Sick rhododendron... need advice

Hillsboro, OR

I've got a LARGE (5ft) potted rhododendron that I've had for more than 15 years. I've transplanted many times over the years with no problems. It seems to be on the decline and I'm concerned that I may loose it. I'm in the pacific NW and there are many other rhododendrons here. It seems to be a great area for them.

My plant Is usually about 2 months ahead of the area plants in it's cycles. It blooms early than others in the ground nearby (less than 30ft away). It looses it blooms and seems to go dorment ahead of them as well. That's what I though was happening when it started to look sickly. It's leaves are growing brown.

My potted rhododendron was replanted about 2 months ago and seems to be 'wilting.' I'm not sure if it's related to the transplant or not. I have it in a large galvanized (4 ft across / 3 ft deep) pot.

Any thoughts or advice?

Thanks much....

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