Sauteed Sliced Fish with Penoy

Lanzhou, China(Zone 4b)

I found this recipe in some old folders. I think it is so cool. So I share it with my DG friends!

4 fresh peonies, 250g fresh green fish, 100g bamboo shoots and proper amount of chicken soup, egg white, starch, salt, cooking wine, lard, white pepper powder, onion and ginger. First, wash the peonies clean, let them drain and place them on the plate; soak the green fish in cold water for 1-2 hours, take it out, let it drain, cut it into 3 cm lengths, which should be sliced and placed in a bowl, mixed with salt, cooking wine, MSG, egg white and wet starch. Slice the bamboo shoots. Clean the wok, turn on the gas, put the lard in the wok, heat it until it is warm, place sliced fish slowly in the wok to sauté it. Put the fish in a perforated spoon to let the oil drain and then put it on the plate. Then put and heat oil in pan, put into shallot, ginger, stir-fry them before stewing out fragrance. Pour bamboo shoot slice into pan until cooked. Add chicken soup, monosodium glutamate, refined salt, white pepper, cooking wine and thicken with starch water. Wait until the sauce boiled, put fish fillet, peony petals into pan, then sprinkle chicken oil.

The dish is ready, tasting fresh and tender, delicious and fragrant and it has the functions of nourishing yin and tranquillizing liver yang, removing dampness, promoting blood circulation and dispersing blood stasis and adjusting menstruation.

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Kansas City, MO

Some of the ingredients are not familar to most. Which fish are considered green fish? Chicken soup can be several things. I think here it is called chicken broth, a thin liquid that has had chicken, herbs and some vegetables cooked in it to remove the flavor from the ingredients then strained. Is the chicken oil that is sprinkled on top the fat that is removed when chicken is boiled or oil removed from frying chicken.

I love the way different countries use the same or similar ingredients and prepare completely different meals.

Lanzhou, China(Zone 4b)

Hi, ah3915, the green fish is fresh fish. The chicken oil is sprinkled on top the fat that is removed when chicken is boiled. I'm sorry my translation is obscure. I also have other recipes about peonies, but I can't share with you, because they are written in Chinese. What a pity!

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