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ORVG #196 Getting ready for winter

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

not much to report here.
still cold brrrr. 19 this morning.
need to go to TSC so im off and walking slow LOL

Waddy, KY

Did market today. It was kind of strange. The gun and knife show was in Rupp Arena and there was a memorial service for the New Haven children outside in front of the building at 12:30. Got home and haven't done much since. Guess we'll spend the night at my MIL's house with her as Miranda has gone to Bowling Green to meet friends. It's the first time she's gotten away in probably 2 years so she was well overdue.

Kate put up new fence for the sheep today. I've determined that sheep don't like tall grass, they like it short and tender so they aren't real happy about getting some clean up duty out around the barns. I guess they'll just have to deal.

Got some apples that I need to do something with this coming week. I'm running out of jelly jars rather quickly. I may end up freezing the apples for apple butter until the stores get in more jars.

A blackberry pie. Haven't made one in a while. Last year the blackberries were pitiful. I hadn't fertilized them for the past two years and it really told. There weren't as many canes and then with that frost last spring, the berries were almost nil. I imagine we'll have a short season again this year but I plan to get the fertilizer going so we can get back on track.

I think I'm going in and spending the rest of the evening on the couch watching mindless TV....

Not much else happening here.

Barberton, OH

Janet, I put kraut in pint jars some years ago and it turned out fine. This year I pickled sugarsnaps in pints, too . Stored in fridge and they were good, too

Not much happening around here. I try to keep busy, did get to the gym twice last week and worked in the back yard one day. My sinuses were feeling stuffy one morning until I stuck my nose in a jar of horseradish and cleared that up. Hope Bonnie and others get rid of all the bad germs.

Waddy, KY

Herman, did you hot water bath it when it was done fermenting? I made kraut last year in the crock and then put it in jars but this is the first time for straight jars. I've only got 11 pints. Exactly what did you do?

Got two bushel of turnips I want to get peeled and shredded to try my hand at fermenting them. A few people have been asking for that kind of stuff at the market. I have no idea how many it takes to fill a 10 gallon crock. A lot of cabbage, that much I do know.

Got to make a run into Frankfort this morning to deliver some meat and produce. I wish I had a run like this to make every week and maybe someday it will.

Sue, what'd ya get at TSC? The Rural King that opened up here is slowly killing TSC down here. Had to laugh, a few weeks ago I decided I was buying a pressure washer and went to Rural King, Lowes and TSC. Long story short I went with TSC because the engine on the thing was a Briggs/Stratton and it didn't say "Made in China" on the outside of the box. Asked them if they'd take less on the thing and they knocked off $20. We've gotten to the point that whenever we buy something big there or buy a lot of something we just flat out ask for a discount and so far each time they've given us one. Never hurts to ask. $20 here and $20 there will eventually add up.

Better get moving.

Barberton, OH

Janet, "In 4 or 5 days when no more liquid is running out and bubbling has subsided, fermentation will have ceased. Wash the outside of the jars and tighten the bands. It may happen that the lids will have become misshapen. If so, replace with new lids.

Process in jars in a steam or water-bath canner for 15 minutes"

From The Country Gourmet Cookbook--S & G Roth.

Hope that helps. Herman

Columbus, OH

I need to get over my fear of fermenting food.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

I have heard of the kraut fermenting method in the jars, but have never tried it. I wondered if you added any salt, or just leave that till the time you open and cook it?

Janet, didn't realize that I needed to run to Frankfort today, we should have met for lunch! I had some church errands to run and took DS to pick up some meds and to visit with a former neighbor. Got my stuff done and ready to head home at about 2:00

Had enough left overs that I didn't have to do much for supper. Baked some sweet potatoes and cooked some corn, with a left over chicken/dressing casserole.

Herman, I am over the the crud, just have a cough left over. Seems it only bothers me at night. Not contagious, but must sound horrible.

Celene, do you eat kraut? There is some cheese that is fermented to, pickles. Just don't think about it!

Everybody else doing okay? I am getting several seed catalogs. Haven't ordered anything yet, but it will soon be time to get the tomatoes and peppers etc started.

Columbus, OH

I know kraut is fermented and I like it, I like sourdough and make it myself, but homemade pickles and kraut, I just need to get past the squick factor.

Barberton, OH

Bonnie, the salt is mixed with the cabbage before putting it in the jars and it is packed tightly, and sealed. As it ferments, it oozes and needs to have a plate under the jars. I was at the Ashery today and saw what you need, Horehound drops. I didn't buy any because I really don't like the taste and would only eat them if I needed. I went there to get molasses. I got qt for less than 12 oz in the supermarket.

