Shrub Roses vs. Knockout Roses

Oakdale, CT

My Knockout roses bloom beautifully in June but the subsequent blooms are scarce even though I deadhead them. Will I get a more consistant bloom with shrub roses? I see some rose bushes next to the library in my town that are covered with blooms from June into September (without deadheading!). I asked the lawn maintenance crew what variety of rose they were but they didn't know. Are they shrub roses?

Cedar Rapids, IA(Zone 5a)

Hmmm -- could it be fertilizer? I put on slow release in the spring, and again in early August. My Knock-0ut roses perform better in blooming than my shrub roses -- here are pics of the Knock-outs in June, July, September, and late October 9 (the 28th.)

Sorry I can't be of more help -- Dax

Thumbnail by dax080 Thumbnail by dax080 Thumbnail by dax080 Thumbnail by dax080
Opp, AL(Zone 8b)

How old are your KO's, costellot?

Dax, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your walkway/border!!

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