My Centella

Hyderabad, India(Zone 12b)

Hi friends it's a miracle seeing this beautiful Hydrocotyle Asiatica/Centella Asiatica alive and with so many leaves, because it has dried out this summer (with only 2-3 leaves visible) with temperature reaching as high as 44 Centigrade, but after monsoon season of about 2 months with cooling temperature this plant has again resurrected !

Also notice a few strands of wheat grass which i've sown off-late. I have read that this plant is called Gotu-kula (probably Chineese) and when I've eaten about two leaves it tasted astringent.

Can anyone tell me some recipes that can be made with it's leaves (btw I know it's used as a nerve tonic and a few of it's health benefits) because there are quite a few of it's leaves that are hanging out of container which I am holding to show you in pic2.

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