SOLVED: Fall Red Berry Tree

Indianapolis, IN

These trees are lining the roads of Indianapolis. They are medium sized, and skinny. Right now there are red round berries that look ripe on them. The berries are in bundles of 1 - 5. All the leaves have already fallen off, but I managed to find one leaf, its fall- so it turned yellow, it is a ovate shaped with small rivets on the edges. I have looked up this online, and have found many close to them, but none exactly right. I would like to know what type of tree this is, please.

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

Probably a Flowering Crabapple of some sort (Malus cv.), given your description and your location.

There are also several members of the Hawthorn clan (Crataegus sp.) that will have persistent winter fruit, but not many of them are narrow/skinny.

Pictures of the whole plant (as well as any/all of its parts) always is helpful in ID.

Spring, TX

I'm thinking it might be a Yaupon or maybe a Pyrocantha. Good photo will help.

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

Both those are good berrying plants, OldWrangler - but extremely unlikely to be lining streets in Indianapolis.

Indianapolis, IN

Its not a good picture: but here's a picture of the berries and the one leaf I found. Sorry for the late reply my internet is slow.

Thumbnail by Hsquared22

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