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

when i do kraut i use a food safe bucket, layer cabbage and salt. squish it down .cover with a plate and brick wrapped in foil. to keep it pressing.
4-6 wks its good. nibble on it through out the season. have not done it in a few years but it has worked out pretty good. But i don't sell it as the state won't allow it. But i have wanted to try jar method .
heading off to visit cookie today.

Waddy, KY

OK this is the third time I've started a post. I get almost finished and it disappears. I don't know if I'm hitting something on this laptop or it's just doing whatever it wants to.

So far I don't know if I'm impressed with this jar kraut. My instructions said after the 5th day to put more brine in the jars. When I did this last night most of the jars were a little brown on top and soft. I'm hoping that it's crunchy a little further down in the jar. I guess I'll probably take the soft stuff off the top and repack the jars with only the good stuff when I HWB. I know I packed the jars tightly when I was putting it in. Not sure what's not right.

Bonnie, I was leaving town just about the same time you were. I had 6 stops to make and spent 4 hours. I hate going to town like that because it seems to ruin the rest of the day.

Guess I'm going to be spending the next couple of nights at my parents house. DB called me Sunday night and asked if I would stay with them because he was going out of town. Couldn't say no as he's there all the time but it's funny that there's two other children that live on the farm that could stay just as easily as me who lives 22 miles away but I might as well not go there. I'm usually the one that spends the night at the hospital when they're in there and apparently when DB goes out of town. I just hope he's not going to pick up some internet floozey to bring home like he did one other time. I suspect if he did my parents would blow a gasket this time. If they wouldn't, I would.

Sue, I have a big crock that if I have enough cabbage, I use. When I made pickles I went out and bought some new plastic buckets and they worked wonderfully. I guess it really doesn't matter just as long as it has a clean place to ferment.

Better get going before this post disappears too.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

I ferment kraut, and lots of other veggies from asparagus to cauliflower, carrots and beets (but never green beans) in quart and half-gallon mason jars. I have 2 large fermenting crocks but they make too much for just one person (except garlicky dill pickles aka half-sours).

The advantage of fermenting is the added nutrition from the enzymatic actions of fermenting. However, if you then heat (as in canning) the ferments, you destroy all the goodness you have added in the process of fermenting.

Once the fermentation is complete (just a few days), I tighten the lids, wash the jars, and store them in my root cellar (a cool basement would work too). They keep all winter, and I just take out a small amount for a meal at a time. I try to consume them all before late spring temps make the root cellar too warm, but will resort to using my spare refrigerator generally used as a cheese cave if necessary.

If your kraut got brown and mushy on top, it probably wasn't fully submerged under the brine. I use some kind of weight to fully submerge the contents.

Sandor Katz has the best book on fermenting I've ever read. His new book is on my Wish List.
Wild Fermentation
The Art of Fermentation

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Hi everyone!
I've made kraut both crock. Much prefer the crock method as soft n brown on top in jars. I took that off and the rest was ok. Yes, Darius, and btw...good to see you!!!...I do think it was because it wasn't submerged completely. let us know about the turnips! Sounds good to me!
Not much going on here...just trying to keep warm and sane through the
It's been ball games..ball games...ball games...which I love going to! Ash's team has won all but one game...and are now 9-1! And that one game was only lost by 1 point! I probably already told you that, but was too lazy to go back and!
She has an away game tonight, that I am going to have to miss...boohoo! It's at 5 pm...and by the time I would be coming home it would be dark. Dave can't go because he works till 5. I don't really know the area well..and I don't like driving after dark in a strange area..sooooooo...I will miss it. First one I've missed.
Well..have to get lunch for my "ole man" He has to go to work at noon.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Marcy, congrat Ashley for me. That is a phenomenal record. I know she doesn't do it all by herself, but it does say much for their teamwork.

I do not drive after dark anywhere. Just can't see that well. I am filling out some church forms on line today, and having lots of vision problems today. Just as soon as I finish this report, you can bet, I will be resting my eyes (another name for a nap) and not doing any more paper work.

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

way to go Ashley on the win's. Hi Marcy !
got some girl time in with Cookie today. I returned a necklace Tim got me for christmas... yea i know poor me. I m picky and he gives it a good go at it.
Got lunch at PF Chang's it was very good. I did find it a bit much for me in the sodium dept. but well worth it !
we had great converstation too.
Hi Bonnie. i hope your feeling better and are on the mends.
Herman how is the gym going ? i have yet to make it this year yet LOL but there is a yoga class and a zumba class i want to take .
Janet yep that is family for you..... we can pick our nose, but we can't pick our family LOL . :)

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Thanks Sue, I think I am just about over whatever. I am feeling pretty good, except for a coughing fit every now and then.

