fight mall crowds on the weekend.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Janet, hate to burst your bubble, but we were at the mall on Thursday, and the crowds looked like a weekend. Just horrible. I guess it will be that way till after Christmas, then everybody will be out trying to catch some after christmas sales. I always buy my Christmas cards on sale after Christmas, plus plates, napkins, etc. tissue paper, gift bags, boxes, ribbon name tags, etc.

I will be making some candy on Monday, as one of the neighbors is having a brunch on Tuesday, and I give her and another neighbor a big tin of peanut brittle. It will be a bit early, but just as well go ahead and get it done. I am making some other candies and cookies for my Christmas on Friday night. We are having finger foods. I get so sick and tired of turkey and the trimmings from Thanksgiving, and then early church meals, and my family Christmas. I am having country ham, on biscuits, sweedish meatballs, little smokies bbq, sausage balls, a cheese ball, veggie tray and a cake and pie. Don't think we will lack for anything to eat.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Good to hear from you!

Marcy tell Don I hated to hear about his GH &Losses!
If he needs any tropicals.......

We have a Tree in the Sewing Room.... and about 7 outside!

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Hey Rick!!
I'm sure he will see it here...but will tell him too.
I have trees everywhere this yr...lol.
Ok..big one in the living room...two small ones in the kitchen..one in bathroom...one in computer room..one in bedroom! and two live Alberta spruces outside!
All inside are small except for the living room one.
Also have a table decoration with a large snow globe made from a pickle jar...and have blue lights around it...battery kind. Its really pretty!!
Guess I kinda got carried away this year...lol!
Well guess we are going to try n finish up shopping today...not much to do.
Just mainly stocking stuffer stuff for kids..little ones that is.
I don't do malls ladies....just local stores...that's enough for me!
Huggs to all!

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

We went to church this morning, and then on to the other church for dinner. It was good, and we enjoyed it. DH went to the third church when we got home, so I am sure he is churched out.

Weather is warm and moist, no rain now, but had some earlier. DS got the rest of the tobacco down, and guess that will will be finished tomorrow.

Marcy, if I had local stores that really had anything to buy, I would shop there too!

Waddy, KY

Not much happening here today. They moved some cows home from the other farm. I went to church and put some clothes away. There always seems to be baskets to wash and baskets to put away. Unending hateful job. I did get my car vaccumed out. It surely needed it. Warm enough here to do it with just a sweatshirt on. Never got any cookies made. Maybe on Tuesday.

We're going tomorrow to Elizabethtown for a seminar on how to write grants. If we're going to fix up this building we'd better learn how to get some of that grant money that's floating around out there. That's about the only way I know to make the thing fly.

Bonnie, good to hear the tobacco came in case. I wish the BIL here would get his out of the barns so we can have them open for fresh cows in Feb. There's been a blow up here over the last year and I'm afraid that if the tobacco isn't out of the barns when the cows start freshening that they're going in the barns this year whether the tobacco is out or not and I know that'll raise a monumental stink....

Need to get my cards addressed and mailed. Just sit down and do it I guess....

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Janet, what building project are you working on? I would love to know how to write grants, for what I don't know. You remember the job descriptions that we used to have to write at work? My boss always gave them to me to write and called me a fiction writer! I could make a silk purse out of a very few well placed words on that paper! Grant writing sounds much like that.

I am hoping that the tobacco is out of the barns there before February, or it may not get sold this year. Surely he will get it done.

Tomorrow, I am driving to Owenton, there is an Amish store that opened there, and I want to get some authentic food items to give as gifts. We stopped there about a month ago, and only had a short period of time to look, but I want to go back and look and actually buy some butter and some home made bread and some other things. Then on Tuesday, need to get some gifts in the mail, if they have any hope of getting to the recipents on time. Also have an invitation to brunch at a neighbor's house, which means that I need to make peanut brittle sometime on Monday, as I give that as a gift to that particular neighbor and another close neighbor.

All this week there is something penciled in on my calendar, so looks tobe a very busy week.

DH has a Dr appointment on Thursday about his shoulder. The Dr has asked him if he has considered shoulder replacement, so guess we will see where that is going.

Kimberly how are you feeling?

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

I haven't felt like being online very much. Can't concentrate and I'm restless. I'm doing okay, though. My staples come out tomorrow so I hope to feel better after that.

