SOLVED: Very tall yellow flower

Brynderwyn, New Zealand

This flower arrived in my garden last year and I have not yet been able to identify it. Anyone know what it is? It is about 2 metres tall. The leaves have distinctive concertina folding and there are large leafy bracts up the flower stalk. The flower is about 2 cm across.

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San Francisco, CA

I believe you have one of my favorite plant name subjects: Wachendorfia, probably the sp. Wachendorfia thyrsiflora - it is a moisture-lover, and the roots are a dye source.

Brynderwyn, New Zealand

Wow - thank-you so much I have been searching for the name of this flower for a whole year. It is not growing in a very moist place in our garden but we do have a lot of rain and a warm humid climate. The only other place I have seen it was at the side of a ditch though - I think it must have arrived at our place on a digger blade. I divided some bits off and they are doing well - also not in a particularly moist place. We do have a bit of a wet area so I'll split some more off and try some down there.

I'm so excited about the red dye. Do you know whether it is "edible" - that is not poisonous - I was looking for something to colour egg-shells.

San Francisco, CA

I don't know, I'm sorry.

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