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Brug Dormancy Question

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 7a)

Greetings All,

I am trying to put my brug (Dr. Seuss) to sleep. I don't have access to a garage or crawl space.
This is what I did over a period of a few weeks.

I pruned her pretty thoroughly
I placed her pruning’s in water (they are developing those little white nubies:)
I placed her, pot and all in a larger pot filled with an additional 4-6 inches of dirt.
I put her in shade on my patio giving her the occasional brief watering.
Then last night (it was mighty cold here)
I covered her in burlap.
As I was typing this I realized that I should have added mulch to her:(
I placed several burlap bags over and around her.
My question is this. Given that temperatures will continue to fluctuate, what do you think the chances of her surviving this treatment rather than rotting?

Anyone have any ideas?
Thanks Much!
Marlene (who will mark this so I can find it later to read your answers:)

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7b)

it will die ...
not a square foot of room inside for it...
you've got cuttings so you'll have them come spring..

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 7a)

Hello GordonHawk,
Thanks for your response (sad as it was:)
I do have room for it inside, just no place where it can stay dormant. (No cool place)
The reason I wanted to keep this one alive is because it didn't start blooming until Oct!
I was hoping for earlier bloom next year.
Is there a way to keep it alive in the house without the dormancy then?
Please Share your thoughts.

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7b)

Sure... go get it right now and bring it inside... you'll see what damage has been done as it grows out clip off anything shrivled up... and prune to a good shape/form for the new season's inside start.. and don't water it too much as it starts to get it's leaves back... give it as much sun as is available for it...and as much humidity as possible... a nice place for your rooms humidifier... right near it... it will soon leaf out ... perhaps you could turn it about every now and again.. to keep the growth happpening all over it ...fertilize sparingly.. but do feed it some... there's a possibility of it starting to flower .. sometime through the winter... In the spring ease it out into the sun... taking a week or two or more .. with more sun all the time .. this willl keep it from burning in the real sun... out where there will be more drying out for it

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 7a)

Thanks GordanHawk,
Going to get it right now!!

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

Marlene---come join us at the Mid Atlantic Forum. We are a most friendly and helpful bunch.
Very active as well. We hold 3 Swaps a year.

I cannot add anything Gordonhawk said. ALL good advice....

I have 3 Brugs--Dr. Seuss, Maya, and a NOID pink-- and i also cut them back--pretty severely, and keep them
in my dark, cool Shop for the winter. I may water them once or twice during the winter. That's it.
We live in the same zone and only an hour apart. I live in Baltimore near White Marsh Mall..

I grow all mine by the pot-in-pot technique--or pot-in the bed. Cut 5--1" holes in the sides of the pot
for the roots to have access to the soil around the pot. You will be amazed how the roots grow out those holes!
I dig the pot 3/4 way in the bed, or in the larger patio pot for the season.
Then dig it back out in late October, severing any roots that have grown out of the holes around the pot.
This does NOT hurt the plant at all--but can be a bit difficult!

Yes--you can keep your Brugs inside if you have great light--and they will just continue growing and blooming.
A sun room would be ideal.

NOW--I want to tell you that, after many tries of rooting cuttings, I have had 10 times the success
putting them straight in a 5"or 6" pot of soilless mix. They root within days! Definitely in a week's time.
In my earlier years of growing Brugs--I tried the water way--and then the Bubbler way--but my cuttings always
got "the slime" and died. Sticking them directly in the soil works great. Use rooting hormone if you want.

One caveat---Do not try to root the soft-growths, the same season, tops. Go with a woody stem cutting--about 5"-6" long.
And--try to take your cuttings from above the "Y". They will bloom sooner for you.
You could even root the main stem this way--if you wanted to. I have done it.

This may not be everyone's way--but it has worked for me for years. I recommend it.

1--This shows you the amount of roots it has grown in just that short a time (5 weeks).
2Here they all are--just before Christmas. They went crazy!!! It was hard keeping them all in tip-top
shape before the Swap here in May at Holly's house. Really hard.
3--This is where my 3 Brugs will spend the winter--chopped to their bones....They are already growing leaves....:o)
4--Here is my Dr. Seuss hogging the whole bed. It was hard to cut it back to "the bones" but there just was
no other way i could get it into my Shop. It will leaf out next spring. No worry on my part....Been there--done this....
5--Here is a picture of my 26 stem cuttings from last fall in 5" pots. I keep them on top of, and under, my light set-up
as I do not use it for seeds this time of year. Great place to grow out all kinds of cuttings.
You should see how amazingly Coleus cuttings root under these lights!!!
These Brug cuttings were potted just 5 weeks ago. A definite "WOW"....


edited to say:
Sorry--the numbers and descriptions of the pictures got all mixed up. #5 should be #1, etc...
Try to put the right pictures with the descriptions.
Something went whacko when I was "choosing the file"....

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Fabens, TX(Zone 8a)

Gita, Very impressed with your work. I wish I could do as well.

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