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Need an ID on this plant.

Spring, TX

Don't know if it blooms. Just came in as an unmarked bonus plant with an order. Anyone recognize it

Thumbnail by OldWrangler Thumbnail by OldWrangler Thumbnail by OldWrangler
Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)


San Francisco, CA

I think Growin means Portulacaria

Delhi, India

Yes Portulacaria afra, the elephant bush

Newcastle(NSW), Australia(Zone 10a)

We called it a Jade plant, Crassula, Lucky plant. There is a Jade plant with bigger leaves which flowers. I have never seen this one flower, but it makes lovely pot plants and will grow quite big. They will grow from cuttings and can be really attractive if pruned judiciously and not left to grow enormous and ungainly as you can see here, below:

Thumbnail by Gabi65
Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

And they make great Bonsai displays.

Spring, TX

Thanks to all. Y'all are always right on with these difficult ID's.

Delhi, India

Jade plant, is a totally different plant Crassula ovata, a taller plant, larger leaves and profuse flowering. This one better named as elephant plant or dwarf jade plant is smaller plant, hardly coming to flower in cultivation.....Portulacaria afra

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