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floating fruit

Decatur, GA

I made some pepper jelly yesterday and the little chunks of pepper all floated to the top of the jar. I know there must be a solution to keep the pieces suspended more evenly in the jelly. Can anyone help? I have lots more peppers and would like to try again.
Also I used a Paula Dean recipe that called for cider vinegar and not much pepper. (1cup chopped pepper to 6 c. sugar) It tastes more like vinegar than pepper although the jalapeņos give it a bit of a kick. Is that how it usually tastes or is there a more flavorful recipe out there that someone could help me with?
I am not a regular to this forum. Forgive me is these are already well hashed over topics.

Marciac, France(Zone 7a)

Hi! I can't help you on the recipe versions but the floating thing is easy to solve! Don't put the finished jelly straight into the jars, wait a while as the jelly will start to thicken and the peices will not be able to float through the thicker jelly. It is exactly the same as when making Strawberry jam or Marmalade. Both of those will suffer from the floating problem if put into the jars as soon as setting point is reached. How long you wait is a bit tricky - it really is down to trial and error. My first marmalade was like hacking through a straw bundle before getting to a rindless interior *grin* I hope that helps a bit.

Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

This is going back 35 years but I think my mother just turned the jars upside down when the fruit started to float. By the time it got back to the other end the jam had cooled enough to stop it from moving further. She also "canned" jelly by pouring molten wax on the top.

I know if we had a jar that didn't seal that was put in the frig and eaten.

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