Sky Pencil Holly for zone8a .....can i plant in texas.

Irving, TX

I just bought 10 sky Holly Pencil shrubs
Planting them towards East, to cover the bedroom window...

Will it survive in dallas fortworth, zone 8 a.....
We get extreme heat in july august.

Should i plant them , in east....

Also i got Giant Thuja for west, will it survive in west side of house.....

I am in two minds about Pencil Holly.....should i plant them ? OR plant Giant Thuja in the east side of the house tooo...pls help me ..

Rolesville, NC(Zone 7b)

There is a huge size difference between the two of those so they're not really interchangable.... ?

The Sky Pencils would fare better with afternoon shade in your zone. Also, you'll want to make sure that the soil drains really well since root rot tends to be a problem with them.

The Green Giants should take the western exposure. They're pretty darn adaptable.

Irving, TX

Plantfreak78........ Thank.u for your quik reply......

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