Spider ID Please

Metairie, LA

I encountered this large spider in a defoliated parking area for a nature trail in New Orleans City Park. Actually my daughter noticed it and jumped back. It's about the size of a silver dollar. It was very docile in the sun and started hopping several inches at a time when I shooed it away. Can't find a match on Google Images or any insect info sites. I thought it looked like a large wolf spider, but the size and orageness of the head don't seem to fit.

Thanks for any help with this.

Thumbnail by buggy73 Thumbnail by buggy73
Minot, ND

Could be a male wolf spider - males usually have a much smaller abdomen than females, this makes their cephalothorax appear disproportionally larger.

Metairie, LA

We have a lot of wolf spiders around, but I've never seen one that big.

Minot, ND

I have seen wolf spiders with a leg span of nearly 4", but a male fishing spider is another possibility - http://www.arizonensis.org/images/arthropoda/dolomedes.jpg
Need a clear view of its eyes to be certain.

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