Yarden chores - Late fall, early winter- begins 11-16-12

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

What tasks call you into the yard-en in late fall? Or drive you out again LOL? Here's the idle chatter about what to do at this time of year. It either reminds us what to do, or gets us sympathy for our hard work...
Seasonal pic is of Oriental bittersweet vine.

We were chatting at

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Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Shredding and bagging leaves and saving them. I add water and close the top and place in su sun.
New thought . I think i have been encouraging voles by supplying my lazy cold compost with steady stream of kitchen tidbits for them. Carrot ends and potato peels seem too much like the roots they like to eat ( today found a parsley victim)
So for now i am keeping kitchen waste scraps in a large covered bucket.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


I put my peelings and smaller, or rotten, scraps in my SEM.
Latger waste--like softening apples, slightly aged potatoes, Celety stems, Oranges way past their prime,
and, like today--cause I am making Turkey Soup, the tops of the Leeks I used. Also--a lot of carrots
that have gone soft...........
ALL this I drop off at the Pet Smart next to the HD I work in for all their critters to munch on.
These are always gladly accepted.....

As for garden chores--what a gorgeous day today!!! SO? What am i doing?
Cooking soup from all the bones and scrap of some of the turkeys we had for out
annual BIG Thanksgiving feast at HD.
I will take this BIG (21qt.) pot, full of delicious soup, to work tomorrow and have everyone go at it.
Hey! FREE lunch!!! Did it last year as well.....

You think I am kidding about this feast????
Take a look! This is, normally, out fancy Training Room, where all kinds of meetings are held.

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annapolis, MD(Zone 7b)

Definitely yardening, but definitely not a chore!!!(yet, lol)

I just posted this on our Neck of the Woods chat thread but since it is time limited I'm posting it here, too,

Attention my neck of the woods Home Depot has become a clearance center for a number of area HDs that have already closed their outside garden areas and shipped their remaining trees and shrubs to Annapolis store.

This morning they were having a final clearance on Japanese Maples, I came home with an assortment including:
Ruths Red
Full Moon
English Town
Emporer I

These were in 2 - 10 gal pots retailing from $40 to $180 per tree. I got almost $900 worth for just under $80!!!

There were some nice Bloodgoods and Ruths Reds available if anyone would like me to be your 'shopper' for these and I'll overwinter them , too.

Or, how about a Hydangea paniculata 'Winky Pinky" 10 gal pot for $5?

Just let me know asap as they may be clearing them as soon as tomorrow.


Central, MD(Zone 7a)

Plant stand is done!!!! It is clearly more of a functional design than anything else. A lot of the plants aren't visible unless you take the time to look around or through it. Anyway, always room for more.

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Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

Holy Guacamole Judy, you really hit the jackpot, huh!?!?! I will respectfully decline your very generous offer (I'll do it here since I've not seen or know where that other thread is, heehee), but it sure is sweet of you!!

Paul... DUDE, that stand is gorgeous!!!!! The coolest, and coolest-looking, part about it is its innovativeness, not to mention how rich and glowing that wood is. That is definitely a stand to be proud of; Two BIG thumbs-up! < =D

I've not done anything yardening-wise this weekend, DH and I enjoyed a lovely Home Depot date of our own, getting all the little odds and ends that we'd missed for tiling a floor, then we set to work demoing the master bath. We are now the proud owners of a toilet in the bathtub! =) (those are the only two things we're not re-doing. Tub/shower job is too big for the 2 of us, and too expensive, and the toilets are only about 2 years old, so they are in nice shape). Over the Thanksgiving weekend we'll put it all back together again, only better. I get to do the painting!! < =D

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Really nice and unique Paul.

Central, MD(Zone 7a)


Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

I can sooo totally see speedy saying Paul-DUDE great job. I agree completely!!! Very cool design and looking around and through is the fun!

Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

Heeheee, ooops, that "Dude" just snuck out! < =D My orthodontist calls me "Dude", is that funny or what!? =) But for Paul, it really fits! < =) He did such an awesome job on that stand,... I'm thinking he could make money from those things.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


"Those things" (attic steps) cost a couple hundred dollars.....not a money making project.

It would be cheaper to build "pseudo ladders", meaning w/o all the safety requirements,
and sell them as plant stands.

Of course--that is if you, Paul, even see that as a realistic endeavor......Hmmmmmmmmmmm?????
NOT likely.........Gita

Central, MD(Zone 7a)

I'm taking orders now!

Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

Quote from Gitagal :

"Those things" (attic steps) cost a couple hundred dollars.....

It would behoove me to back-read a bit from time to time, eh? Now I feel like a complete Pollack! < =/ You are absolutely right, it would be much more realistic to build a sturdy facimile thereof... Paul, you don't mind if Gita and I sit here and make business plans and arrangements for you, do you? We'll just talk about you as if you weren't here... tsk tsk tsk. ;)

Edit: OK, I back-read, and didn't find a description of it including expensive attic ladders, so I don't feel like so much of a Pollack anymore.

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Central, MD(Zone 7a)

Well it wouldn't be hard to duplicate though!

Still waiting for my first order....

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

A cup of asparagus soup, mushroom, Swiss, bacon cheeseburger, curly fries with mayo, and a frosty IPA.

Central, MD(Zone 7a)

Coming right up Ric!

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

yum! I'll have what he's having.

Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

Heehee. Me, too!

Ifn one could find steps laying on the curbside or at a yard sale or some such then it might be profitable.

Central, MD(Zone 7a)

I have a bunch of mums we used for annual colors this year. They don't do well for me the next year so I just rip them up and discard them. It is getting to be that time and it just occurred to me that they could be reused. If anybody wants some let me know when I pull them up I will repot them and hopefully they'll live (open to suggestions to help). There are only two colors, brandy and yellow.

Please DM me and I would be happy to put them aside for the spring swap.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

Here's a little "how-to-know" if your Mums will come back next year.

When they are done blooming, take a look at the base of the Mum--where it comes out of the soil--
IF you see little new Mum-growths around the crown of the Mum--it will, probably
come back. If not--it is a goner.

Did you keep your Mums in pots--or did you plant them in the ground?
A killer error many people make, in planting Mums, is to dig a hole--pull out the Mum,
stick it in the hole and that's that. I am sure everyone knows how matted roots can become on a potted Mum.
You MUST cut into the root-ball with a knife, vertically, in about 5 places to give the plant a chance to
send out new roots (if you are planting it in a bed).
If not--it will be sitting in that hole you dug just like it would be in a pot. No incentive for the roots to spread out.

For the Mums you want to keep--cut them back to about 4"-5" (Not all the way down),
and throw them under a shrub, against your shed, under your deck--whatever....somewhere a bit protected--
and let Nature take care of them.
The reason you want to leave some of the stems sticking up is that they will catch some windblown leaves
which will act as a protective cover on the new growths. In spring--you can cut them all the way back.

BTW---even if they are all called "hardy" mums--most of them DO NOT come back.
If you buy the little ones (4" pots) early in the fall and plant them, they will have time to grow roots and "make it".

Some will astound you, though. Like this one I have.
Bought it in the fall (2010 in a reg. 8" pot)--saw promising new growths at the base when it was done blooming--
cut it back some--left the pot outside in a protected area.
Planted it in a bed the next year--(2011--it grew and bloomed)--moved it to a small bed the following spring (2012)--
and this is what it did. (See pics).

It is WAYYYY too big for this tiny bed--just 5'x2'. I just planted a new Clematis in it this spring and thought the
Mum would shade the roots nicely. Now I worry that it may kill everything else in this bed by taking it over.
On the left side of this small bed there is an old, white Peony. On the right side--an old, large white Azalea.

Of the 3 Mums I bought this year--only one of them shows any promise of coming back next year.
I think certain colors have more longevity than others....


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Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Ditto what Gita said. I think that peat soil that many potted mums are in, can dry out then not rehydrate properly, causing failure.

