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What kind of Echinopsis are they?

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Truro, United Kingdom(Zone 9b)

E. multiplex probably

Hi Guzmania2010...

From the photos they probably are Echinopsis Multiplex....but there are so many Echinopsis hybrids around that all look very similar body wise making an accurate identification difficult if not impossible of the plants in flower would certainly be a great help.


Phoenix, AZ(Zone 9b)

The first photo:
Further inspection of the Parent stem in the middle tells me that it is not Echinopsis multiplex, or as it is now accepted as Echinopsis oxygona nor is it the brevispina variety.
I agree with ZenOne that it's a high probability that it's a hybrid Echinopsis of which there are hundreds. Dozens of them have those same growth characteristics you have pictured.
When it blooms, if the flowers are pure all white, then the odds are higher that it will be a true species.
There are only a handful of true Echinopsis species that have color in the flowers.

The second photo does look a lot more like Echinopsis oxygona:
But then again, many hybrids have the same characteristics, so back to the flower color...

Let us know when it blooms...

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