Waddy, KY

Internet at the farm has been out since last Thursday. So's the phone. The powers that are supposed to fix this sort of stuff came out on Thursday and declared it fixed. And it was for a short time and then went back to being broke. Good thing the cable isn't out because they'd have a little pint sized 91 years old lady on their case and she can'be formidable when she wants to be.

I've almost got the Christmas cards done. Good thing most of them are mailed locally. Seems like I am willing to do anything but that. Part of the problem is this carpal tunnel makes writing a real pain. Literally. Typing doesn't seem to significantly bother the ole hand but writing is another story.

Made some four pepper apple jam the other day. The stuff's pretty good. Hot but not too bad. DSIL took some and glazed pork chops and said it was good that way.

Kim, I think being cooped up and feeling restless probably means that you're getting better. And I'm sure when the staples come out it's bound to feel better. DH's surgeon laughed when we told him that the staples looked just like hog rings. Same type of applicator I bet.

Bonnie, the building that we're planning on renovating is at the intersection of US 60 and Hwy 151 on the Franklin/Shelby line. It's the old 2 story that used to be stucco and they put siding over it. It's a total mess inside and probably the only thing worth trying to save in the place is the wood floors in the living space upstairs. Otherwise it needs to be totally gutted. I'm not in the mood to get a huge loan for all the business plans and feasibility studies on making this thing a commercial kitchen and roadside market so I'm thinking DH had better be getting some grants for this stuff. About the only thing I learned from that grant writing session was that there's a better chance of getting a grant if a grant writer writes it and all DH learned is that "We" can write it. Most of the time I just flat out don't understand this man. They said it will usually take a grant writer 60-80 hours to write a grant and that people who are inexperienced will need double that amount of time. Now we never have any spare time anyway, or at least I don't and I'm not intending to write the darned thing. I don't know who he thinks he's going to con into writing the stupid things because I don't anticipate him doing it either. Oh well, I'm not making this my problem.

We did get the electrical inspector up to the house for a final inspection. That means that the electric is officially done and the temp pole can be taken down. That just took 12 years. DH told me I could move in tomorrow if I wanted to. Now the septic pit still isn't done and the wood furnace not hooked up but he said the gas heaters would keep it as warm as I wanted and we'd just pump the septic. I've got news for him. I'll hold off on this until the boy that's coming to jack up the house gets done, then I'm having him put a new roof on the house and if the back porch isn't on the house by then I'm going to have him build a wooden porch for that too. Then if he doesn't make movement towards a septic system by next summer I'm calling our friend that would have helped him anyway and telling him that the bulldozer is out behind the barn and he can pick up the backhoe on his way up there and come put the thing in.

Better get moving. I've got lunch in Shelbyville with some school friends and I need to get to the garden to pick veggies if it dries out. I'm hoping to not have to pick tomorrow in 30 degree weather. Of course the wind chill this afternoon will probably be just as bad.....

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Well, it is a soggy mess here today. Wind is whipping and blowing the rain sideways. Not a fit day for man or beast outside. Guess that is why I have 2 otherwise outside dogs still clinging to their rugs in the laundry room! Don't blame them.

Not sure what my day holds, maybe some cooking, finish bagging gifts, then ???

Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

Just stopped by to wish everyone MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

(Zone 5b)

Um, Sue, just forget it LOL, Lucy so pretty and looks like she would keep you warm!

I'm not ready for Christmas but if all goes well tomorrow I will be. Think the mall will be crowded?? The snow is beautiful, the wind not so much, but will take it! A very long year and much to be thankful for!

Merry Christmas to you all and a wonderful New Year!!!!!!!!

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good evening. We went to DH's DS's house tonight for his family Christmas gathering. Instead of the traditional ham or turkey, she did beef vegetable soup, chili, pimento cheese, and chicken salad sandwiches, and 2 kinds of pie and a jam cake. it was good, and different. Getting tired of the turkey dinners.

We have nothing planned for Monday, but will go to DH's cousin's house on Tuesday Christmas Day. We had my immediate family Christmas last night. After saying we were not exchanging gifts, DH bought me a blouse, a linen/silk pair of pants, a pair of jeans, and a beautiful sweater, plus pink ice diamond earrings. I had gotten him some nice socks and several CD's of a singer that he enjoys. I told him I would never believe a word he said in the future, as the no gifts was his idea. DGD bought me a Kindle. I was surprised, and told her she shouldn't have spent her money on me like that. But she told me that it was something that she wanted to do for me.

DGD's gift from us was our old car (2005) with new tires, completely serviced, a full tank of gas and my TomTom GPS. She wanted a new car, but we finally bargained her down to this until she graduates.