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 7a)

Gita, I've been meaning to ask you about the Pacific mums I got from you this spring.

Should I cut them back this winter after they've finished blooming? Or wait until the spring?

I waited too long to repot them, so they're growing kind of funny right now. I was hoping to cut them down and allow them to grow into a pretty rounded mound next year.

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Such a pretty morning- a walk in the woods.

Against (some) of my better judgement, I put off pruning the pear tree and am into the Xmas decor. Usually I use all the really nice weekends in the garden, and then get stuck with a frigid blast while getting the Xmas stuff put out.

We've piled up quite a few fallen branches so soon is a bonfire and cleanup.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


Are you talking about the "Chrysanthemum Pacificum" plant?
The one with the green/silver underneath leaves? With the tiny button blooms?

Yes--you can cut them back this fall. Leave a couple of inches of stems--so you can see
where it is. These multiply by underground runners, so no need to baby them.

Mine is a bit too tall as well. Need to pinch them back more during the spring/summer.
They will grow lanky and sprawled if the stems are just allowed to grow.

Will go out and take a picture for you.....make sure i am talking about the same plant.
You can see how unruly it has grown in the first picture.
BTW--when you pinch the leafy tips back next spring--just strip the stems a bit and stick them
in a small pot. They root very readily.


Thumbnail by Gitagal Thumbnail by Gitagal
Silver Spring, MD(Zone 7a)

That's it, Gita! And good to know about pinching them next year. They did get quite lanky this year.

Crozet, VA

I've missed this little chat until today. So nice to have folks checking in....it helps to remind me of things that I need to do. Thanks for the tips on the mums Gita. Last fall a neighbor sent her grandson up to my place with 6 large pots of them. Only two lived and after reading your care tips, I now know why they died. I will take the two bloomings ones and put in a more protected winter location and do the cutting back you spoke of.

Been almost too chilly most days for me to venture outside. If today is as warm as yesterday was I plan to take the afternoon to do a few things outdoors. I need to address the tables on my screen porch where my houseplants spent the summer. I cover the tables with vinyl table cloths and I been looking at them for weeks as the wind has blown them all askew. I want to take out a roll of duct tape and tape the edges to the bottom of the tables so I don't have to took at the blown all over.

I have done a bit of seed gathering from time to time and have them all drying and will later work with them getting them bagged and labeled. I want to check and see if we have a supply of bird feed or whether we need to purchase some.

Oh yeah, another on going chore is ridding the deck of fallen leaves. Not sure of its condition today but will see when I go out....may end up having to do that too. Always something to do if a person looks hard enough. I often try shutting my eyes in order not to see. On the very cold days it is very easy to forget that there are outdoor chores to do. I am also of th mind that what doesn't get done in the fall will be addressed in the spring.

Happy fall chores everyone.


Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Happy deck sweeping Ruby!
I am slowly getting more persistant myself in the neatness category including now more effort to get blown leaves off my deck. I guess it does look better clean than leafy!
Next two days look nicer! I have my wings clipped as Mark is working on the car.
We hit the mall today. Lots of people there but many stores did not seem to be selling a lot. Old Navy thouh had a huge line and five or six cashiers working. Jc penney has a nicer less junked up layout of goods than a year ago.

Central, MD(Zone 7a)

Well I spent 4 or 5 hours cutting perennials back and cleaning up all the leaves in the front of the house. Looks clean, just gets me excited for spring.

I have half a pallet of bagged mulch that is probably 3 months old and definitely moldy. I might use it to fall mulch and dress things up, if I can find the motivation and day light.

It wasnt as nice as they were projecting here but it was nice enough for me. It is December! Hope all is well with all.

Chevy Chase, MD(Zone 7a)

I was out until well past dark working on my awful front hill. It is about 25 yards long, and we have divided it into one yard strips. I've now planted 12 of the strips -- which sounds pretty bad, except the remaining strips are a lot shorter and 3 of them have already been turned over. I hope I can get the rest done in the next 3 days of gorgeous weather -- I'll steal a couple hours from the workday.

