Epi's are wrinkly

Carlsbad, CA

A lot of my epi's are wrinkly. I did a search on google and some say too much water and others not enough.


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Merino, Australia

I'm no expert, but if any of mine go like this, I water and feed. I find that severe weather can cause this also if they are outside. .
Having hundreds, I have some that are have to be kept outside so have had this happen over the years
I have had several look even worse after being left at the back of my shelves and not receiving much water or light.
I would repot in fresh mix , water well and feed lightly.
Put in warm area with plenty of light. ( not direct sun )
hope this helps

Deep Run, NC(Zone 7b)

Good advice above. I, too, feel that it is due to outside conditions: uneven water, wind, heat. I have several that have done this several times so it may also be a trait factor for several hybrids. In any case, I have not had long term damage when this happens, bob

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Deep Run, NC(Zone 7b)

Schlums are coming in late this year. My reds are usually much earlier but Chritmas Fantasy is pretty much on time. My whites, yellows, and other specialty plants .are lagging along.

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