If I don't get back here, wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Columbus, OH

Freshly made caramel corn. Breakfast of champions. I've been scarce, working and baking.

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Hey everyone...hiiiiii!!!! and Hugssss!
I guess I am as ready as I'll ever be for Christmas...maybe just a little baking left to do...and wrapping too.
I can hardly wait to see grandkid's eyes when they see that basketball goal thingy!! Dawson told me yesterday at the game that was THE main thing he wanted for Christmas. Well...sorry but he is going to have to share it with his sissy too!! He doesn't even play basketball yet...and she does. But I'm sure he will too, in a couple of years.
I just hope it's warm enough for their dad n grampa to go outside and set it up for them...mmmm...maybe I better get Dave to move a few things first...lol!
Ok...got to get moving here...he wants to go to the hardware store today for something...and I have baking to do!
Merry Christmas to ALL..in case I dont happen to get back before!!!!

Seymour, IN(Zone 5b)


I wish everyone a loving and peaceful Christmas week.

We got our new grandson on th 19th. 5 lbs 8oz and 20 inches long. He's named Zeke Elmore Konvicka and is healthy. That's our great Christmas present. We are heading to Texas on the 27th. I can't wait to see him and waller him. I'm anxious to see them all. Thinking of all my DG friends and sincerely hope for all of us that 2013 is a much better year. Lou

Seymour, IN(Zone 5b)

I know some of you read a lot of forums , but I don't . Heres a post from Kathy you all may have missed.


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Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Thanks Lou for sharing that link. I didn't have any idea that Cathy was going through so much.

Barberton, OH

Good evening everyone. I have been lurking on the forum, but everything has been going smoothly and there isn't much to report. The garden has been put to bed. I picked the last chard and turnips last week and Thur we had about 3 inches of snow. Fri and Sat were fully cloudy, but this morning the sun shone brightly and I was able to get the car ready for the trip to #3DD and family tomorrow. I will be spending Christmas with them and returning on Thur. Most of the trip is on I-80, but the last few miles are up and down a steep mountain. I'm not sure what the weather will be there, but I've done it the past 2 years and I have new tires. At least the construction will be shut down in the interstates,


Columbus, OH

Happiest of holidays to everyone. I have one more batch of rugelach to turn out, and I am DONE baking. Finit. Even if someone decides at the last minute they simply MUST have another cookie or candy. Here's our Happy Christmas cookie menu: Macaroons, orange cardamom shortbreads, triple ginger cookies, spritz, banana pecan biscotti, anise almond biscotti, chocolate hazelnut biscotti, pumpkin biscotti, sugar cookies, berry shortbread dreams, almond burfi, dark chocolate brownies, cashew brittle, pistachio brittle, sea salt caramels, cappuccino crisps and rugelach with apricot, chocolate, or cinnamon sugar filling.

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

I just gained 5 pounds, Celene. Thanks a lot! LOL

I'm not as ambitious as you are. I've made spritz, benne wafers, Lemon cool whip cookies, p-nut butter/reece cups, cashew brittle, peanut brittle, toffee w/dark choc., toffee w/light choc. and caramels. Still have the no-bakes to do, and then I'm calling it quits, too. The brisket is in the oven and won't come out till 7:00 so no more baking for me!!!

If I don't make it on tomorrow, I wish you all joy and peace for Christmas and all through 2013!

Love you!!!

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Sounds like between the three of us we have about bought up all the flour in Ohio! LOL!

Joyce we went by your place 4 times but were under the gun and couldn't stop..
Dru did bark out a greeting to Cayenne though!

I did AnnaZ's Knot Rolls....triple recipe so 9 dozen.
Robyn did 3 types of Sugar Cookies, 3 types of Cupcakes, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Oatmeal Raspberry Jam Cookies, Snicker Doodles, 2 types of Brownies, Cheese Cake Cake, Chocolate Chocolate Cookies, 6 Pumpkin Rolls and 6 Pumpkin Breads.....


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Oh, my goodness. I know that there are going to be many pleased people to have those goodies offered to them.

Since I had my Christmas last Friday night, all of my goodies are just about gone. DH is still working on some chocolate/peanut clusters and some peanut brittle. We have a dinner to attend tomorrow, and then it is back to normal every day living, and for sure a good strict DIET!

Merry Christmas, and a Happy Holiday season to all my DG friends.

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

Merry Christmas to all my Ohio area friends.

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

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