Chevy Chase, MD(Zone 7a)

I'm pulling out a lot of ditch lilies -- which means I need some dirt to fill in where we've pulled them. I have a lot of compost, but I needs something more along the lines of top soil Any ideas for local sources?

Central, MD(Zone 7a)

College park has a city compost they deliver it is really cheap but I'm not sure if they are doing it this late in the season. Might check other municipalities nearby, I heard Tacoma park was self serve.

I used the college park dirt a few months ago and it was great. Might have to wait until spring.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

I should be doing yarden work but it's so nice out I decided to decorate instead. :-} I'd much rather perspire a bit than take frequent breaks to warm my fingers and ears. I'm hoping for a January thaw to take them down. LOL I already had most of my front beds cleaned anyway. So I put on some Trans-Siberian Orchestra to help to get in the spirit (the tempo doesn't hurt either), dug out all the totes, and I be Decken' the Halls. Ric

Hey Terp, Where's that IPA. LOL Ric

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

happy, I'm not local enough to help you there.

We got four trash cans full of fresh manure/stable cleanings to day- ( gives a new meaning to the word 'fresh') now to decide what to do with em. Rather, I guess, where to let it sit and how to pile or contain it.

and I really have things that should be done besides playing with that.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

LOL Sally, We use to have 5 horses. Those stalls sure can be a lot of work. That's why the Veggie garden has such nice soil.

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

LOL! It's hard to just let the stuff sit for a few months- I just want to 'spread the love' right now but they always say let it sit...
Ho hum, time to start meatballs for dinner.
I just played a stupid game on facebook- The good thing is, you fail a few times and they want you to buy another turn or ask friends to give you a new life. I am too cheap for the first and would never admit to friend I am hooked on the stoopid game enough to ask for a favor! So yay, it made me quit!

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


How about storing all the "fresh gold" in that unused SEM in your corner????

I may still come and get it......Doesn't look like my open Compost bin will arise any time soon.
It was a nice idea--and I hope it still materializes.....

Beautiful day--and what am I doing????? Cooking a pot of my annual Cranberry sauce.
Bubbling away!!! Got to wash all the jars...even if they are already washed.
Just making sure.....No need to sterilize or boil these....my sauce NEVER goes bad.
Too much sugar in it....

I recently found a small jar from 2001. Ate the whole thing---and it still tasted good.
I know...I know.....many would not do that....

OK. The sink calling....Gita

Central, MD(Zone 7a)


Sounds like a loose cannon would be perfect for you. Or a seasonal black cannon, a personal favorite.

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 7a)

Oh Happy, only a few weeks ago, I made at least 5 trips to the county landfill to get rid of extra dirt. :(

Some of it was horrible, sour-smelling clay, but a part of it was usable topsoil. I should have posted here first before taking it to the dump.

I can't wait to see your front hill transformation! I imaging working and digging in that steep slope must be difficult, if not dangerous.

edit: oh, and I think college park stops delivering compost/mulch at the end of October.

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Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

HollyAnn, Oooooh I love Trans Siberian Orchestra, thank you for reminding me that I've got some of their cd's!!! I know what I'll be listening to on the way to work today!! < =D

Well, yesterday DH and I got bored with nothing to do while the contractors took over our home putting in windows, so we went outside and raked leaves. Back yard is all done now, yippee!! I think I'll leave the ones on the front lawn alone, they're not too thick. I really shoudl rake out my beds though (nope, still haven't done that), but now my EGADS schedule starts at work and I'm not sure when I'll be able to get to it... too darned lazy this year, I tell ya's!! , =/

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Speedie, A few years ago Ric and I attended one of their concerts. They play at Hershey every few years. It was spectacular.
Ric has been doing a great job of keeping it all together while I was working for a few weeks. It is nice to once again be jobless. Yesterday I cleaned up the front bed around the lamp post. It will look really nice when Ric decorates it.

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