I have been working on year end church reports today, and their website where I am supposed to enter figures is so contrary. It freezes up, I have to sign off, then sign back on, enter a few numbers, and then it is the same thing all over again. I didn't finish them but I will make another attempt at it again tomorrow.

Talked to DGD tonight, and she is driving here on Friday afternoon after she gets in from school. I told her to call me before she leaves home, so I can sit and worry til she gets here! This will be the first time that she has driven here, and I will be on pins and needles. I am sure that she will expect me to put gas in her tank before she starts back home on Sunday afternoon. Probably one of the main reasons that she is coming!

Barberton, OH

Sue, I had been going to the gym twice a week, but the last 2 weeks of the year I didn't and gained almost 10 pounds. Yoga stretch class started back last Wed and Fri, so that gives me an incentive to go. I try to do a few minutes on the treadmill before class and try to wear out the resistance machines after, but it works the other way, I get worn out first. You can keep the Zumba, that is for young folks, not arthritic old men like me.

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

good morning
raining here today.
Herman this would be my first attempt at zumba. LOL don't know if i will enjoy it but , we shall see.
driving kids to school today. The loggers semi's are blocking our driveway and its to wet and mushy out to attempt driving the truck in the feild to get stuck.
BOnnie that is frusterating with the computer acting up .
so not much going on;
kroger had a buy one get one free meat so i got plenty of meat to cook today. may do jerky too.

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Hi all. Well Ashley's team won that away game an overtime no less! Jeannine said it was a great game...darn...sorry I missed it! Actually...the 8th grade girls have won every game have the high school girls...and also the high school boys at Tri Village!!! Isn't that phenomenal????? I think it says a lot about our coaches!!
LOVED the warm weather we had today...and hopefully tomorrow...even though it rained. The sun did come out later.
Bonnie ...glad to hear you are feeling better too.
LOL Herman..about the Zumba...I hear that too! I'm sure I couldnt do it!!
Had a bad sleepless night last night....a pinched nerve in my back or shoulder..and sent intermittent pains down into my foot! I could not get comfortable laying. First the bed...then the couch...then the recliner. And of course the cat had to have her say! She absolutely can't stand for something to change in her house...geez....what a pain in the butt she was! was better hope i sleep tonight!!

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Marcy, when I have one of those nights, it is miserable for me and Mr. B too, because wherever I go he goes too. One night, I think I actually heard him hurumpp. It was a sneeze but happened at just the right time. I told him I voted that way too!

Gosh that is phenomonal all the teams winning. Hope that they got to divisionals, or sections, or whatever it is called in your state. Here it is district and regional, then state. Anyway that would be great if Ashley got to do that. Talk about having a fan for life, bet she wouldn't give it up for anything.

Sue, I tried zumba, and it is NOT for folks older than 35-40. It moves too fast for me. I got my membership card for SilverSneakers today, which means my health insurance pays my health club membership. I can go an unlimited number of times each week. They have organized exercise classes, and pool aerobics, and you can go use any of the gym equipment, or walk or whatever you feel like doing. I am phyched, and plan to go check it out and will probably make myself go and exercise.

Janet it is the FAC in Shelbyville, or Curves that honor the membership. Are you eligible for the silversneakers program age wise? Probably not. Darn, I was hoping I could convince you to meet me there, and we could exercise the rest of the winter. When gardening starts, I am sure both of us will get more exercise than what we need.

Herman, DO NOT TRY ZUMBA! I bought a video and tried it at home where nobody would watch, and it is good exercise, but moves so fast that I couldn't keep up. I ended up just standing in the floor giggling at myself. Sue, let us know how you do. I know a lady who enrolled in a class and stuck with it a full year, and dropped 100 plus pounds. She looks great!

Tomorrow have a bereavement luncheon at the church. Our oldest church member passed away and the church put together volunteers who will bring food, some will stay and serve and clean up. We went to visitation tonight, or late afternoon, and ate out at Cracker Barrel. Their cod fish dinner was really really good.

Barberton, OH

Marcy, I have had a pinched nerve for 25 years. Mostly there is no problem, but when my back acts up, I get the pain in the back of my knee. I usually use an ice pack while in the lounger. If you sleep on your side, try placing a pillow between your knees.

