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Which Seed ?

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

I thought this was Angelonia Seed, however, I thought Angelonia Seed was a dark black seed a little larger than a pin head. This seed is tan and like dust. Please advise.

Thumbnail by birder17
Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

What you have there is Penstemon -- the blooms are quite similar, BUT that "hard seed casing" is Penstemon. I have a bunch of them.
Angelonia - I have only seen in bloom.

I just found Angelonia Serena Mix seeds in my seed box, and they are a light tan

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

Hi tsc,
Thanks for responding.
I just cut stems of seeded pods of Penstemon a couple of days ago. Although the pods look a lot like the pods/seeds I posted, the Penstemon pods are smaller than the seed pods I posted.

This is so weird.

I remember cutting this stem from the Angelonia plant (white bloom) I had on my deck this summer. I left it on my patio table for about a month and then, brought it inside to harvest the seeds.
During this same time, August, I cut some of the stems with blooms on the Angelonia (same plant on the deck). I was going to try to root some cuttings. As they sat on my kitchen cabinet, I noticed black seeds that came from the Angelonia falling onto my kitchen cabinet. Then, in November, when I opened the dried up seed pods of the posted picture, they were tan and like dust. So, it appears, I had black seeds about the size of a half of a rice seed from the white flowers of the Angelonia and tan seeds from the seed pods.

I Thought Angelonia seeds was supposed to be "like dust", but when I noticed the black seeds on my cabinet back in August, I became unsure what the dried posted seed pods and tan seeds were. Hence, that's why I posted this picture because I was confused about the black seeds from the white flowers vs. the tan seeds from the dried pods.

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