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Goat Manure

Dayton, WA

I was given some goat manure mixed with a little straw last Summer. I made compost using the manure and shredded leaves. The end result was beauftful looking compost. My question is, what is the best manure to use in composting? I've been told that Sheep manure is tops. Anybody??

La Grange, GA

curious myself as i have found a local source for rabbit manure. anyone?

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Manures vary in nitrogen content. You can probably find a table comparing them. For me, best = cheapest.

Spokane, WA(Zone 5a)

Yes, all manures have different N, nitrogen, levels. Compost whatever you can get from non-meat eaters and you will have gold. Poultry produce hot, high Nitrogen, manure so it should be composted quite well. Everything else, goat, cattle, sheep, lama, alpaca, it is all good. I have raised a lot of animals, composted all of them and they all do well. Some, however, carry more seeds and need to be hot composted to kill those oats, wheat, weed seeds, etc. I like to stick with the ruminant animals, having a stomach divided into four compartments and chewing and regurgitating partially digested food. Why? Well because ruminants chew regurgitate and chew again, processing their food multiple times. Thus, less weed seeds because they are mostly crushed and grinded multiple times, pre-composed if you will. However, I still compost them in the end, so to speak. No meat eaters! Stick with, lama, goat, sheep, deer, alpaca etc. and all will be good.

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