The snow is almost all gone. We had rain in the AM Thu and today, then it cleared off. Temp was 50 last night at 10. If the winter doesn't get any worse for the next two months, I'll make it through the Winter. I wonder why the gym is so crowded in Jan. By the end of Feb it will be back to just the regulars for the most part.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Herman, New Year's resolutions!

Columbus, OH

If Zumba is too hard for you, Nia won't be. It's designed to be doable by people of varying fitness levels. There are 70 year old women in my class, but the instructor teaches it so it can challenge me, too. It's not going to pound your joints, either.

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

well this class is a senior class . its in the morning hrs so only the silver sneaker folks go to it or people who are overweight already. I do agree it can be fast paced as i did watch a class one time at the YMCA and i thought ... uhg no way for me .
but i do like the group of people
there is a yoga class at 9 am and then the zumba. if i don't like it i may do the cycleing class on the other days
they canceled the aerobic class that i used to do which was a great class ! The other aerobic class is a high power class and i ain't going there ! LOL
so i m limited . no pool at our gym :(
emotional eating got me into this mess :( so i have to get myself out . pants dont fit anymore .

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Back from the bereavement dinner at church. We served 54, and most everything was eaten, only a few bites of this and that left, so workers didn't get anything. I did have a piece of cake which was delicious.

Tired and I think I am going to rest now.

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Leslie Sansone's "Walk Away the Pounds" walk-in-place workouts are a good way to get started. They progress from 1-mile to 5-mile workouts. I put together a playlist on YouTube so I wouldn't lose track of them.

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

The pinched nerve eased up..thank goodness. Problem is.....I always sleep on my left side, as i can't lay on my right side because of a pinched nerve in my neck there. Can;t lay on my back very long as my stomach starts to complain about that! And now...had THIS on my left side! I can lay on my stomach with a pillow under me..but again..not too long. I'm a mess!!!!~!!! LOL!
Anyway..I slept good the next night...and since!
Hate to see the cold weather come back again...geez...those warm temps were sooo sooo nice!
Bonnie, explain to me about the Silver Sneakers thing..will you???? I'm sure if you have to be old...I qualify..!! But I haven't heard of it?????

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Marcy, I have a supplement insurance furnished free to me by my retirement system. It is always a "bid" thing, and never the same insurance company gets the contract every year. However this year the supplement is managed by Humana, and this is a perk from them. It is called SilverSneakers, and gives you a free gym membership to use. I am sure that research has found that people who exercise are way healthier than those who don't. My main insurance is Medicare, and the supplement helps with prescriptions, and then this year this gym membership. I can use the Curves center in the town close to me, or the Family Activity Center, which is a multipurpose activity center. They have weights, all kinds of machines, a walking track, an indoor pool, classes in aerobics, etc. I have an appointment to go Wednesday to look at what is offered under this program, so am hoping that I can get signed up and use the facility a couple of times a week.

Have been working on end of year church reports so have been busy with that. I got a call tonight, to fill in for a pastor this coming Sunday. Sure am glad that I have a sermon all ready, and all I have to do it to look it over and and to go over it to see if the entire thing makes sense. Also preaching at another church on February 3, so gonna get my sermons polished up next week too.

Waddy, KY

They had a Zumba class that met at lunch where I worked but getting sweaty and then going back to work didn't appeal to me. Shoot, anything that resembles exercise doesn't appeal to me! Guess that's why I'm in the shape I'm in. Best thing I could do for myself right now is put my mud boots on and walk up and down these hills. I helped get some cows in the lot a few weeks ago and by the time I'd hoofed it to the bottom and top of a couple of hills I felt like a horse that had just run the Derby. Definately out of shape. Funny how fast that can happen.

No Silversneakers here. The problem with gym memberships around here is $3.25-$4.00 a gallon gas. That makes a trip to town and around cost about $5 a trip. Doesn't take long for that to add up big time.

Tomorrow is carpal tunnel surgery day. I'll get the right one done and an injection in the left. Hopefully that will take care of the numbness and pain at night and the numbness during the day. Right now my middle fingertip is somewhat numb just typing.

I got some turnips in a couple crocks Sunday. They're doing something down there. Exactly what I'm not sure. I guess if it doesn't turn out all I've done is waste a couple bushels of turnips. I did see a recipe for pickled turnips the other day and it actually looked good. A young turnip is pretty crunchy and if it held on to that crunchiness it could beat out a cucumber. I'll probably try that one next fall. I think I'm done peeling turnips for this season.

Beddy bye for me...Later y'all

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Janet, sure do hope that your surgery goes well. Anybody going with you for it? Hope that you have a DH who will drive you and bring you home. Sounds like maybe people in your house better be self sufficient in getting their own meals, until the surgery sites heal.

