Rosettes on Cardinal Flower

Lady's Island, SC(Zone 8b)

Ok this was the first year I grew Cardinal Flowers and I know I must protect the rosettes from the leaves by not allowing them to cover them up over winter. (*Note to self* Don't plant Cardinal Flowers near Oak Trees again!) Anyway, a month ago, my rosettes were full and lush. Since the lower temperature have arrived at night, the rosettes are now somewhat flat. (See Pic) Are they supposed to become flat and perk back up in spring? Or is something wrong with them that is causing them to flatten?

Do I continue to water them until frost or what?


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central, NJ(Zone 6b)

Nothing wrong with them they'll be fine. Only water if not getting any naturally

Homeworth, OH(Zone 5b)

They look really good to me, they are a tough plant so i wouldn't spend a lot of time worrying about them.

Rock Hill, SC(Zone 8a)

Look very pretty to me. I think you're doing a good job.

Lady's Island, SC(Zone 8b)

Thanks to all 3 of you. Now I feel better

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

I also grew the cardinal Flower for the first time this summer.
I have more in pots, and they all have these rosettes of leaves around the bottom.

I thought I needed to protect them from the cold--and so covered all the pots up with a pile of leaves.
OOOPS!!!! What is the reason one cannot cover them up???? Please explain.

If it is valid--i will remove the leaves. I just thought since the pots were above ground that i should
"insulate" them in some way--hence the leaves....As it is--they are smack against a wood fence--
so protected from all the harsh winter winds.

Looking forward to some input here.
I am in Maryland--zone7a.


Lady's Island, SC(Zone 8b)

Gita, from what I have read, the basal leaves need sunlight in winter and leaves covering it can cause it to rot. I've also read that it is ok to tuck mulch or leaves underneath the basal leaves to protect their shallow roots in winter, but not to cover them.

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

Or just mound the leaves around the outside of the pot to insulate it

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

Thanks--This is a live and learn for me---as a first timer with the cardinal flower. Gita

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