Mango Trees in Partial Shade

Tangier, Morocco(Zone 10a)


I would like to know whether or not mango trees can fruit if planted in a place receiving direct sunlight for 3-4 hours during winter and up to to 8 hours during summer. Garden is surrounded by buildings.Climate similar to So. Cal. but with wetter winters. Any suggestions for suitable cultivars?


zones 10 to 11, United States

Think it would.... might get some mildew in it on winter though, beacause of not having so much sun and being to moist and cold. I don't know which cultivar would work best for you, but always grafted mangoes are better, and the place nearest to you should give you the best cultivar from your are. Train Train Train...... training the branches will let them have more air flow, and more opportunity for it to be a healthy tree on your winter conditions. The mangoes like to be not to high on the mountains. I suggest you get a grafted tree that has a plant pattern of a small tree, and hopefully that adapts well to your soil, and then a fruit or fruits that you like on top.... think a proximity graft being the best for them.
so many diff varieties, for sure there has to be one for you.
Ask your local people, they always know what's best for your area and microclimate.

Tangier, Morocco(Zone 10a)

Thanks Plancton. The truth is that mango growing is not popular around here and I did not know much about it until I found a U.of F. document on the internet. In 2009, I got a tree ( unknown variety from Spain) which bloomed 2 years ago but dropped fruits. As you said I have to train it and check for fungal diseases. I am waiting for the next flush to tip it again. Last month I purchased 4 trees from Spain (Glenn, NDM, Irwin and Ataulfo), all grafted. I hope that at least one will adapt to the local weather. I will plant them outdoor by the end of winter.

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