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Dragon Voice Recognition Software

Allen Park, MI(Zone 6a)

Has anyone used this and if so how did you like it?

Albuquerque, NM(Zone 7a)

I use it and love it! I didn't bother to upgrade after Version 10 because I just
didn't need any more features.

I used it for several years when I was taking classes. Before then I used to
tape my theme papers, then try to transcribe them. Dragon saved me all that
hassle and I could dictate directly into Word, do a quick cleanup and print
it out. It takes a while to "teach" Dragon some of your recurring words or
phrases but after that it's full steam ahead.

I now do volunteer work in hospice and use Dragon to do my assessment
reports on patients. Soon I will also be working at a local animal shelter and
again will use it to do my reports. Easy peasy!

Rocky Mount, VA(Zone 7a)

I tried out that program years ago - back when I was running Westlake Computer and one of my customers (a lawyer) who did not have keyboard skills wanted to dictate to his computer - At that time the learning curve for the program seemed slow but it may have been because of the southern accent. I may have to revisit and see what improvements have been made (as time permits).

Allen Park, MI(Zone 6a)

Thank you

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