You know if you need anything, just call, or have one of the girls call me, and I can be there in a jiffy.

Barberton, OH

I have had Silver Sneakers through United Healthcare medicare complete for about 5 years now. My AARP plan cost $0, but has some big co-pays. It is offered in selected counties in OH. Check your Medicare booklet. My Y has Yoga stretch and MSRom classes conducted under Silver Sneakers, plus all the other amenities in the Y are available. Their goal is to keep us oldsters healthy and out of the hospital. It works for this old f__t.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

Celene, what is Nia?

Columbus, OH

Waddy, KY

We got back yesterday afternoon and pretty much laid around for the rest of the day. The anesthesia always makes me a little sick to the stomach so Laying low seemed to be the right thing to do. No pain last night and none to speak of today. I'm not turning cartwheels with the hand but can at least type. I'm starting to get some stuff together for income taxes. At least it's something I can do with a minimum of effort. Otherwise it's rather boring around here.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

Thanks, Celene!

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Janet, glad that your surgery went well, and I hope that the relief from the pain is immediate. You need a mini vacation anyway, so use this as a good excuse.

I just about lost it today/tonight with a blasted church report that I had to do online. Well, that normally wouldn't be a problem, but the web site was screwey and in frustration sent an email to the person who is designated as troubleshooter. Well, turns out he is a "high ranking" official in the Kentucky conference, and he called me to see if he could help me over the phone. I am so embarrased that I spouted off, instead of taking a long break and coming back to it later. But I felt I was under pressure to get it in under the deadline, and I was running short of time. He was so nice, so now am going to compose and send a nice thank you letter to him, and an apology. My red face is not becoming to me at all.

Instead of going out today to get groceries and to visit the Family Activity Center, due to the weather, I elected to stay off our slippery roads, and will go to the grocery tomorrow.

Waddy, KY

Yeah, I bet you did feel a little small after he called! LOL! I would have!

Not much going on here. Market was so so yesterday. People talk eating local but the only time they want to is in the summer when the tomatoes, corn and green beans are around. The true local eaters are the one's that are showing up now. We pulled a good one yesterday. While DH was running a man's debit card through the reader he forgot to give it back to him and we didn't find it laying there until the end of market. We ended up having to come home and do detective work trying to find this fellow. Luckily we did and got it back to him last night. When we called him he didn't even know that he didn't have it. I guess if I had to leave a credit or debit card somewhere a farmer's market would be my first choice. I can't think of a vendor that I know that wouldn't try his/her best to notify the person and return it.

Been going through some apples that I still have and picking out the ones that are starting to wrinkle or get spots. Since I'm not up to peeling a bunch of apples, I'm just quartering them and freezing them to make apple butter later.

The dogs rolled in skunk spray this morning. That meant everyone was getting major baths before 8 o'clock this morning. I guess I'll be stocking up on peroxide, vinegar and soda plus that deodorizing shampoo. Apparently skunk season is already here.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Janet, on Thursday I had just come out of Walmart when my phone rang. I answered it and it was the Fraud division of First Bank asking about 2 online purchases made that morning. We I didn't make any online purchases, so they cancelled my card, said they would be sending me forms to fill out, and would reissue me another card with a whole different number. Guess times are hard, and the thieves will try anything to get money or a credit card. It usually happens this time of year.

Our county market shuts down in the winter, actually at the end of October, and doesn't open again till the last of April. So I guess they know that there are very few who eat locally all year long.

What is the estimated time of your recouperation? Hope that you don't get to feeling really good and decide that there are things that just have to be done. Remember, if you damage it, it will only just have to be redone, and probably a longer healing time.

Columbus, OH

Skunk-Off is my favorite deskunking product. I can't believe it's a preference that I have, but I do.

I am looking at making some bamboo trellises. Should I do anything other than polyurethane on the parts that stick into the ground?

Waddy, KY

My SIL was looking at her bank statement last week and noticed a $200 plus withdrawal from her account from Dell Financial. It listed a check number that was in a series that she used over 7 years ago,. Unfortunately she purged those checked about 6 months ago but she knew she it couldn't be right because she's never bought ANYTHING from Dell. She's spent probably 20 hours on the phone this past week trying to get her money back and has talked to every Indian customer rep that Dell employs. She was a little hot under the collar that the credit union was doing so little to try to get it straightened out. She's had to do all the leg work before the credit union would do anything to try to help her.

Bons, they told me not to lift over 8 pounds and I think I've probably held to that. If it starts stinging I give it a rest. And it's doing less of that each day.

Better get some supper on.

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