SOLVED: Unknown Cacti type

Hinesburg, VT(Zone 5a)

A customer sent this to me, with not much information and not the greatest picture. ;(
"In northern Arizona (Holbrook). Hoping to use it in a cemetary restoration project as low water and low maintenance plant."
Any help would be appreciated!

Thumbnail by shivapastures
Hinesburg, VT(Zone 5a)

Let's try this picture instead...

Thumbnail by shivapastures
Calgary, AB(Zone 3b)

Is it really a cactus? It looks like it might be the stems and seedpods of something along the lines of bursage?, Artemisia?, some sort of chenopodium?

Hinesburg, VT(Zone 5a)

The customer says that it is some type of a cactus. I am not familiar with desert type plants, living in Vermont! And it's not any of the items you listed. If you look at the second picture, the "stems" do look tubular in shape, ruling out the other items.

Turin, Italy

I think that's Halogeton glomeratus

Hinesburg, VT(Zone 5a)

I think you are right sundewkook! Thanks so much for the help!

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Halogeton glomeratus is listed as a prohibited/restricted noxious weed in Arizona....if the friend is in Arizona, they may want to look for something else for their project.

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