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SOLVED: Need help identifying this house plant please!

Wetumpka, AL(Zone 8a)

I just bought it at Lowe's yesterday, it was on clearance and I sure like it.
It didn't have a tag and it was the only one left. I would really love to know the name of it so I can look up its care requirements. Thanks so much!

Thumbnail by Whataday Thumbnail by Whataday Thumbnail by Whataday
Long Beach, CA(Zone 10a)

Ceropegia woodii "Rosary Vine" or "String of Hearts" (I think.)

Wetumpka, AL(Zone 8a)

Thank you JasperDale,
I do agree that the Ceropegia woodii looks very similar to my new plant. There is a little difference in the leaf shape and color of mine and all the pictures I looked at of the Ceropegia though. It might be because my plant is still on the small size, or just a different variation.
Im thinking that your right about it though...

San Francisco, CA

You have Hoya curtsii; an excellent example of it too. It's a distant relative of Ceropegia.

Don't over-water your new plant....

Wetumpka, AL(Zone 8a)

Thank you so much Vestia!
That is definitely it, a Hoya Curtsii. I been trying to look up care info on it, but i'm not finding a whole lot. Thanks for the tip on not over watering, I did read it likes to dry out between watering.
Thanks again!!

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