Seed collection from Calamintha georgiana / Georgia Basil?

Macon, GA(Zone 8a)

Greetings all -

Does anyone have experience collecting / germinating seeds from the South East native Calamintha georgiana? I bought one at a native plant sale and would like to have a few more!


Magnolia, TX(Zone 9a)

I do not - tho I would expect it would do the job itself if surrounding conditions were met, ours tend to do the job best when they do it themselves. I wish you luck tho

Lucketts, VA(Zone 7a)

Calamintha, like most members of the mint family, is most easily propagated by rooting cuttings.

Lizella, GA(Zone 8a)

Hi, root endings from plant spreading is a good way to start more.
If you are interested in joining a garden club, Northwoods is a very good one. Also, I am chair for the butterfly habitat at Lake Tobosofkee... d-mail me if you are interested.
Elaine :)

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