SOLVED: Need help to identify zone 8a plant

Waxahachie, TX(Zone 8a)

Can anyone identify this plant? I don't know what it is.

It's located in North Texas (zone 8a) on the edge of a wooded park (receiving, I'm guess at least 6 hours of sunlight) and blooming early Nov. , but keep in mind, all our plants are a bit confused and blooming again since our temps dropped and back in the 80's again.

Poor plants think it's springtime.

Sorry for the poor quality pic, I'm not a photographer.

Thanks for any help!

Thumbnail by gammy-tammy Thumbnail by gammy-tammy
Bretten, Germany

Perhaps it's Verbesina virginica (white crownbeard)?

Waxahachie, TX(Zone 8a)

@suse.. yes, that's it. Green Deane at Eat The Weeds was able to identify also. Thanks so much for your help!

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