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Deer ate my plumeria what???

Central Coast, CA(Zone 10a)

So, I have 3 plumeria cuttings that I bought at a fair in June. They were fully leaved and about to bloom. I was super excited to be able to grow these guys now that I moved to California.

Shortly after I brought them home and repotted them, deer came one night and decimated all of my plants. They pretty much ate everything they could get ahold of. I began to place netting on my plants at night and that seemed to work at preventing the deer from getting to them.

Everything came back, including the plumeria. They were growing new leaves and looked great. A few weeks ago, a coyote or two pulled the netting off of my plants and the deer came AGAIN and my plumeria were once again stripped of their leaves :-( I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a couple of coyote chasing something around my house but I didn't think they'd get into the netting. They did. Yuck.

I'm not really sure what to do with them now. I've left them in their pots and am holding off on watering. Is this the best thing to do? I'm not seeing as much new growth like I did the first time and I'm assuming that its because the weather is getting colder.

Should I just leave them alone and see what happens? I'm just not sure if I should continue watering and feeding them. I don't want to completely kill them, they were beautiful :-(


mid central, FL(Zone 9a)

i never water mine in winter. they go dormant and the leaves fall off, which is what they would do even if the weather stayed very warm.

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